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Always by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap

Availability: In stock

List Price: $180.00

Price: Price: $153.00

Raquel Welch Always: Color RL30/27 Rusty Auburn (Pale Red with Warm Blonde highlights)
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  1. 5 months later
    Still looks beautiful after 5 months of wear I'm just now getting ready to purchase a new one , BTW it washes beautifully.

    By Barb on 8/3/16
  2. Always

    By Barb on 5/28/16
  3. Always
    Love this hair the color is like heaven matches my skin tone beautifuly this is my first Raquel Welch so I know how she fits on my head a little sharper then expected but I'm 8n love with everything about it mainly the color I'm buying again this weekend will show you it as well,

    By Barb on 5/28/16
  4. Always
    Love this wig the colors complement my skin tone not as long a picture but it has just the right amount of hair, this is my new favorite.

    By Barb on 5/5/16
    When I was in 9th grade I lost all my hair. I had to wear a wig. It was horrible! I have lost my hair in patches over the last 30 years and I tried many things to hide it. I was so devastated about going back to a wig that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Now there is no way to hide it. So I finally, and reluctantly started looking for a wig.
    Thank you to all of you who shared your reviews and your pictures. And thank you to for the videos. It all was a huge help for me.
    I received my wig today. I came out of the box looking beautiful. Perfect color, curl, and cut. I did trim the bangs because I like having a shorter bang. I watched a video on YouTube that showed me how to do it. I also have it pulled up on the sides in my picture. When I showed it to my husband he told me it was the first he has seen me smile like this in years. He said even my eyes were smiling.
    I am rating it 4 stars only because I haven't had it long enough to know how it is going to hold up. And if it does well I will be back to change it to 5 stars.

    By Eva on 4/13/16
  6. Love, love, love it!
    This wig is just awesome, love the color, cut and fit, people at work couldn't stop staring and complimenting me, it really means so much to find something affordable and gorgeous when you've suffered hair loss.
    By Pamela on 3/29/16
  7. Update
    Forgot to add pics, here they are.

    By Iwearwigsforfun on 1/27/16
  8. Update- older Always and a newer one
    This is an update to my previous review:
    I have order 5 of these over the years. Three I threw in the garbage due to the horrible permatease part. Didn't bother with a return on the wigs. However, production of these, like Spotlight, has changed. The fiber has improved and they improved the permatease somewhat. I'm wearing my other "older" Always in the pics, it's 1422ss. You can see the flyaways and permatease, but it's wearable. I wore it to an important business meeting and on two plane rides today. Tugged at it a lot, but felt OK in it. I purchased a newer one recently, and it's better quality than the one in the pics. It's dark brown, the fiber is so much silkier and less little broken hairs at the top on the crown. I wore it out to dinner to meet my ex who I had not seen in 4 years, and he kept raving about "my hair." He didn't realize it was a wig, even though he knows I wear wigs for the heck of it sometimes.
    Anyway... Mr. Tate and Raquel, HairUWear executives, etc., I hope you see these reviews. Please, please, please make this same wig but with a monofilament part. Don't add a lace front. I'm sick of lace fronts! Stop with all the lace fronts! Please remake "relentless" too, that's a great wig. But Always is perfect in my opinion when straightened except for the 1) permatease, and 2) front does not cover my side hairlines well. (That's a problem I have with all Raquel Welch wigs though. I guess where it's designed for those with no hair it comes back really high and I have to yank it down low on my forehead to get the hair on the sides covered.) Call it "Always Elite" or whatever and charge the higher price point. People will obviously buy it, and you can still offer this lower price point "Always" as well. I love this length when straightened, and the lack of the lace front. And I'm one of the oddballs who prefers the heat resistant fiber being more "rough" because my natural hair is more "tough" and other synthetics feel too "silky" and look too shiny to me.
    So keep the heat resistant fiber, just ditch the permatease.
    By Iwearwigsforfun on 1/27/16
  9. My Go-To
    For fancy events this is always my choice.
    It's a crowd pleaser and a head-turner!!

    By Kelli on 1/7/16
  10. it the best i ever tried
    it matches every face, very good price and very good quality
    By dina on 11/9/15
  11. My Debut as a Blonde =D
    I chose Always as my first wig as I have recently started chemo & radiation therapy and have started to lose some of my natural hair already. My real hair is brownish-red & used to be medium length & wavy, This style closely mimics it's style & texture. I chose to go blonde because it would be too tedious to maintain. The color Shaded Wheat (1422SS) is just gorgeous and simulates the multiple colors found in biological hair. I received lots of compliments on it. The cap is very comfortable and adjustable although I will need to customize it to fit better, when I lose more hair. The hair fiber out of the box was dry at first, but after using the conditioner, styling cream - and spending about an hour, brushing & re-working it's stunning. I love the potential for styling versatility- haven't tried heat yet- bought a new temp regulated iron. It's almost too long, so I may get it cut- but loving it as is for now!

    By Christina on 9/15/15
  12. Wasn't right for me
    This wig was beautifu but it didn't fit me the way I hoped. Sent back to exchange. Still waiting for replacement.
    By Roberta on 5/7/15
  13. Always by Rachel Welch
    I was devastated when my hair was thinning. After surgery and illness I was bouncing back but my hair wasn't. At 54 I did not want to feel like 104. Tried this wig by accident and now I own 4. One downfall is that it's hard to curl after you straighten it but I love it straighter so it doesn't really matter to me, but it's an awesome wig and I can't wait to try some of the other hair u wear lines. Thank you for giving me my confidence and life back! My hubby loves it too!

