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Angelica by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP1625

Availability: In stock

List Price: $207.00

Price: Price: $144.90

Angelica by Noriko | Color: Macadamia LR
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  1. Not Impressed
    I purchased the Angelica in Macadamia LR as I wanted to try a different brand other than my usual, and I liked the idea of the Ombre long root colour. Very disappointed. I found the wig to look very fake and no matter how I tried to part it still looked fake with little pieces sticking up every different way regardless of how it was styled. . The colour was not what I expected as it turned out to be more of a red brown than the cool ash it seemed in picture shown above. I wear a wig every day and after one week of wear this looked tired and frayed already. I can easily get 3-6 months use with every day wear out of any Jon Renau wig I have purchased in the past.
    Over all I am not impressed at all. Will definitely go back to my regular line of the different Jon Renau styles.
    By Kelly on 8/11/16
  2. Great for updo
    This wig is great for putting it up in a cute messy bun the baby hair around the back make it perfect in hiding your on hair, I also cut some bangs in this wig it turned out beautifully all you really need are thinning shears and it won't leave that terrible look like you cut it yourself, I bought my shears at Walmart for less then 10 dollars, I also love the color sugarcane I have three wigs different style same color, this color is very popular and sometimes on backorder but it's worth the wait.

    By Barb on 8/6/16
  3. Wonderful Style
    I absolutely LOVE this wig & my new look!! I purchased this wig just before an annual gathering of us girls in Vegas & couldn't be happier with all the rave reviews I received, everyone absolutely loved the new look on me!

    By Nina on 7/6/16
  4. Love!
    I get tons of compliments on this. I will have Angelica as long as they sell it. This is my 3rd one. As you can see I cut a messy bit of bangs. It looks very natural. Ya gotta try it!!

    By S on 6/21/16
  5. Very Disappointed, especially after seeing all the rave reviews.
    First off, I ordered Crimson and this is definitely NOT crimson. There is no red in it at all, it's more like a medium brown. There is also A LOT of hair on top, it's very thick on top but thin on the bottom. It does not seem light weight like the description indicates. It definitely looks like I'm wearing a wig - or like I'm wearing a cheap headband with hair attached to it. The style aged me by about 20 years. I tried to style it, but it just kept looking like Kirstie Alley on Cheers. The only good thing I have to say about it, is that the hair itself is very soft and beautiful quality.
    By Karen on 5/6/16
  6. Good
    sassy and perfect!
    By zhaohang on 2/29/16
  7. Love it.
    Love this wig. Have gotten several compliments on the style and color. I will be buying more colors in this style as long as they will keep making them. I got the chestnut. It was more red than I anticipated, but it was a good surprise.

    By Crystal on 2/17/16
  8. Angelica by Noriko
    Love this style. I'm almost 57...but still love long length. However, I do cut several inches off and cut in bangs. I agree if this came in monofilament my only suggestion. I recently 2 Razberry I can rotate and I'm going to try Chestnut with this recent 25% off sale.

    By Deb on 2/11/16
  9. Great wig for a great price!
    Love the wig. Could not be more natural. Responds well to a fast comb and the color (macadamia) and style were exactly as expected. Only (very) minor issue is that the cap is a little heavy, but for the price, cant expect a monofilament cap. Still, I would not hesitate to re-order or buy again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    By Shawna on 1/11/16
  10. Universally flattering
    Overall I love this wig and can tell why it is such a best seller.

    My only beef is the small cap size. Apparently I have a large head being 5.11, so the front hairline keeps slipping on me. I will have to sew in comb clips.

    Maybe one day this will be offered as a monofilament wig which would make it absolutely perfect.

    It was a touch shiny out of the box, but a little dry shampoo fixed that right up. The hair fiber is incredibly smooth (a bit smoother than my Estetica Orchid).

    I have ordered it in Copper Glaze, which is pretty. I wished though it was available in Burnt Sienna or a similar red since the only true red is Chestnut which is a bit dark on me.

