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Hailey by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless
  • SKU: RP1680

Availability: In stock

List Price: $172.80

Price: Price: $120.96

Hailey by Noriko | Color Creamy-Toffee-R Platinum blonde & light honey blonde blend with dark brown roots.
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  1. Love!
    I am new to the wig world thanks to the big C. I lost my hair that was down my back and beautiful. I saw this wig and so opposite of my look that when I saw it, I knew I had to have it! And boy, I love it! I may cut long bangs into it as the front does look a little fake. The hair is full and super soft. I actually like this wig better then my $300 dollar wig. The color I have is creamy toffee. Buy the wig... You won't be disappointed!

    By Melissa on 2/2/16
  2. Hailey by Noriko
    Love :) super comfy, cute right out of the box, fibers are awesome!

    By marcie on 2/21/15
  3. So beautiful and just gorgeous
    My favorite of all time! Will continue to reorder, So much nice remarks from total strangers,this wig is so natural, i have creamy toffee, Mine last for months and i need to wear mine everyday. Just love it.
    By Cinderalla on 1/9/15
  4. My favorite!
    I love the Noriko wigs. I bought Jackson and Hailey. This pic is of Hailey, and it's my favorite of the two. Both look incredibly natural. I get compliments all the time and asked where I get it cut/styled. I have 3 others than the Noriko wigs, but I think I am sticking with this brand from now on. No shedding and no fraying. I am thrilled. This one I got in "Spring Honey"

    By Briana on 11/19/14
  5. Hubby likes it, it's growing on me
    HI! It is impossible to cut the natural hair and have it maintain this bob shape without spending $$$. This color is Almond Rocka-R. This is the wig right out of the package. I may get some bangs cut in later. I don't have a problem with hair loss, just want a cheaper way to have great looking hair :)

    By Deb on 11/14/14
  6. Favorite wig!
    I have 2 of these wigs plus a few others, but I keep going back to this one! This picture, I actually have it pulled back in a half up/down ponytail... Versital so that's a plus!!!

    By Teresa on 11/1/14
  7. Love this wig!!!
    This wig looks great right out of the box and washes out nicely. I have it in ginger brown and have had many compliments on the color!!!
    By Mindy on 9/23/14
  8. Love @ first site!
    This wig I wear over & over.. Very light & natural you'd never know I was wearing a wig. My color is Marble Brown in this pic but I also have Ginger Brown. For a cancer survivor easy is good!!!
    By Teresa on 9/8/14
  9. Beautiful Color but...
    I had such high hopes for this wig...I've lost my hair due to chemo and the color and cut of this wig seemed totally looks REALLY fake. The hair at the part is totally frayed and matted while the edges of the wig especially by my forehead and ears are raised more than a quarter inch making it totally obvious it's a wig. Maybe bangs would help like another reviewer said but I don't want to take the chance that it won't. This wig is going back. Sad.
    By Bonnie on 8/13/14
  10. Lovely
    I agree with all the raving reviews. Hailey is just beautiful and I get compliments from everyone. My color is creamy toffee but now I'm tempted to try nutmeg or java-frost.

    By Vanessa on 8/6/14
  11. Just beautiful color and style
    I have 4 of this style and I love them above all the other wigs I own I have used wigs for many years because of thinning hair due to age (62 over) . I purchased marble - brown which is a beautiful acorn toast brown and burnt - sienna R which is a wonderful copper red not light gold red but deep copper red the very best red color . I have worn creamy toffee & sugar cane from march 2013 this wig is just that well made and although I tossed creamy toffee last month the sugar cane has still got a few months left to go. I do not have bangs cut in them because they swoop and lay just right they are woven perfect for a side part very natural lush hair. A ten star in my book.
    By Elysia on 7/29/14
  12. Love It
    The wig came boxed in perfect condition - didn't have to do anything to it! Looks great and is lightweight. I have the Java Frost and the color is beautiful -- I do wish it had more frost to it though!
    By Beth on 6/12/14
  13. Love it!
    This is only my 2nd wig but I love it! I did not cut bangs into it because it limits the hairstyles i can achieve! so for work i just side swoop it and clip it! Other wise I love it beccause I can part it anywhere I can run my fingers through it like real hair! I have been asked who does my hair and have had many compliments on it!!! I'm looking to buy another in a lighter color for summertime. I bought the dark chocolate.
    By Maria on 12/26/13
  14. Hailey Is Great
    I have ordered Hailey (RP1680) Color: Burnt-Sienna-R. This style is a very nice updated classic angled blunt cut. My hair was cut like this years ago but a shorter version and is a definite classic cut. This is one of those styles that will not go out of style. As another reviewer stated I too have alopecia and I am having so much fun changing colors and styles to suit my style or mood for the day. I have had compliments with this wig and as another reviewer said it is very natural looking. Because I like the look of bangs I lightly feathered in some bangs and it is just perfect for me and for my taste. This style will look nice on young or mature faces. It is not a style that will make a mature face look as though she is trying to be 20 again. I am 64 and look a young 50. Try it for something new and enjoy :D
    By Christel on 10/10/13
  15. Love the Hailey wig
    It's so natural looking and I have in many colors.

    By Pam on 10/1/13
  16. love the hailey
    I cut a bang into this wig. I suffer from alopecia and without the bang the wig looked like a wig. Its looks very natural now though:) the color I got was russet and is a very natural looking red. I will buy this wig again!

    By Jessica on 9/10/13
  17. Coming back for another!
    This wig is so beautifully styled that it looks very natural. Like the other reviewers I get asked all the time who cuts my hair! The length is perfect and the fact that its shorter in the back keeps it from tangling up.
    By DJ on 8/25/13
  18. Where do you get your hair done?
    I'm asked this all the time...and I just make up the name of a beauty shop in the area...and give the name of my old beautician. Always a compliment...takes years off my age. Thanks WIGS.COM!
    By Jo Ann on 8/17/13
  19. just beautiful
    I have 2 Hailey wigs I just love them my colors are creamy toffee & sugar cane I thought I would prefer the creamy toffee but it turns out I love the sugar cane .I wear wigs all the time I have many styles[ my own hair is very thin do to age I am 61] so I keep my hair short and my head is small so I use 2 net wigs caps to keep them tight even in high wind it works. I never worry about them slipping. I shop at for wigs because they give great service even better than the in town wig store that seems to have old lady wigs most of the time and almost never a red shade [ that I wear most of the time ] but I can wear most all colors except very dark colors like black. I love wigs and I have people ask all the time who my hair dresser is. They just can't believe it is a wig and I have know problem telling them it is a wig because I love beautiful full hair like I had as a young person.
    By Elysia on 8/16/13
  20. FAV
    This wig is beautiful! Wears well looks great plus I have been told it doesn't even look like I am wearing a wig. The color I chose was Ginger brown. Excellent purchase I will be buying more!
    By Teresa on 8/12/13

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