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Embrace by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

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List Price: $172.00

Price: Price: $146.20

Embrace by Raquel Welch: Color RL31/29 - Fiery Copper (Copper with Gold highlights)
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  1. I solved the frizzy's
    I use the products for synthetic hair...after i put in the spray conditioner I use pure argon oil just a few drops and work it into the ends on the back of the wig, and it helps alot!!! calms the frizz and leaves it soft!
    By Judy on 3/19/16
  2. how about a LITTLE gray?
    I've worn this style for years and must wear it every day. Yes it frizzes after 3-4 weeks. I can baby it back a bit with a warm curling iron but I do wish they would fix this problem. While I'm at it, I wish they had colors that were just a LITTLE gray - not 50%. Thanks for listening.
    By KA on 7/6/15
  3. Love it, but doesn't last
    Just like the rest, I love the style, color, fit, versatility but the frizz shows up fairly quickle. Low heat curling iron and oil help some. I agree with Ms. Davis, It's too much $$ to spend on replacements if you have a permanent hairloss like me. Wish they would find a solution.
    By KA on 2/15/15
  4. Great Wig but doesn't Last Long
    The Embrace is a terrifically versatile wig and I love that I can wear it straight or use warmed rollers to give it body. The glazed sand color is a gorgeous ash blonde, and the wig is comfortable. BUT, I wear it to work five days a week and in two months it's like fuzzy straw all over. I take good care of it, rarely wash it, comb it out, etc. but it doesn't last as long as it should. I'm on my third one in seven months and at almost $140 each it's too big an investment to look bad so quickly. (Tried a 50/50 blend Yaffa Wig and it's fabulous).

    That said, the Raquel Welch line is my absolute favorite, so I just bought Raquel's "Knockout" human hair wig on eBay for half price. It's so much hair, and the most gorgeous wig ever!
    By Dana on 11/4/14
  5. Love this wig
    Just purchased this style and LOVE it! Will wait to see if it frizzes - the side tabs do show so I have to figure that out. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
    By DH on 8/16/14
  6. Frizzies
    Unfortunately they all frizz and really fast in the back. If you lean up against a chair or anything it makes is horribly worse. The fibers are Wonderful but short lived in the back. I've been buying Raquel Welch wigs for years and yes within 3-4 months it starts going bad in the back. Wonder how they can improve this problem? Wish they would. It's too much $$ to spend on replacements if you have a permanent hairloss like me.
    By Ms. S. Davis on 7/5/14
  7. Frizzes
    I love the color and versatility of this wig. It feels great and looks very natural. However I have purchased two of them and both wigs have had horrible frizzing in the back. I have carefully followed the care instructions and there seems to be no preventing it. Unfortunately as much as I like this style I will be looking elsewhere for the next one.
    By K on 7/2/14
  8. Love it
    I've owned 4 of these wigs they are great. I haven't had any problem with frizzing within the first 4-5 months it wears well. After 6 months or so every wig will show wear I usually just trim the ends and it looks good as new.
    By Michele on 6/5/14
  9. One of my FAVS-EXCEPT!
    I do love this wig the fill body weight natural look and style. I can even pull some strands of my hair through and receive a more natural feel and look. My biggest complaint is after a few wears the back frizzes and knots terribly I have followed all care instructions to the "T" with no avail! I have purchased more than one in hopes of not having the problem with it but did. I want another but am torn on the fact that spending over a $100 for something you wear a few times can have such a kink. Rachel Wigs PLEASE come up with a remedy! MD
    By MD on 4/26/14
  10. Hide the bands
    How do you hide the light beige bands on front of wig?? Hair is so sparse there you can see construction of wig. Why are they not a nude color as to blend in with hair!!
    By MK on 4/8/14
  11. Embrace Style
    I have Embrace in RL6/30 Copper Mahogany. I am enjoying this wig. As a couple of other reviewers said it does tangle at the neckline hair. That is why I give it 4 stars. I have found that if I shake it really well with my hand inside the cap and then put it on it seems to work better than trying to use picks etc. I just use my fingers to fluff it out or take some out wherever I prefer it for my style. This is a versatile wig and looks cute pulled back on one side with a scarf tied next to your ear. I had many compliments wearing it that way this summer. Or use a pretty comb barrette or flower. If you avoid wearing something like a sweater that catches the neck hair that can makes it tangle easily. Instead try wearing something like a travel knit type fabric. It seems to help with that. I have NOT used a low heat setting curling iron on it yet and perhaps that might take the frizz out. Remember not to have your heat setting to high or you will damage your wig. I like this wig a lot and you can make it work just fine and you will be in style with compliments coming your way :D
    By Christel on 10/10/13
  12. Beautiful but frizzy
    I have bought 4 of these and just love them ..... But can only wear them 4 or 5 times before the ends at the back tangle and frizz. Wish there was a way to fix it most natural fiber I have ever worn.
    By Susan Richards on 8/24/13
  13. I love Embrace too
    I have enjoyed wearing Raquel Welch wigs of many kind such as Spotlight Alawys Limelight Camera Ready etc. And this time I bought 'Embrace' color RL8/29ss. It is awfully splendid as I expected!
    I lost no time in wearing it and went out to see an exhibition of 'Masterpieces of French Paintings' in Yokohama yesterday. I love RW wigs.

