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9 Things That Made You Feel Better About Hair Loss

Posted on December 18 2020

“Hair loss” isn’t a four-letter word (it’s two of them, actually) but it might as well be. It’s a condition that none of us can control, yet it is surrounded by so much shame and embarrassment. No one wants to shout about their hair loss from the rooftops. Well, except for...

Must-Have Products for the Best Wig-Wearing Experience

Posted on December 17 2020

Both biological and wearable hair requires a certain amount of upkeep and this upkeep generally involves a regiment of products. For both types of hair, most of the product categories overlap, of course. Both need to be cleansed with shampoo and conditioner, for example. Also, both can benefit from a spray...

Re-Create Celebrity Hair Styles Using Wigs and Hair Pieces

Posted on December 14 2020

It’s an open secret in the industry that celebrities often utilize wearable hair to achieve their red carpet looks. You might not know it, there’s a good chance your favorite star has their own wig collection! With a wig or even just a set of extensions, you can re-create the hottest...

Large Wigs for a Comfortable Fit

Posted on December 12 2020

We all have different sized heads! That may seem like a weird opening statement, but it is true and, when it comes to wigs, important. While we all accept that human bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but we don’t normally give the same allowances to our craniums.  Here are...

Wrap Your Hair Like an Expert

Posted on December 11 2020

If you have biological hair and are considering making the leap to wearable hair, you may be curious what you’re supposed to do with your own hair under a wig. Wrapping biological hair is an important step because it gives you the most comfortable and secure fit. Of course, if you’re...

Tips & Tricks: How to Tame Wig Flyaways

Posted on December 08 2020

You’re about to head out for the day and you stop by the mirror to check your reflection. Groan. Where did those flyaways come from?! We all know the annoyance that is flyaways on a wig. They’re those small little hairs that stick out and just won’t stay flat. Wig wearers everywhere...

Be Present - Advice from Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Posted on December 03 2020

Hair loss isn’t a topic women like to discuss, but it still happens. In fact, 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women.  Despite that statistic, it can be easy to feel alone in the struggle. If you are beginning to experience hair loss, you may be feeling a range...

Common Wig Mistakes

Posted on December 01 2020

Wig veterans and newbies alike can be guilty of making mistakes. While these mistakes may seem minor, they can cause some serious damage to your hairpiece.  If you have committed one of these mistakes, don’t fret! We also have advice on what you can do to remedy the situation!  ...

Best TressAllure Wigs

Posted on November 30 2020

At, we are proud to now offer wigs from TresAllure! A brand of Hair Visions International, TresAllure is a company dedicated to meticulously crafting natural-looking wearable hair by using the most advanced techniques in wig-making.  Whether you’re looking for something bold and edgy, soft and romantic, or anything in...

Wearing Your Wig on a Girl’s Trip or Sleepovers!

Posted on November 25 2020

Finally, you get to go on a well-deserved girl’s trip! Work and family life have been wearing on you, but your small getaway is almost here. On the other hand, maybe your sleepover involves just one particular special someone! No matter your company, you’re looking at a night away. As you...

Raquel Welch 7 Cool Shades… Endless Hot Looks!

Posted on November 19 2020

We all realize that 2020 as a whole has been a disappointment. Still, there are two things that have never let us down: coffee and Raquel Welch wigs.  In case you missed it, Raquel Welch expanded their color selection on their top sellers! Even better, the colors are inspired by your favorite iced-coffee...

Ellen Wille’s Top Selling Wigs in 2020

Posted on November 11 2020

The Ellen Wille brand is one centered in personal expression. Ellen started from a tiny wig shop in Germany in the late sixties and early seventies. Over 50 years later she continues to innovate leadership in her company and strives to provide beautiful hair pieces. The company is Europe’s top wig brand...

Colors in Jon Renau Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

Posted on November 04 2020

As this tumultuous year draws to an end, you may be thinking it’s time for some changes. One such change could be your typical wig.  Maybe you’ve been loyal to Jon Renau’s synthetic wigs, but you’ve found yourself wondering how the grass is on the other side. Conversely, if you’ve...

4 Raquel Welch Wigs That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Posted on October 29 2020

The Raquel Welch brand is known for its fashionable and timeless wigs. If you’re looking to invest in a piece that won’t make for cringe-worthy photos five years from now, a Raquel Welch wig should be the next addition to your collection! To make your job even easier, we have...

What is the best wig brand?

Posted on October 06 2020

The best wig brands for Caucasian women have not changed in the last decade. Raquel Welch, Ellen Wille, Jon Renau, Noriko and Rene of Paris are still the leading companies in the world. Their wigs and hairpieces are natural looking, comfortable and easy to wear, they don't require any hairstyling... Fall Hairstyle Forecast

Posted on July 31 2020

Fall is officially in full swing! The weather is cooler and the leaves have turned… change is in the air. With this transition all around us, you may want to change up your style to match your new surroundings. Below are our top styles we recommend for your perfect Fall...

Trending Hair Colors for Fall

Posted on July 31 2020

Crisp air... Colorful leaves... Cozy drinks, Fall is almost upon us! Autumn is the season that embodies change and what a perfect time to embrace darker hair colors or warmer hair tones. We've compiled a list of the top Fall hair colors from your favorite brands, so you can get a head-start...

Live with Clyde Recap

Posted on July 31 2020

  Clyde “Hair God” Haygood, hosted a riveting live stream with America’s Next Top Model all star Jeana Turner on July 23rd. From tips and tricks to initial obsessions, these two gave us the ins and outs of their fave TressAllure styles: Brushed Pixie, Angled Pixie, New Wave and Ashlyn. ...

Get the Look: Hollywood Edition

Posted on June 19 2020

Some of our favorite celebrities’ hairstyles are just as iconic as their most prominent on-screen roles. Thanks to wigs, you can now get that coveted celebrity style you’ve been fantasizing about. See some of our favorite celebrity styles below. Meryl Streep In Meryl Streep’s iconic Editor-in-Chief role, she sports a...

Your Summer Hair Color Guide

Posted on June 10 2020

With Summer comes sunshine and long days… so it's the perfect season to let your locks glow in that stunning golden hour! The easiest way to ensure that your style embodies the season of Summer is to go a shade lighter! When looking for a Summer shade, we recommend looking...

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