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Glam Slam by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front

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List Price: $169.00

Price: Price: $143.65

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Glam Slam by Raquel Welch: Color R13F25 Praline Foil (Neutral Medium Brown with Pale Gold  highlights around the face)
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Glam Slam by Raquel Welch: Color R13F25 Praline Foil (Neutral Medium Brown with Pale Gold highlights around the face)

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  1. Better than picture!
    Recently I decided to try this wig, although I had it for a while. It was on a wig head so the curl relaxed. It is really very pretty. I have the wig in rooted strawberry, which I prefer when there is permatease. The lace front and the cap is very comfortable. Since the curls were a departure from my normal wigs, I was afraid what people would think. The reaction was very positive. It is definitely Meg Ryan "When Harry Met Sally" hair, which I love. Don't go by the manufacture's picture. It doesn't look like that. It is fuller all around. Very nice!

    By Anne Marie on 5/27/16
  2. Beautiful!
    I got two as this wig is gorgeous,it's important to have your stylist shape it a bit to look your best in this full and lovely classy wig. I get compliments galore! People have no idea that it's a wig and that I wear it due to chemo hair loss.~.~
    By Diane on 2/18/15
  3. So disappointed
    I bought this wig because in the picture, the curls looked just like mine did before chemo. However, in person, the wig looks extremely fake. I looked like I was going to trick or treat as Goldilocks when what I wanted was for it to look natural and and full like on the website. I am returning it. Unfortunately, its hard to find a curly wig that doesn't look fake.
    By angela on 2/18/15
  4. Love the look
    I have many Raquel wigs and this is my favorite. Very easy to style and can look both super glam or casual depending on your outfit and styling.
    By Joanne on 12/3/14
  5. Best wig ever!...
    if you handle it right. I'm 5' tall &105 lbs. and 63 years young. Thought it might be too much hair, however if you shake not comb you can arrange curls in any, and I mean any way you want with your fingers and a pick at the scalp.Use a little spray for synthetic hair as you go,

    I have 30 some odd other wigs and this is by far my favorite. I have ordered another in a different color, and will most likely end up buying several. If only there were a bulk discount!

    Ladies you can rock this wig if you just let go and have fun with it. Oh, did I mention how natural it looks? IT's not meant to have 'bangs' per say.
    By freereins on 11/28/14
  6. Stunning!
    This is a gorgeous wig! I wear it in the lightest color and the hair is not shiny at all. Light blonde wig hair can be too shiny but not this wig. I don't comb it or brush it, just use my fingers to arrange the curls. There's no frizzing or anything with either of the two I have in this style. The color looks frosted which makes it even more natural with the lightest color at the front of the wig giving a nice highlight to the face.

    I've had one for 7-8 months and the second one is newer. I only wear them when I'm out of the house, but the first one has probably been worn for 80-100 hours 3-4 hours at a time. I live in FL and even in this heat, the wig is very comfortable. The cap is comfortable although I use bobbie pins at the ear tabs and the back of my head to secure the wig.

    I will be buying another one shortly in the same 19/23 color shortly. I can't recommend this wigs highly enough.
    By Jo Ana on 11/6/14
  7. Will be wearing it Halloween!
    Put this on and I looked like I belonged on the Las Vegas strip!!! Too much hair! Had to cut bangs and do a lot of pinning hair.
    By Yvonne on 9/23/14
  8. Love this wig!
    I love this wig. Its beautiful and easy to care for. This wig has lasted me longer than any other synthetic wig I have ever owned. It was December when I bought it and it is July now so a good six months! My other sythetics only last a couple of weeks before they start to fray at the ends. I discovered a trick to make it last longer. I put frizz ease serum on the ends of the wig and it gave me another two months of wear and I wear it everyday! If you like curly I highly recommend this Glam Slam!
    By wig wearing woman on 6/11/14
  9. Many compliments
    Love this wig and color is fantastic. Many compliments. The only down side is that it tends to frizz. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?????
    By MAC on 6/4/14
  10. Much better than I imagined!
    I love this wig! I now own 3 in different shades. SS8/29r9s and SS11/29. This style looks best with a highlighted or rooted color in my opinion. I am surprised at how easy it is to manipulate the style as well as I do not miss the parting due to this type of curly style would not have a distinctive part if it were real hair so you won't miss it. The lace front is so soft softer than my other RW wigs. You can also add length by finger combing this wig after soaking it and spraying it with leave in. Just keep finger combing and it will dry with more length and less volume. I like both looks and it is not frizzy as another review states. I have 3 and they all are very soft and curly. This is the best curly wig I have owned to date!
    By wunkin on 5/22/14
  11. Happy Hair
    This is the best wig I've ever purchased from Raquel Welch's line of wigs. The color is fantastic. Have had many compliments.
    By Marymac on 11/11/13
  12. It's pretty but . . .
    This wig is very pretty but only one problem it is never on sale and other wigs are on sale. My question is very simple WHY? Please e-mail me coupons the glam slam wig is what I'm interested in.
    By cookies98 on 10/17/13
  13. God Awful 1970's Hot Mess!
    I really wanted to love this wig. However when it arrived today it looked like a curly wild mess......and not in a good way. Don't even think about combing through it because then it really is a disaster. I'm 45 and have always loved Raquel Welch's colors. The color I ordered was gorgeous (Cinnabar) but the style is just weird. It's also much much longer than the photos and videos show. The lace was itchy too. Cap is waaaay smaller than other Raquel's that I have ordered. Sorry not for me.
    By Jodi on 10/11/13
  14. another pic
    Love love love it...and the people at beauty and hair are joy to work with.

    By karenD on 10/10/13
  15. Grand Slam
    I wanted to try short and curley and its wonderful. Excellent color and easy to manage and care for. I have been wearing wigs for 45 years and always went long. But now I am older and the shorter style is better. I have had many compliments on this wig more than any other and they believe its my hair and not a wig. I have been told I do not look like 71 in this wig. Keep it always thanks.
    By Carol Dalton on 10/9/13
  16. Love this wig!
    Glam Slam is a BEAUTIFUL wig...I got it in R28S and the color is rich and luscious. I own a LOT of wigs and have had more compliments on this one than any of the others. It is extremely comfortable and very flattering...looks much nicer in person than in the picture. It is very nearly perfect and if it had a nicer cap it would be completely perfect. It is close enough to earn five stars from me.

    By Karend on 10/8/13
  17. feeling 35 younger :-))) style 1978 !
    It looks great right out of the box... No idea how long it will lasts what about the curks.... just use your fingers...

    By Puppie on 9/14/13
    I have Celebrity and found it too flat for my taste I need more volume. This is just what I have been looking for. Not all people can wear the long flat styles and I look terrible in short hair. I haven't been this happy with a new wig well can't remember when. Nice that it is only lace front which keeps the price down and also monofilament wigs do tend to lie closer to the head. Thank you Raquel Team! This is a GLAM SLAM!!
    By Michigander on 9/11/13

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