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Berlin by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Hairpiece
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP1665

Availability: In stock

List Price: $147.00

Price: Price: $102.95

Berlin by Noriko | Color: Gold Blonde
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  1. 8 years wearing Berlin
    My order history tells me I have worn this hairpiece since 2009. It continues to be wonderful. So easy to care for, put on, and wear all day. I wore human hair before this and it was always a lot of work. All I have to do is shake this, clip it on and I am good to go. The hair is sewn close together, so on windy days I don't have to worry about the "wig" parts showing. Even my woman doctor was surprised I wore a hairpiece. I get compliments--never have been asked "Is that a wig?" Instead I'm asked, "Who cuts your hair?" But, please, PLEASE, produce this with a gray blend! I see many are asking--I've been asking for 9 years. Many of us are getting older and we need a little gray to show. Could not do without this hairpiece!
    By Grandma on 1/26/16
  2. Simply the Best
    I've been trying wigs for a few years now and have finally found the one that works best for me.
    This little topper is comfortable, easy to style and blend in with my own hair, comfortable, and even though it's not human hair, I feel it looks real enough to fool anyone.
    I could not be more delighted -- unless you offered it in all the colors available, and added a nice blend of grays.( Specifically light silver in the front darker gray in the back. And if you do this, email me directly please! WOWZA!)

    All I need to do now is find a way to make use - or find a home for the wigs I tried but no longer need.
    By Carol on 3/25/15
    I have used Berlin for years. It is the very best 'addition' I have found. I am now going with my natural hair color and am so disappointed that the Berlin does not come in any gray blend. I am unable to find any other hair piece that has the same base size as Berlin. Also have other friends and family who would enjoy Berlin in the gray blends....:(
    By bikergirl on 8/7/14
  4. Short cut for a cooler summer
    I have several Berlins. Have worn it for a few years. Really enjoy this as my hair is ready to go with a shake and a little shaping with my fingers. One drawback has always been the synthetic hair is warmer than human hair--especially in the Summer. Since I now have several of these I figured I could take a little risk. I asked my stylist to re-cut one of the older ones into a short summer cut. Wow what a difference! Without the long hair on my neck (she trimmed it almost up to the back clip and the layers shortened and thinned it is a joy to wear even in the heat of a Kansas Summer. I'm going to have her trim a couple more (I said I have several :-) )so I can change off. This hairpiece offers so much leeway for a good stylist to help you change your hairstyle. Don't ever stop offering the Berlin. It is the only one of its kind. Would like to see it with a gray blend though.
    By Ann on 7/14/14
  5. Just what I wanted
    I bought three of these gorgeous pieces!!! I have yet for anyone to ask is that a hair piece? Even my hair dresser couldn't tell. The fiber is that amazing. They wash beautifully. The clips are the best and so easy to manage. Takes only a second to put on clip and away you go. I'm going to order another. Have it cut into that awesome Jennifer Lawrence style again. Thank you Noriko.
    By Bonita Runnels on 6/12/14
  6. So Thankful
    I used to wear human hairpieces for over a decade. I am so thankful that I found this Noriko Berlin. I love the texture weight and feel of this. I can manage the piece wash and dry it by myself. No more depending on a salon as I did with the human hair! I got the color Almond Spice with the darker roots along the part. I have gotten many compliments. Everyone wants to know who colors my hair! The price is just right! I could own 10 of these for the price of a human hair piece! Please Noriko do not discontinue this style ever!!!!!
    By Dina on 1/12/14
  7. So much hair - great!
    After years of barely having any hair this piece has a WOW factor! The 'gold blond' color is almost perfect. Overall there is a slight red to it. Having this wiglet in hand it is much longer than any of the online photos show. In the photos it appears that the hair is straight beyond the ears. It is very curly!! I tried using a warm curling brush to change the curl but it will not allow change. It is a tight curt- almost a 90 degree angle to the upper hair. The only way Berlin looks believable on me is to tuck each side behind my ear. That way the curl looks more true to life. The only thing I can't get used to is how rounded it is. For my age 58 Berlin has A LOT of hair. I have a human hair piece that lays like real hair would. That's why I can't get used to all of the hair on Berlin.
    The biggest negative for me is that this isn't really a wiglet. It is more like a wig. The edge of the circular rim covers my entire head. The side clips are right above my ears and the back clip is at the edge of my hairline. Because of that I have no hair in those places for the clips to attach. That allows Berlin to move around on my head and it feels like a hat. Even wearing it all day long it still feels like a hat. I'm always self conscious. What 58 year old woman would still have this much hair? I still wear it for every day wear. If I'm with family or friends I wear my human hair wiglet. I would say that if you shorten Berlin to the length you need you will be happy.
    By Renn on 11/4/13
  8. Quality piece but too big!
    I love the color and the texture of the hair. I have had a hard time keeping it on my head because it is so large. The clips are positioned where they almost flip rather than secure. It would be great to have a Velcro tab to tighten so those of us with smaller head could wear more confidently. I would certainly buy again and again if that were so.
    By Memmes on 10/24/13
  9. Great buy!
    I love this because it isn't a full wig. It is so light weight you can't tell you have it on. Bought it in chocolate swirl very nice highlighting. The hair quality is very soft. I did have to thin this piece out it had way too much hair. Would like to see a similar 3/4 topper same length with more layers.
    By LINDA on 9/17/13
  10. Great Topper
    very versatile and customizable. Expresso is my favorite dark brunette

    By Denim on 8/5/13
  11. Just what I was looking for!!
    When I found this hairpiece I was pleasantly surprised. I now own 7 of them (I buy whenever there is a good discount :-)) I cannot wear a wig so I am limited in my choices. I had been wearing human hair--but it is so expensive plus it isn't easy care that's for sure. Thank goodness for the video. The picture makes it look as if it is short on the sides-the video shows the length. This actually generously covers my entire head. My stylist cuts it and I am good to go. All I have to do is shake it out before putting it on. This is easier than having my own hair! Drawbacks: It gets warmer than human hairpieces although clipping it on allows for air to circulate more. Biggest concern: It doesn't come in any gray shades. Harvest Gold works best for me right now I get so many compliments--even from strangers. No one can believe it's a hairpiece! But I'm getting older. Can we get this done in some gray shades please?
    By Hairhat Grandma on 12/2/-1

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