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Bo Mono by Ellen Wille

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Petite, Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $489.94

Price: Price: $391.95

Bo Mono by Ellen Wille | Color: Dark Chocolate Mix
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  1. Beautiful Pixie Style.."Classic and Sweet"
    I received my Bo Mono Dark Chocolate Mix wig today. Put it on, walked up to my hubby and he said, "You are So Beautiful!" He LOVES it! I get my hair done, regularly, and this is "my style." I am a "particular" senior lady..petite, and consider myself stylish. My hair has thinned out, and I had nice thick hair…always kept it short..and this Bo Mono gives me the "look" once again…full and bouncy! The fit is perfect, too…so comfortable. If you like this style, ladies…don't hesitate to get this adorable wig. I can't wait to show it off…it is the most natural hair look, and no one will know I am wearing a wig!
    By Carrie on 2/1/16
  2. AT LAST!
    This is my new favorite wig! I have alopecia universalis and a child size head. I'm only 5'1'' and a small person altogether. I have been wearing Rachel Welch's wigs for years, but they were still too large even in a petite. This is perfect! Fits nice and snug and is a great cut. I didn't notice until just now that someone said it was too tight and's response was that because Ellen Wille wigs are from Europe they run small. TONS of compliments in the last 2 days I've been wearing it. Beautiful, just what I need! I'll be ordering another one very soon!! Thank you, thank you from someone with the need for a stylish SMALL wig that isn't for a child :)
    By Tobie on 1/30/15
  3. Like it, very "sassy"
    Getting a lot of looks and complements from the ladies and men. Like the fit and like the long bangs. I have cancer and will lose my eyebrows and lashes so the long bangs cover up this area and doesn't make it so noticeable. Love the color I picked out (Auburn Mix) however, wish it was a little lighter. Funny, some of the ladies can't believe it's a wig!!! They say, "NO WAY"!! I have had a few ask me for the web site name now that they know that a stylish wig can look natural and fabulous.
    By Liz on 12/6/14
  4. I love it!
    I have chemotherapy-induced complete hair loss, and bought this wig just before all my hair fell out. (I actually got my bio-hair cut just like Ellen Wille's Risk wig just before chemo, and was planning to get Risk before I realized her short bangs would make it harder to disguise the inevitable eyebrow loss.) Using's measurements, I have an average-petite sized head, and with my Risk-inspired cut this wig fit perfectly. And it fits perfectly now! I went with the Light Bernstein Rooted, the highlights of which are much lighter than my dark brunette bio-hair. The lowlights match, though, so the overall color works with my coloring, and it's fun being blonde!

    I personally love the thick fringe and respectfully disagree with another reviewer who felt the thickness made the lace front unnecessary. Until my brows fall out I'm wearing the fringe swept to one side, and since I feel like Bo Mono sometimes looks better parted on the right than the left (and vice versa), the lace front gives me the versatility I want. When my brows do fall out I'll wear the fringe in a way that covers them (I just can't believe I will be proficient enough with a brow pencil to make them look very realistic).

    The quality of the hair is amazing - my kids are still shocked by how realistic it is, and initially they thought I had just bleached my bio-hair. The fit is perfect for me, but again, I have an average-petite sized head and no hair to jam up underneath it. The color is incredibly rich and has so much tonal variation it really contributes to the realistic appearance. I've never worn a wig before so I was not very confident initially, but I love this so much I think I might style and bleach my bio-hair to match it when it finally grows back. Thanks,, for making this gorgeous line available in the States!
    By Bo Mono Blonde on 11/10/14
  5. Too TIGHT!
    As others have said, Bo Mono is beautifully made--there is something about it that just looks so close to human hair. That said, this wig was so tight it gave me an instant headache every time I tried it on. Due to alopecia, I do not have much hair, so most average wigs fit me well, but not this one. I also tried Ellen Wille's Stop Hi Tech wig and it, too, was very tight. I sure hope that future Ellen Wille styles will be carried in Large versions so more of us can enjoy the quality and design.