    Overall a stunning wig, only downfall is the small cap which seems to be an overall Noriko issue that I wished they would fix. Lots of people find Noriko caps small which is the reason why I prefer Estetica Orchid.

    Love the color, the cut. Great wig that seems to flatter just about anyone. I get many compliments and flirtatious reactions which is certainly a confidence boost.
    By Elizabeth on 11/1/15
  11. really lovely
    Just out of the box the hair feels really nice and soft - I hope it stays that way! The style is very flattering, though a bit long for me so I may have it trimmed a bit - plus hoping that having it a bit shorter may keep it looking nice longer. I will also have to sew in a few combs as the weight of the hair makes it slip off my head a bit. If this was made with a mono top that would really make it perfect! The perma tease at the crown is right down the part and is a bit noticeable. Does anyone know of a similar piece with same quality fibre in a mono? Thanks!
    By bright and shiny on 9/18/15
  12. amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    i bought my 4th angelica! this time in creamy toffee r. the best purchase ever!!!!!! it looks so real

    By shvetlana on 7/20/15
  13. Good wig
    I had to start wearing wigs because all my already hypothyroid hair broke off in a too tight sew in weaving,so I have to wear wigs until my hair comes back. It's been a real struggle finding the rite wig. Upon opening Angelika,I love the color but the cut and shine very wiggy wig also has lift that makes it wiggy also no comes and I fear wig will pop off.. I flat ironed it wich frazzled the hair but it looks better to me like this.. Also a lot of dry shampoo for the shine.. Overall a good wig..

    By Heather on 7/17/15
  14. Oh my.. I love love love my Anjelica! ❤️
    I was SO excited to have received my Anjelica yesterday!
    I actually bought 2.
    One in chestnut & one in a rooted blonde.
    I've been a blonde my entire life, but once I put on the chestnut,
    I fell in love with the way it compliments my skin tone!
    I'm more than likely going to return the blonde for, I'm thinking,
    the almond rocha, as my skin and eyes seem to " warm" up
    to the warmer shades now.
    Upon receiving,and being SO excited,
    I immediately took my chestnut Angelica out of the box
    and put it on.
    Oh my... Tears of happiness!!
    I once again, I feel pretty .. and confident in the way I look!
    My daughter cried with me..
    It was a moment I'll never forget. ❤️
    Please ... Please... Please ...don't stop making Angelica!
    I'm in love! ❤️

    By Sue on 5/20/15
  15. My favorite.
    If this came in lace front or a monofilament top, I'd seriously be in HEAVEN. I lost all of my hair during cancer treatment and this was the very first wig I ever purchased. When I put it on, I finally felt like ME again. If you're someone who has lost their identity to cancer, you know what I mean. I bought this in Sandalwood-H, it's a gorgeous creamy, rooted blonde color. It's just a beautiful shade of blonde. It was shiny at first, but it got better after a few washes. It's also a lot of hair. I can't wear it every day, so I reserve it for special occasions. But, it's literally the hair I've always wanted. I've had this for a year now and it's still pretty fantastic. :) Only con is that it does tend to tangle because it is a lot of hair and is so long.

    By Tiffany on 3/10/15
  16. Favorite!!!!
    I've purchased Angelica by Noriko in Creamy Toffee - R (Rooted) It is comfortable and stays put on my smaller than average head. I have been able to wear this style for over 4 months with minimal upkeep. Yes, I do alternate this wig with 2 others so that while I'm wearing one, I can perform basic maintenance on the other 2 and keep them rotating.

