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Inspiring Women: Steph 

Meet our wig ambassador Steph. She shares her testament with about how she began her Instagram account and YouTube channel “Wigs With Steph.” Before Steph started her social media, she kept wearing wigs a secret. The only people who knew were her husband and a couple of family members. She explained that she wore wigs because of hair loss from Grave’s Disease but wanted to avoid that conversation with people because she did not want others to feel sad for her. 

While Steph was pregnant with her daughter, she decided to “come out of the wig closet” and share her joy of wigs with other people. She launched her YouTube channel "Wigs With Steph'' and uploaded her first video where she discussed Raquel Welch’s Upstage. Though the video only got two views at the time, she was very excited that she was able to help two people. Her determination to help others gave her a platform to share tips and tricks on how to wear wigs. She also found that by making the conversation about wigs fun and lighthearted, she could connect with others and provide valuable support.

She recounts that when her hair started to thin she began wearing wigs. It was difficult at first because she had to learn how to find and wear them by herself. She admits that her first couple of wigs may not have looked very realistic initially, but she loved the confidence they gave her every time she felt the “healthy hair” on her head. As she built her wig collection, she felt her self-esteem grow with every new addition. 

If you’re new to wigs, Steph advises to not be afraid of wigs. She says to have fun with them and try out different styles. She also mentions if you want to tell someone, like your significant other, that you wear wigs but are unsure how a great way to do it is when they compliment you. If they say, “Hey, I like your hair!” or “You look great today!” you can respond with, “Thanks, it’s a wig!” and be playful about it. 

Steph's journey from keeping wearing a wig a secret to becoming a passionate advocate for alternative hair is awe-inspiring. Through "Wigs With Steph," she not only shared her personal experiences but has also created a space where she can guide others on their wig journeys. Steph's story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's true self and sharing that joy with the world.

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