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Chameleon by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Hairpiece
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Part

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List Price: $149.00

Price: Price: $126.65

Chameleon by Raquel Welch | Color: R22
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  1. Chameleon: Color R14/88H - Golden Wheat
    It only took a week for me to receive the wig here in Denmark, really amazing. The description of the wig and the video really was a great help. Except for the colour, which does not completely correspond to the colour in the photo. However, I can use it anyway.
    Would have wished a bit fuller all around, I agree with the other clients.
    However, I found a solution, which might be helpful to other women.
    I have already a wig which covers the top and back of my head. I just put the Chameleon on top of my other wig .Result: Both top and back of my head are now fully covered and the bang completes the impression. Better than an ordinary wig, which is warm in the summertime.
    By Lone on 3/11/16
  2. Might have well as flushed my money
    If you don't like bangs, don't get this! First of all its tiny. Secondly, again...There is nowhere to sweep the bangs over, they are too short! I had to cut mine and guess what? It looks terrible! Don't waste your money on this piece unless you love short bangs!
    By Christina on 11/4/15
  3. Perfection!
    I love this hairpiece! I put it on right out of the box, no trimming necessary. No one can tell that I'm wearing a hairpiece. My hair did not grow back as thick as it used to be before chemo and is especially thin on top of my head. This piece provides just the coverage I need and has the same straight, shiny slickness as my own hair. My hair is shoulder length, and this piece, although shorter, blends in perfectly. I place it back, behind my bangs. The part looks like my own scalp. I've been fooling everyone!
    By Kay on 5/20/15
  4. more colors
    not a huge selection of colors. great piece though, wish it was a tiny bit longer and a bit fuller all around
    By Dee on 1/8/15
  5. Great summer piece
    When I first got the Chameleon I was afraid that it wouldn't give me enough coverage. I was used to a round top and just had to get used to this one only having two clips. I brought it to my beautician and she trimmed and shaped it to fit in with my hair. I have enough hair on the sides and back but unfortunately very little on top. The hair lays flat in the back curling under and the sides are trimmed so that I can wing them back. I had the sides cut shorter so that the hair can be pushed back with a full bang. It would be perfect if it had a little more bang but I still enjoy wearing it and no one knows that it's not my hair. I've tried wigs and pieces and feel more secure wearing a piece then I do a wig and I had a wig made to order costing over $2000.00 which I never wear. I have a short neck and find that wigs ride up on my head where pieces don't do that.
    By Kathy N. on 9/13/14
  6. Pros and cons
    I like it and I've ordered a few other ones but for the price it's decent I add a row of hair extensions around the outside and I also buy different clips and add 2 to the front and 2 on the back.... I also wash mine and sometimes rub a little powder in it from time to time I think that helps with the shine...
    By Lizzie on 5/30/14
  7. Chameleon
    I have 4 hairpieces and it is my least favorite. It seems to just be a glob of weight on my head that all moves together and I can't get rid of the shine.
    By D. Lewis on 4/25/14
  8. exactly what i was looking for
    The chameleon provides more coverage than i expected. it is exactly what i was looking for
    By catherine on 9/11/11
  9. chameleon
    great piece great color. wish it had more hair on the front to cover up the base.
    By diane brush on 1/21/11

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