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Adriana | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: 100% Hand-Tied, Monofilament, Lace Front
  • SKU: JR5963

Availability: In stock

List Price: $441.60

Price: Price: $375.36

Adriana by Jon Renau: Color 4/27/30 - German Chocolate (Dk Brown, Strawberry Blonde & Golden Red Blend)
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  1. Incredible WIG
    LOVE this WIG! The hair quality is AMAZING. Feels as if it was custom fitted for my head. Easy to slip on/off my head. Stays put...Will/does NOT slip and slide. The cut and curls are beautiful. I'll brush the curls out and they'll bounce and reappear upon hours of wearing it...kinda has memory to bounce back like natural, healthy, hair would do. The hair strands look so realistic. Stylish and sassy. JON RENAU truly ROCKED this wig creation!
    By ZTPMIAMI on 7/29/16
  2. I have a new friend; her name is Adriana.
    I have a new friend; her name is Adriana.

    I have two of them: one in Shaded Peach (30A27S4) and another in 6/33. (The picture is me in my Shaded Peach.)

    With regard to color, people either take or leave Jon Renau. I've noticed that their auburns/reds tend to be a tad cooler than comparable colors from Estetica, but I never feared going with either brand. Somehow, the JR's reds work better with my skin tone, even more so in the winter. I stick to the not-so-brassy reds and I've never been steered wrong.

    The fit on Adriana is this side of custom. first of all, the lace falls very well on my hairline. Granted, the 4 on Shaded Peach is one shade darker than the darkest that I usually go with, so I'll need to work on playing around with foundation to camouflage the dark knots. The hair is all hand-tied and I've had luck with these caps, as they are more stretchy than wefted caps for me. I border on Average/Large, so it's sometimes touch-and-go, even with Renau, which tend to fit on the larger side. My fit with Gisele over the past few years has been like that; some were great, some resistant to my attempts at stretching. Adriana feels snug (in a good way) right on my temples, the ear tabs fall in the exact place where I want them to fall and I have all the confidence that I won't have a wardrobe malfunction with this hair.

    Style? What can I say? This is mermaid hair, with nice soft beachy waves in the length, which for me, goes about an inch below my bra strap. And there is the fullness on the top. No, there isn't any permatease in this wig, so no worries there (not that it bothers me much; some people are sensitive to permatease). The fiber is not ultra-soft (I wouldn't expect it), but JR regular synthetic fibers are high-quality, but you have to be good on maintenance with any of their fibers, HD or non-HD. I use spray-on conditioner on my wigs every other wear and comb them out as much as I can after I take them off my head. I recommend using a large-toothed comb. I have the JR one that I won in a contest elsewhere.

    This is pretty hair! It's glam but tamped down a bit, it works for casual, day-to-day, at least for me. And the price? It's a tad pricey, but worth the price for me.

    This is my new favorite.


    By Sirena on 2/2/16
  3. Color 12FS8
    love the feel of this wig. loved the color. didn't love that the front layers aren't long enough to reach a ponytail. love the lace front, and the fact that its 100% hand tied you can't beat the price

    By Shannon on 12/23/15
  4. Love this wig!
    I am relatively new to wigs, and I have one human hair that was really hard to care for. I switched to synthetics and this is by far the nicest I've had out of 3. The cap is the most comfortable, the hair quality is realistic and softer than my others, and the color 6F27 is beautiful-get comments on my highlights!
    By Sue on 10/15/15
  5. LOVE IT
    I love the Adriana by Jon Renau...It's not my current everyday wig. Heidi is. However, this diva is my date night wig! I have just ordered two Gisele Jon Renau pieces. Once this Heidi (my very first wig) is caput I will switch to those and still save Adriana for special occasions. I am 40 with great thinning on top and I guess as a mom of 3 Adriana just seems a little bit high maintenance. Ha. But it is just beautiful. And you don't get helmet head! The layers are very well done. Thank you! I had originally ordered Julianne and it frayed so I was able to get this one at 30% off!
    By Christina on 5/12/15
  6. Perfection!!
    I had to review this wig for a second time. Since my first review I have ordered Jon Renau's Julianne, Gisele, Amber and Heidi. And this one is still the best. Never too thick. The curls and layering are gorgeous! the hairline looks natural. This style is so so flattering on anyone! I always have people ask who does my hair and highlights when I wear Adriana-the ultimate compliment to a bald gal! I have been wearing wigs for 30 years and this is the first wig that makes me forget that I am bald! I can't say enough good things about this wig. It is a tad long for me, so I have it shortened by a few inches. But you could wear it right out of the box and look beautiful. Thank you Jon Renau! I will wear this style until I die! (As I mentioned in another post, thank you Jon Renau, the roots on this rooted style (30A27S4) were lighter along the hairline, making it look ultra real).
    By I don't wear wigs for fun on 4/25/15
  7. :)
    Soooo comfortable! Feels like you're not wearing a wig. The lace is lovely and as others stated the root looks completely natural. I have alopecia universalis, and somebody almost thought my hair had grown back because of how good and real it looks! My only complaint would be that the top came with a lot of hair and Im hoping to flatten it out some what, it makes it look a little too fluffy to go along with the rest of the hair & I'm hoping maybe with time it will flatten out.
    By Melissa on 4/2/15
  8. Unnatural root
    I ordered the 12FS8 The root is much too dark for the basic color and looks like you are in desperate need of a touch up. Others say the root is too dark also. Why can't they wise up and make the root a little lighter so it looks like natural blonde hair ?