    By Shino on 8/20/13
    I just loved how this wig felt and looked the minute I wore it. However after wearing it 4 times the ends frizzed. Looks horrible. I used the conditioner and nothing helped!
    By D on 7/11/13
  15. Heat Friendly
    Embrace is wonderful. I really like the heat-friendly fiber makes styling much easier.
    By Mary on 1/28/13
  16. Excellent
    The wig is excellent!
    By Sue on 1/23/13
  17. Full of bounce
    The Embrace synthetic fiber wig is lightweight full of bounce and has volume towards the bottom.
    By Debbie on 1/20/13
  18. Love!
    I LOVE the RW-Embrace it is a very nice style and looks good on me.
    By Ruth on 11/25/12
  19. Recommended
    the wig was beautiful and loved adding the curl to it!
    By Judy C on 10/1/12
  20. Fragile
    I found that the ends fray very quickly compared to other brands.
    By Rhonda on 8/19/12
  21. Gorg
    Loves the Style Fiber color. The only thing about it is the frizz that the friction causes at the ends. Recommend the Leave in Conditioner Spray.
    By Maryanne on 3/22/12
  22. Try RL8/29!
    Its comfortable the color RL8/29 is great the hair isnt shiny and it looks really natural. The cut is great and isnt too short.
    By T Finnegan on 3/13/12
  23. All positive
    You can curl and style this wig its affordable and comes in great colors
    By Verice on 1/4/12
  24. Skip it.
    I wanted to love this wig. I have been wearing Raquel Welch wigs for years and love them. This one looked beautiful but it just didn't quite work. It was puffy on top. It can however be fixed. It was the least expensive raquel wig I have purchased so maybe that has something to do with it. Either way I still love her wigs... Just not this one.
    By Ruth on 6/28/11
  25. Like mine!
    Embrace is just like my own hair! I cant believe how comfortable and natural the fit is.
    By Margaret on 5/15/11
    Loves the Style Fiber color. The only thing about it is the frizz that the friction causes at the ends. Recomended the Leave in Conditioner Spray.
    By Maryanne on 1/12/11
  27. Embrace
    I have purchased several wigs of this type and it is very very very true that after a 4-5 wears the ends frizz horribly regardless of how well you take care of it. They will try to make you feel that you didn't take care of it. But please be very clear that the wig's fiber will frizz horribly after just a few wears. It's embarrassing because it will look so bad and you feel bad because you spent your money on it. It's not a bad batch of hair. It is the fibers that it is made from. It looked great except that back of it looked really bad. I tried cutting the back of it. But the fact is that synthetic fibers frizz really bad.
    By Think twice about spending so much on 12/2/-1

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