What Wig Should I Buy For My Face Shape?

What Wig Should I Buy For My Face Shape?

Determining the best style for your face shape is key when browsing and shopping for a wig. After all, you not only want to show off your new look, but you want to enhance your best features in the most flattering wig possible. 

Selecting a wig in a style that suits your face shape is essential, and with our guidance, it’s simple. 

How do I know my exact face shape?

You may be thinking, ok, what face shape do I have? I didn’t know faces had different shapes. They do, and we are here to help find the wig that fits your face shape correctly! First, you have to determine what your face shape is. There are many face shapes, including oval, round, heart, square, diamond, and oblong. The shape is usually determined by the dimensions and proportions of your forehead, cheek bones, jawline, and chin.  

What Wig Should I Buy For My Face Shape?

To determine your face shape, tie your hair back and look in the mirror. Decide what part of your face is the widest. You can either do this by sight or using a measuring tape. If that is too complicated, try taking a selfie and, with your finger, trace the outside of your face to see which shape it resembles. 

What are the 6 types of face shapes?

Oval Face - Someone that has a face shape with a forehead that is slightly wider than the chin, with the length of the face being about 1.5X the widthBest suited styles for oval shape are virtually any style, a couple of leading styles for this shape are Bobs & Lobs and Layered Wavy styles. 

Upstage by Raquel Welch

Style featured is Upstage by Raquel Welch

Round Face - People with round shaped faces are characterized as having a circular shaped face with larger cheeks and little to no angular structures.  The best styles for women with round faces are  Pixies and  Long Layers.

Zara Jon Renau

Style featured is Zara by Jon Renau

 Heart Shaped Face - This shape usually indicates a wider forehead, more pronounced cheekbones and a chin that comes to a point.  Styles chin length or shorter tend to look great on this shape, as do Shorter Wigs with a Side Part or fringe. 

Reese by Noriko
Style featured is Reese by Noriko

Square Face - People with this shape have a more pronounced forehead and jawline, that are often the same width.  Tapered bangs, longer Bobs & Lobs, Longer Styles, and Side Part Styles/Bangs  are best, but try to avoid styles that are too short or hit right at the chin. 

Arrow by Ellen Wille

Style featured is Arrow by Ellen Wille

Diamond Face -When the top of your forehead to the corner of your eyes to your chin is a diamond, and a more pronounced chin and angular jawline then you have a diamond shaped face. Most styles look great on this shape, the most optimal area usually Mid Length & Curly Bobs and Mid Length, Long Layered & Wavy Styles.

Down Time by Raquel Welch

Style featured by Down Time by Raquel Welch

Oblong/Rectangle Face -  Have a long and narrow, rounded on the top and bottom and have a narrower chin than the oval face shape.  Volume with Layers, thicker bangs and fringe are very complimentary to this shape.  

Curve Appeal by Raquel Welch

Style featured is Curve Appeal by Raquel Welch

Keep in mind, these are just suggestions.  Feel free to wear the styles that make you feel most beautiful!  

Need more guidance?  What this: Face Shape Video Tutorial


Hi Phyllis,

Thank you for sharing your hair journey. We would love the opportunity to help you find a piece that boosts your confidence!

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The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I think I have a oval face. However bob hair cuts look horrid on me. I look like a monk. No kidding. I have little to no hair due to medicine. I need a boast of confidence. Can you help me?


Hi Charlene,

Lace front pieces are great only if you want to wear the hair back off the face. Otherwise, it isn’t necessary. If you have a high forehead, you must adjust where the lace front lands to achieve a more natural look. More than likely further down.

We are always happy to help!


The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I believe I have a round face, and my head is round (when young, I had a cousin say my head was shaped like a basket ball). I have a high, round forehead and wearing my bio hair pulled back off my face looks horrible. I always wear wigs with bangs. I think lace-front wigs parted on the side are really pretty, but I’m unsure how a lace-front, monofilament-top wig would look on me. I think that I would have to wear the front down much lower than normal. Am I right?

Thank you,
P.S. I just purchased ERIN which looks awesome!

Charlene Dempsey

Hi Terri,

Thank you for that feedback. Most of the pictures and the videos we provide are of our models and will have them front facing and pulling the hair back. We also started lives so you can see the piece on and Roxy will give tips and move the hair around!


The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

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