    Thank you for your review Kay! We're sorry to hear you weren't 100% happy with color 12FS8. If you want a blonde with a lighter root, we recommend 14/26S10 which is a bit warmer but has a lighter root. The root on this color is a full shade lighter than 12FS8. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns! Thank you for shopping with!
    By kay L. on 11/27/14
  9. Love this Wig
    I love the "beach wave' curls on this wig and the cut is great! The length is perfect too. I may have to thin it out a little bit as there is quite a bit of hair for me.
    By KAR on 5/6/14
  10. Simply The Best
    This is the closest you can get to real hair. You absolutely can not tell its a wig. It moves and looks so natural..... Jon Renau colors are just lovely. I have it in 32F. Its a blend of reds and just stunning. You won't be diappointed in this wig.
    By Connie B. on 10/30/13
  11. Adriana Lots of Volume and Layers
    This is one of my favorite wigs. I love the layers and versatility. I do not wear wigs but this one caught my eye. I would definitely wear this wig on a night out on the town. I'm African American and I think most black women feel they cannot wear this wig. But I disagree. Women of color can look just as good in this wig to feel and look natural. I plan on buying this wig pretty soon. Jon Renau products are high quality.
    By AE on 9/26/13
  12. Adriana by Jon Renau
    Great wig. one of my best

    By Vivian Boonstra on 9/20/13
  13. So easy
    I love this wig it is just so natural. The curl is great its not too curly which normally looks like frizzy poodle look. The cap is AMAZINGLY comfortable and cool its movement is so natural people cannot tell I am wearing a wig.
    By De De on 9/17/13
  14. Beautiful and natural
    I do not wear wigs for fun and am completely bald. I am always self conscious about my wigs. But this one you can wear with confidence! It has natural movement and scalp looks very real. My only complaint is sometimes with the color I purchase the roots are TOO dark and look a little fake. But all my friends tell me you would never know it is a wig.I get compliments on it all the time. I wear shaded peach 3027S4. It is a beautiful color. If you have to wear wigs Jon Renau is the best! Never too full or faky looking. You will feel genuinely pretty in this wig!
    By I don't wear wigs for fun on 8/20/13
    I wear wigs for fun and because I hate doing my hair. I have the exact opposite problems of most wig wearers; I actually have so much hair that it's extremely difficult to do anything with. Throughout my life I have been made fun of for my crazy-thick extremely curly hair and as a child I actually wished it would all fall out and then I could wear wigs and no one could make fun of me anymore. It dawned on me in my early 20's that I could wear wigs anyway without losing my hair. Over the past decade I have purchased approximately 25 wigs with an avg price of ~$250-350 each. This wig is literally the most natural and most comfortable of all the wigs I have owned and I've owned some pretty awesome wigs. When I went to get bangs cut into it all 10 hairdressers in the salon could not believe it was a wig. They made me take it off to prove it to them. The cap is awesome and it hides all of my hair well. This is a great wig you will not regret owning it and the price is more than fair for the quality and workmanship.
    By I wear wigs for fun on 8/15/13
  16. Awesome
    Awesome wig. No one can make it and so comfortable
    By Click on 7/12/13

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