    By Debra on 1/3/15
  14. Not a big fan of the heat friendly fiber.
    I love RW wigs - and the style of this one looked perfect. I got mine in the color Copper Mahogany (lovely color). The cap was comfortable and like I said I LOVED the style. But there is something about the heat friendly fiber of this hair that makes it a short use wig. I didn't use any heat on mine and it tended to tangle very quickly and it frizzed up something fierce.

    It is a bummer for me because I love the style and color but the fibers just don't last long enough for me. So, I'll just stick to my Camera Ready RW wig (without the Heat Friendly fiber).
    By katiekates66 on 12/27/14
  15. Amazing Wig
    I love this wig have had it for several years, no one knows that it is a wig except for very close friends, I have two other Raquel Welsh wigs and love them all , I will continue to purchase her wigs, love them so much so many styles to choose from wish I could afford one of the real hair wigs of hers but am old an on limited income, but still act like I am 40 something, have to wear them because hair is falling out. they are simply amazing. thank you so much Raquel Welsh for making such amazing wigs. God Bless you for that.
    By Carol on 11/16/14
  16. FAV
    I have ordered this wig 4 times!! I love love love it!! I have gotten so many compliments on which was "I had no idea you wear a wig! You can not even tell!" I have PCOS and do not have have a single hair on top of my head just around the base line (picture a monk). I wish it came in heat resistant so I could do a little more with it!!
    By linda on 7/2/14
  17. the texture changes
    I love the way this wig looks for the 1st was then the texture changes on the ends it is dry and frazzled looking.. I have purchased 2 big mistake will never buy or recommend to anyone.
    By valeria smith on 6/4/14
  18. Love this wig.
    I've had problems getting a color about the same as my hair. I have a 'widow's' peak making it so that I have too pull the wig way down in the front. This color biscuit blends so well. I can pull the hair in the peak out and blend it into the wig front. Being able to style it many different ways and with a curling iron just puts the icing on the cake.
    By Lain on 1/17/14
  19. I love the way it fits but . . .
    . . . the hair could be better and it doesn't stay on well is it possible for it to have a mono top?
    By rebecca mc donald on 9/12/13
  20. Unnatural looking part otherwise nice
    I have really wanted to like this wig so I bought three of them over the past several years. In the end I have never actually worn one of them out of the house if that tells you anything. The style is beautiful the fiber is beautiful and it looks awesome when straightened. However the permatease and the part is horribly unnatural looking. I've seen $30 wigs with parts that look much more natural! Because of this issue these are the most wiggy looking wigs I have ever owned. I wish Hairuwear/Raquel Welch brand would make this exact wig but with some type of monofilament part. Then I would buy tons of them and they would be perfect!
    By Iwearwigsforfun on 8/15/13
  21. Perfect!
    I have Always in the honey ginger. It's gorgeous- a perfect match for my hair. I pull out pieces of my own hair along the front hairline and blend them with the wig for a beautiful natural look.
    By Michele on 8/7/13
    The RL14/22SS blends beautifully w/my light blonde frosted hair; love the long bangs swept to the side & I pull out the front of my hair along the face to make it look natural. Even when my gray roots begin to show I can still use this honey ginger color. Lots of compliments on the blended colors darker roots (making the Always look extremely natural) & the style. Looking at the pics on this site I've learned how to wear this wig up & still make it look natural by pulling my medium length hair up & outside in the back over the wig hair. In other words I don't put my natural hair up & then put on the wig. I leave natural hair down placing the wig over all of my hair; then I put it up; thus showing a natural hair line even in the back. Looks much like the pic online. I have 4 or 5 of theAlways and love love love the style color value and hope it's Always available at this price
    By dixiegirl on 7/10/13
  23. Gives Variety
    The quaility of the Always is wonderful and I enjoy the versitility of the heat friendly fiber
    By Leslie on 4/7/13
  24. It's a head turner!
    I have 4. When the curl falls the waves are so natural and I get so many compliments
    By Cindy on 4/28/12
  25. Love it!
    i love this wig so much. i get compliments on my hair all the time. people ask me who does my highlights and they never even know its a wig!
    By Mitzi Jones on 1/19/12
  26. Great for summer
    The length is perfect for me and its light and cool.
    By I Shaw on 1/10/12
  27. Truly Exceptional
    I cant get enough of it! I have 3 and my stylist customizes them to fit me!
    By Janice on 12/21/11
  28. I didn't like it for me
    It doesn't look natural at all maybe because my head is too small and it is hard for me to do my hair
    By R. Samuels on 12/9/11
  29. I customize mine
    I love the length and how you can curl or straighten it. I add bangs to mine :)
    By LH on 9/5/11
  30. Always by Raquel Welch
    I love the color show RL30/27 the style looks natural and beautiful. It comes with loose curls and I straighten it.
    By JEAN D on 1/14/11
  31. Love Always
    I love that its heat friendly and the loose curls it comes with are perfect!
    By S Callaway on 12/14/10
  32. Love it Up!
    I bought Always because I want to wear my hair up sometimes. Wearing it down is lovely but too dramatic for me in business in my small town. I'll take it to Los Vegas and wear it down there! In all seriousness the last time I wore it up I got told I looked adorable. Can't get much better than that. Thank you Rachael for all the beautiful wigs you create.
    By Anna on 12/2/-1

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