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Enigma by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $154.00

Price: Price: $130.90

Enigma by Raquel Welch: Color R28S+
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  1. I Thought It Would Be Longer--But...
    I like it just the same. I was a bit surprised to see that resembles the "Rachel" haircut that Jennifer Aniston had some years back--but it's just a bit longer. Surprisingly, I like it. A lot!

    I tried it out of the box and the bangs are the perfect length. It is a nice quality wig. The only thing I'll have to do is tweeze a part in it so it looks more natural.

    This is my first Raqual Welch wig and I think I'm going to be purchasing more.

    By Catherine on 9/21/16
  2. Wig Review Egnima

    By denise on 1/18/16
  3. Don't waste your money
    This wig looks great in the picture and even when you first get it. Once its been worn a few times forget it. It tangles so bad and when you finally get it all combed out it looks frizzy. Definately not worth the money.
    By dbr on 4/17/15
  4. New to wigs
    I have very thin hair and am very self conscious about it. I finally got the nerve up to try a wig, and loved the look and colors of the Enigma. The color was perfect! When I tried it on at first, it didn't want to stay on. I tried a wig cap, the gel band thing, and also adjusting it. I also thought it looked like a lot of hair initially. I finally found a local salon that had wig clips. The lady there told me to bring in the wig, as they usually need cutting/ thinning befire wearing. On the videos, it basically says take it out of the box, put the wig in, and you're good to go.... Wrong!!!
    After my wig cut, and sewing 4 clips in, I LOVE IT!!!! 2 days after I had it cut, we went on vacation. Perfect time for wearing the wig, and not feeling weird about it! I must say, I LOVE IT!!!!
    By Kim on 2/21/15
  5. Didn't work for me
    I had issues with the fit of this wig especially the forehead, the hair is so thin that you can actually see the cap ridge and the stiching on top was very obvious. I was expecting more fullness but this one is very flat. I would of returned but I cut the tags off too early.
    By Michele on 12/9/14
  6. I love this wig
    I am 63 years old and the body and face are still here for me but my hair had thinned to the point where is was not pretty anymore. So I made the choice and bought this wig. WOW matches my color perfectly and makes me look and feel awesome. I use my own hair on the sides and and pull it back over the wig and clip it. I don't know if it will tangle when it has had some use but I will just buy anther one. Thanks Raquel for giving me back my beauty.
    By LUCY on 12/2/14
  7. Enigma
    I also loved the appearance of this wig at first. Get lots of compliments and not many folks know its a wig but I agree with other reviewers - it really does tangle badly. Had it cut by my stylist (she loved the look too) but within a couple of wearings it tangled up again. Bought a good wig comb and it does come out but still the ends look frizzy. Time to have it cut again I guess.
    By Jennifer on 9/9/14
  8. Enigma
    I have two of these wigs. After only a few wearings the back of this wig tangles horribly and gets frizzy. Beautiful at 1st but not worth the money.
    By KL on 3/25/14
  9. Great at first . . .
    This was my first longer style wig. Previously I had always worn chin length bobs. At first I loved this wig and received many compliments. However after about 5 or 6 weeks it became very frizzy at the ends and tangled very easily. Wig conditioner didn't help. Also it started to lose several strands of hair every time I tried to brush or style it. This was great at first but it quickly lost it's appeal. I'm ordering a new style.
    By Shannon on 11/10/13
  10. Enigma
    Very realistic. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Tangles a little but brushes out easily. Love this wig
    By Cathy on 8/7/13
  11. Best wig ever!
    Love this wig! Just shake it out and wear. Nothing to do. Love the color selection too!. Best wig ever!
    By Chris on 7/12/13
  12. Best!
    This is the best wig I've had in years! I wish this wig was around when I had my cancer years ago. It's so breathable much better than others I've had in the past.
    By JG on 5/15/13
  13. So natural
    very natural looking. Doctors didn't know it was a wig!!
    By Gerry on 4/7/13
  14. Red/Blonde
    beautiful color R29S+
    By Tamara on 3/26/13
  15. Beautiful
    I absolutly love the Enigma it is beautiful I can not say enough about this wig.
    By Denise on 11/27/12
  16. Amazing
    Most amazing thing I've ever tried this is my first wig purchase. Your entire web site is geared toward helping the client. I love it and I'm going to wear it out today. I love the style and color.
    By AG on 11/4/12
  17. Confident
    Made self esteem so much better.
    By Georgia on 4/14/12
  18. Lovely
    The Enigma is Lovely! I love it!
    By LP on 9/8/11
  19. Enigma
    The Enigma is Lovely! I love it!
    By LP on 3/25/11
  20. One of my favorites
    This style is very natural it is my favorite As soon I receive it I just shake it and put it on it's ready to wear.
    By Maria on 1/6/11

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