Inspiring Women: The Hair Mama

January 30th, 2024

Our wig ambassador The Hair Mama shares her story with about her personal struggles with hair loss and her journey of discovering confidence with wigs. She has also created a community that is dedicated to embracing and educating women on the transformative power of wigs, making each woman feel empowered, confident, and beautiful.

A Personal Journey

The Hair Mama’s journey with hair loss began sometime between her late teens and early twenties where she was later diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). She initially turned to extensions as a solution, but her hair loss persisted.
Later, at 35, she faced another significant challenge, a diagnosis of kidney cancer. While she didn't need chemotherapy, the stress took a toll on her hair, causing more to fall out. Desperate to find a solution, she explored wigs and toppers. 
The Hair Mama visited her local wig shop and was disappointed by the experience. She explains that her options were limited and the wigs looked and felt ugly on her. This experience ignited a spark within her to create more stylish and realistic hair pieces for women facing hair loss. 
The Hair Mama wearing a long blonde wig

The Birth of The Hair Mama

Using her background as a hairdresser, she started her business The Hair Mama. Her own struggles became the catalyst for creating a community and business dedicated to providing realistic and trendy wigs for women. 
Her company originally began as a passion project before evolving into a thriving business four years later. She recognized the need for high-quality wigs and hairpieces that could help women dealing with hair loss regain their confidence and feel beautiful again. 
The Hair Mama noticed one of the main challenges women face when considering wigs is whether they will look natural. Through her own experiences, she realized that sharing her journey openly and proudly was a powerful way to destigmatize wigs and make them more acceptable. Her honesty and self-assuredness has inspired countless women to embrace wigs and feel comfortable wearing them.

Creating a Supportive Community

The Hair Mama's impact extends beyond just selling wigs. She has created a supportive community through social media groups. These groups help give women a safe space to share their stories, advice, and experiences. 
Her goal is to inspire and help other women overcome their hair loss and take back their confidence. She expresses gratitude for the opportunity to give hope to others on the same journey and help them realize they are not alone.
Peerless 18 by BelleTress in shade Butterbeer Blonde

Advice for Women Dealing with Hair Loss

Losing your hair is a scary experience. Finding a good wig that matches your style and personality can feel overwhelming, especially with all the many options that are available. The Hair Mama offers valuable advice to women dealing with hair loss and on wigs:
  • Find a Supportive Community: Connect with others who have experienced hair loss through online groups or communities to gain knowledge and emotional support.

  • Consider a Consultation: Consult with an expert in the field who can guide you toward the right wig for your needs. (Talking to someone will help you avoid costly mistakes).

  • Confidence is Key: Embrace change and be open to trying something different. Confidence is a powerful tool in feeling beautiful and empowered.

  • Find a Wig That Looks Like You: Before jumping into a completely different hairstyle and color, get a wig that resembles your old hair color and style. This will help you get more used to your wig.

  • Try Different Styles: You may not like how one style looks on you and that’s okay! The beauty of wigs is that you have the freedom to try a few other styles and looks.


The Hair Mama's journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of wigs. Through her personal struggles and dedication to her community, she has empowered countless women to regain their confidence and embrace their individual beauty. Wigs are no longer just accessories; they are tools for self-expression and self-empowerment. 
The Hair Mama's story teaches us that true beauty comes from within, and a little bit of confidence can go a long way in helping women look and feel their best, regardless of their hair loss challenges.
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