    By Noel on 1/21/15
  17. great
    it really feels like my own hair. The texture, the look every thing about it is great i highly recommend it

    By shvetlana on 1/7/15
  18. Love this wig!!
    I love this wig..I have had this style wig for years and it is fab. You will not be sorry to make the purchase.Easy to style and wear.
    By Traci on 12/26/14
  19. Doesn't get better than this !
    Just about as close to perfect as it can natural looking gets constant compliments.I bought two in the same color with the shaded roots and am still wearing the first one and it has been a year . It still looks like new. I put large sponge rollers in it at night and it gives it wonderful body ! There are so many fun ways to wear it .The key is to be very careful with it when Brushing out the tangles taking a small strand at a time so it has practically zero frizzies. This has given me a new lease on life.I have thin balding hair and now I just keep my own hair really short under it and it is comfortable.I don't think there is another piece out there that would make me happier.Ive had human hair custom made units and have made my own pieces. This one is by far the best I've ever had. It is the only one I have ever put on and immediately it looked good without out spending lots of time tweaking it .just finger style it and that's it.It has great movement. Just can't say enough about this one. Please don't ever stop making it or change it .
    By Summer girl on 7/30/14
  20. Perfect
    I've been wearing Angelica for YEARS! No matter what I try I ALWAYS go back! I do the gradient colors and trim the bangs a bit. NO ONE has ever guessed this isn't my real hair. It's hip sexy and makes me feel like "me"
    By Atienne on 6/30/14
  21. Easier to wear then a baseball cap
    I love the wig and the routed colors make it so easy to wear light weight and so natural; i kid you not-I always get zillions of compliments about my "beautiful hair"-I can't keep a straight face and have to admit that it not only isn't my hair but that after wearing $2500. custom made human hair wigs tied into my own hair years before most people had any inkling about extensions or these kinds of custom made wigs which I swam and water skied in and never had a problem except paying for them. I left California and moved to Florida mid 1990's and it became so difficult to get back to my wig shop every few months for a "tightening" that I bought this little wig as almost a joke. I use a wig-tape to stick it on my head and that thing does not move until I am ready to remove it. I comb it as if it were growing out of my head and frankly with the rooted coloring I don't think anyone ever notices it isn't mine even I forget. It is a little long for my age and so I chop off the ends a bit but the overall style is so well trimmed that even my whacking at ends doesn't do much damage. The only con is synthetic doesn't last like Euro. Hair (with shedding hair sewn in to replace areas in wefting that may be getting thinner and I am afraid to dive into the ocean or a pool for fear of what it might look like drying on my head in the hot Florida Sun vanity stands in my way because at the prices I have been paying to replace Angelica I should brave a swim now and then and risk it at least with an older model....a wonderfully designed and repeatedly dependable style that frankly if rushed all I would have to do is shake it when out of the box and plop it on my head it is so easy I don't even need a mirror and probably could loose the tape too!!! I wear Sugar Cane-R which looks exactly well-the color I remember I once used to be! Gosh I wish they would make them with the option of graying strands but I should probably get my former wig maker to sew in some gray into the open wefting which makes this wig so lightweight and airy to wear then my wig could keep up with my age!!!
    By LL on 4/21/14
  22. Love at first sight
    I lost my hair due to medical reasons. So it was out of desperation that I tried my first wig. Angelica has been amazing. I first tried a light brown with a decent bit of blonde but not exactly sure on color. I currently am in chestnut. The rich auburn tones are amazing against my super fair skin. Most people have absolutely no idea. The style continues to hold wash after wash after wash. Now that my own hair is finally staring to return I am debating switching to one of the ask blondes to let my own grown in and make the transition easier for the rest to cope with when I finally let the cover ups go. I dyed my head vibrant reds for almost 10 years.
    By Maia on 11/7/13
  23. loved this wig for over 10 years
    This is just a gorgeous wig and frames/disguises my masculine-looking face beautifully. Mine is the auburn color.
    By Grace on 8/22/13
  24. Gorgeous
    one of my favorites. the rooted colors are awesome :)

    By Denise on 8/5/13
  25. dont ever stop making this wig!
    I have been wearing Angelica wig for a few years now. it is so pretty and so many people have no idea i even wear wigs! Love the way the layers make this wig look so natural! Please dont ever stop making this wig!
    By Rachell on 4/7/13
  26. It's a regular for me
    I have had the angelica four times and it is always lovely. It hold it style and volume for the lifespan of the wig. The Rene of Paris color are wonderful!
    By Nancy on 2/22/11

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