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Erika by Amore

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Double Monofilament
  • SKU: RP2532

Availability: In stock

List Price: $285.71

Price: Price: $200.00

Erika by Amore | Color: Cappucino
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  1. Great Wig
    I just love this wig. I have tried every Bob in so many Brands but I am on my way to order another Erika in a different color. Let me explain why. I love the silky hair and the bangs to me were perfect, not to light or too thick.. I love them a bit thick. The color I chose was marbled brown which is in true light a light golden brown. I loved the cut and the way it frames my face. Also the double mono part. If the wind catches it I dont have to worry about anything. the length is perfect for m e. I am 65 and love wearing this wig. I own a lot of wigs but have worn this one out. I am purchasing a new Erika very soon. I did trim up the bangs just a bit.
    By Barbara on 8/27/16
  2. Disappointing.
    The texture is soft. The style in the back looks nice and curves inward. The Double Monofilament cap construction makes it looks real.

    The front (bang) doesn't have much hair. Looks flat. One side of the hair curves forward and the other side backward. I tried to style it forward on both sides so it would frame my face... not much luck so far. The cap size says average but feels more like a petite size.

    was disappointed
    By bet on 12/11/14
  3. Used to be great
    I have had several of these wigs. They used to be great. But they are getting thinner and thinner. The quality is getting worse each time I get one. Looking for a different brand.
    By Ann on 10/24/14
  4. Natural Looking
    I had this wig for almost a year now; it still smooth soft and no fuzzy. Everyone love it. I can put it on and walk out door in one minute.
    By Lin on 7/15/14
  5. Bald Spots
    This is a good wig. More comfortable than its competition. The spots you read about have to do with certain colors. Chunk colors such as Strawberry Swirl have a checkered mono fabric. It is the light hair in the light checkered blocks that create a bald spot look. This looks great in colors that are not chunked. I have purchased over 500 Amore wigs and lost count. I wear them as I am bald and I also retail them as I have a small home salon in Washington State.

    By Shari Cupit on 6/4/14
    This wig is one of the best that I have purchased. I just bought my 2nd one and am considering a 3rd with the Memorial Day Sale. I always get compliments because it looks just like my own hair. Not sparse or fuzzy as reviewed by Susan.
    By Nissi on 5/26/14
  7. I love it!
    I bought this wig several months ago and it is so comfortable and natural looking so I decided to get another in a different color. The hair on the one I bought is soft and silky and it was far from sparse. The bangs were perfect. I didn't even need to trim them. I'll do another review when the new one comes in. Of course I will return it if it's as the previous reviewer says.
    By Tricia on 11/8/13
  8. Hot Mess
    This used to be a really nice wig but apparently Rene of Paris/AMORE has gotten extremely lax about quality control. The hair fiber id stiff and fuzzy. The mono tops are sparse and if you try to part this it will look like you have bald spots. Don't even get me started on the bangs. They are ridiculous.
    By Susan on 10/24/13

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