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Casino More by Ellen Wille

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Petite, Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front, Monofilament Part

Availability: In stock

List Price: $309.94

Price: Price: $247.95

Casino More by Ellen Wille | Color CHOCOLATE MIX
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  1. Can't make up my mind which Ellen Wille I like best!
    I got the Casino More in Sandy Blonde rooted. I have two other Ellen Wille wigs and love them. I've had about 20 wigs over the years and I can't stand "thick" wigs - they look too fake and not believable. People don't do a double take when they see me in these wigs because they barely notice - they just think I have re-styled my hair. I get comments that they love my new hairstyle and want to know my hairdresser's name. I can spot a wig almost every time and the so-called gorgeous wigs with tons of hair are ridiculous looking to me. I love the thinness of the top on this wig - makes it look real. My own hair is almost nonexistent so this is "thick" to me - but very real looking!!!
    By Patty1301 on 12/30/14
  2. Color
    I like this wig but wish they would have the same colors as another wig I purchased. Because it would be like having a flat style and a curly one style in about the same length. Like to have options to make colors that match..
    I need the petite size. I purchased CAT in Sand Mix and I love it.
    By Sue on 11/10/14
  3. Super style
    This was my 3rd wig and I have returned 3... This one is beautiful and a perfect fit! It is much prettier and stylish than the pic reveals. It's very natural looking. I'm so pleased with the color which is auburn w dark roots.
    By Linda on 10/17/14
  4. Good summer hair; very durable
    This wig got me through the summer. It's the right amount of hair and lighter to wear than most of my other styles...I even found it nice to put up in a low bun or pony due to the long side wisps. It doesn't last forever and the back underside sure got frizzy.
    By J Alexandra on 8/15/14
  5. Natural Looking - Love It
    Quality is superior over all other wigs I've been wearing for many years. The bangs are the right length for me as I don't like hair in my eyes. Also the bangs are not too thick in the front as most other wigs are which gives them a wiggy look. This wig looks so natural that people who know me think it's my own hair!
    Two downsides: Hair tends to tangle in the back and the hair on the sides has a curl which tends to curl a little forward but I merely put my hair behind my ears for a different look or add a beret. In summary this is a beautiful wig and I would buy another Casino More in an instant as what I REALLY love about this wig is the overall very NATURAL look and FEEL (as if it were real hair).
    By Jimmi-Etta on 7/10/14
  6. Looks wiggy
    This wig looks great online but not so much in person. I ordered Bernstein rooted and it is dark brown with some thick blonde streaks. Not at all like the photos. Also it looks like a wig too much hair that looks like plastic. . Very disappointed. Customer service was excellent and received a refund.
    By KAREN on 7/5/14
  7. Love it
    I've purchased many wigs during the last years but Casino is my new favorite. The quality cut and style is superior different from the wigs I bought in the past. Great job Ellen Wille
    By Tina K. on 6/27/14
  8. ITCHY!
    I don't know if giving this piece a one star rating will give this subject the attention it deserves: Lace wigs are designed to wear close to the head without a wig liner. The LEAST we should expect from a monofilament wig is that the base net NOT feel like sandpaper!
    Children's wigs are much more considerate - their netting is soft - but I can't get adult colors and styles from the limited children's selection.
    I love this style but I can't wear it because it's so uncomfortable. It's too late for me to return it so it will probably go in the trash.
    By HRHTish on 6/17/14
  9. Pretty good
    I DO like that it does not shed much at all compared to many. I am not crazy about the curl on the sides which curl forward. The part is a little difficult to work with because it is not a total mono top just the part. It is not an out-of-the-box kind of hair for sure. It takes some teasing and fixing to get it how you want it daily. After a month of daily wear it has started to frizz at the ends like many other synthetic wigs. Nice price. Wish there was a full mono and a cut with less wigs on the sides.
    By Kathy on 5/23/14
  10. Too Thin
    I just got this wig and don't think it really looks like the picture. The front hairline is very thin/sparce bangs. Not sure that I got my monies worth on this one. My real hair is very fine/thin so look for wigs with more hair. I was disappointed.
    By Ann on 5/13/14
  11. I wanted to love this one.
    Well I wanted to love this one. But the bangs are an inch too short and the side curls are odd. If the sides were an inch longer as well as the bangs she could have been perfect. Please listen and do another with these modifications... Please....
    By Sammi on 5/13/14
  12. Nice Try
    This wig would be great if the side was more evened out and back and sides were an inch shorter. There are huge curls that flip up too much on sides by chin..not in a good way. Also bangs need to be two inches longer! Fix these small issues and she'd be Perfect.
    By Lauren on 5/4/14
  13. Awesome
    First wig I didn't have to thin out. Perfect amount of hair for a very natural look. Great style and natural color. No one knew I was wearing a wig. Very comfortable fit.
    By Gina on 3/9/14
  14. Very nice
    Very nice quality. This wig is longer and a little bit more layered than the pics. The side need to be about an inch longer to avoid such a large curl at the chin and I'd have made the bangs an inch longer as well. Great colors!
    By Terri on 2/20/14
  15. Loved the Style
    Beautiful wig constructed very well! I have never seen anything like it. The color seemed so natural no one could tell it was a wig!
    By Essie on 2/20/14

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