    We're sorry to hear you have not been able to find a good fit within the Ellen Wille brand. Unfortunately, due to being from Europe, some of her styles do run smaller. We will be adding more and more Large cap styles in the future! Please stay tuned for more Ellen Wille releases. Thank you for your feedback!
    By Charlotte on 10/26/14
  6. Well made
    Fits very snug on my smallish head. Great look from the back. Not right for my round face. Returned. Not worth paying the extra $$ for the lace front--cannot see your forehead at all.
    By Texas Bonnie on 5/6/14
  7. Bo Mono - Color Mocca Mix
    A lovely wig with beautiful coloring. I have worn it two days and have received countless compliments and inquiries as to who cut and colored my hair. Only thing on my wish list would be have it a bit thicker in front.
    By alopecia on 4/11/14
  8. Wonderful!
    I am thrilled with this wig. I am a small short woman and most wigs make my head look too big for my body. This one is perfect. The fit is comfortable and close to the head the texture of the hair is natural and soft and I love the cut -- chic and modern. The color is also very natural and not the usual dip-dye blotchy coloring on some wigs I have owned. Thank you carrying this new line of wigs. Get more and I will order more. Well worth the money.
    By Phyllis on 3/31/14
  9. Bo Mono Champagne
    I have been wearing wigs for almost 15 years. I have alopecia. I was given a drug that caused all of my hair to fall out...It has never come back. I usually get the brown colors but needed to try something new. I am 74 and wanted something that was a transition to gray. This is perfect. I wish it was not quite so expensive...without the sale price I could not have purchased it. I use wigs all the time so I need to balance my needs with my budget. Now that we are on a fixed income and retired we can't get any tax assistance for these kinds of purchases. I have been buying RW wigs and that was a push. The full mono is more comfortable..... however this wig is very comfortable. I was surprised that it is more comfortable than the other mono wigs I have had. I is a contemporary style with a flair of nice color. Well I guess I will have to start saving for the next wig with changing color I will need one more soon.
    By Marion on 3/28/14
  10. A bit too short!
    Bo Mono was a bit too short for my tastes. I ordered it in the Snow Mix color color was beautiful but texture was a bit stiff but that may have been due to the color I chose or I just got one that had a stiff feel to it. For the amount of money it cost I returned it but will try another style at a later date. I am glad to see new designers coming to
    By Nina on 3/27/14
  11. Too short but beautiful wig
    This wig was a little too short for my tastes so I am returning it for the Date wig. With that said the wig itself was very well made and the hair looked 100% real. I had ordered the auburn mix and it's a gorgeous color. If you like really short wigs you will love this one and that's why I'm giving it 5 stars even though It was just too short for me.
    By Robin on 3/27/14
  12. Bo
    I wrote a previous review and gave it 4 stars. However after playing with it using a little water to style the front I am so happy with it and also with my choice of color. The lace is comfortable and as my collection continues to grow I am finding this brand so comfortable light innovative and regret the money I've wasted on other brands. I will be buying every Ellen Wille offered at and also will continue with RW as she is at the top of the brands as well. I cannot understand how it took so long for this brand to come to North America and really appreciate for taking the initiative.
    By Deborah on 3/14/14
  13. Bo Mono in Moca Mix
    I am delighted with this very realistic beautifully made wig. I'd give it five stars for comfort color style realistic density and quality. No one would guess I am wearing a wig - I am ordering two more. This product surpasses my expectations. I feel it was well worth the money!
    By Kay on 3/6/14
  14. Mocca Mix
    I ordered Bo Mono in the mocca mix. I am delighted by the quality fit and realistic volume. I have received numerous compliments. No one would guess this is a wig! I will be ordering more of these!
    By Jane Bjornstad on 2/26/14
  15. Bo mono
    I'm new to wearing wigs. Do not have any medical conditions hair is just naturally gone from over thick to fine and nothing. This is by far the most natural looking. Feels great. Cap is great. If I continue to wear wigs I would prefer to buy this brand if I can find right style. Love it. Would like more styles from this designer.
    By Sue Underhill on 2/25/14
  16. Champagne Rooted
    This is an expensive wig and I am thankful for the sale price. I think it would look better in a darker color than the one I chose. For a short wig I feel it is a lot of money. I'm still on the fence as to this brand. Brands such as RW and JR have a more natural feel in my opinion. However the cap is comfortable it's an easy style and I'm glad I tried this brand.
    By Deborah on 2/18/14

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