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Angela by Estetica

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $193.95

Price: Price: $173.00

Angela by Estetica: Color R14/26H
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  1. angela in CKISSRT4
    I'm liking Angela A LOT! It sheds just a little but there really is plenty of hair in this wig. Full on top and tends to have a square look unless i take a comb and flip back the feathered layers .Really love the color and the rooted look. Roots are not too dark. I got sick of my own hair being curly frizzy and won't be without wigs to wear now.
    people at work are very supportive too. does refund your purchase if you order another wig. I've had to do that several times before I found the color and style I like. I'm glad I kept looking and didn't give up !

    By Lee G. on 9/7/16
  2. 6 months and still enjoy wearing it it
    Order this wig after not seeing any Henry Margu wigs I like I do own 10 of them. I have to say I really enjoy this one more it hold up well and easy to care for. I still keep going back to it . So glade I made the change!

    By Sandy M on 8/29/14
  3. Disappointed
    I read all the wonderful reviews and was so excited when I got my wig (my first). It is a very comfortable fit but the layers are not at all blended just chunks of hair in different layers. The wig looked like it had dandruff when I first got it. I washed it and it still feels very greasy even with no product on it. I should have sent it back but I didn't and doubt if it will be worn. Maybe the kids will play with it.
    By Linda on 8/12/14
  4. Love It
    Classy wig - my first and what a great choice!! Like this wig for its versatility. Every day has been a good hair for me. Can be worn as a smoother look classy and cute business professional perfect or turn it upside down and gently shake for great sexy layer volume look. Natural looking and comfortable. I'd order again.
    By Laurie on 4/2/14
  5. Versatile and Classy
    I love this wig. Ordered it in R2/R4 - it's a perfect color and natural look for my hair. It's classy and versatile. Looks great whether your dressed up for a special occasion or dressed down for a more relaxed casual look. A great layered style - can be smoothed out for a more refined look or turned upside down gently shaken for gorgeous layers of sexy volume. Definitely a keeper and I'll order again.
    By Laurie on 4/2/14
  6. longer hair than it shows
    There is more hair and longer hair than it shows in the picture. I wanted the shorter look like in the picture. I do wear it though. My own hair is thin and thought it would look more like my own hair.
    By new do everyday on 3/12/14
  7. No Need to Comp
    I have 2 of these wigs same color as it looks so natural for me. No one even realizes it is a wig - never have to comb - just turn up side down shake - put on my head and place in style. If I want it to look more curly I just toss crown with fingers. Have never combed either of my wigs - never cleaned - just allow to air out on wire stand each time I remove - I can't find another style which I feel is more flattering and natural looking for me.

    By Totally Natural in appearance on 12/30/13
  8. Love This Wig
    Great hair day every day I wear this wig. I have purchased at least four of them in the past two years. Compliments galore on the hair cut from strangers. I've tried other wigs but keep coming back to this one for the layers and style. Great price and love the various holiday discounts so I can add more hair dos to the collection.
    By Ann on 9/2/13
  9. So flattering and versatile!
    Angela is one of my favorites for some time now. It's so very natural looking and just as versatile. Try it behind the ears puffed up smoothed down with gel--I'll bet you'll enjoy it in a variety of styles. And the amount of curl in Angela allows it to look trendy whatever you decide!
    By Miroslava on 8/14/13
  10. Good Choice!
    I have at least four of these in 3 different shades. I always get compliments on my hair. Very comfortable and stylish. I love the layers
    By Ann on 7/11/13
  11. I keep stock
    I loved the Angela so much I always keep an extra one around. It looks so beautiful and the colors look so natural. i have a hard time picking which one to try next.
    By Ally on 5/26/13
  12. Best choice!
    I love how it flips everyone asks me who does my hair. I love Caramel Kiss this completes my look
    By Joyce on 3/19/13
  13. Wear it everyday
    I wear my Angela everyday all day and love it.
    By Nancy Loera on 1/2/13
  14. Hair falls out.
    The style of Angela is very nice and modern (although it's been around a long time). My problem is with the quality of workmanship. A few months ago I ordered this wig and and it arrived in fairly wearable condition after my styling it; however many hairs began falling out. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it's just an older style and there are better choices out there. I think it's so pretty but I am going to look for a newer style.
    By April on 12/2/-1

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