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Haute by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Part
  • SKU: JR5147

Availability: In stock

List Price: $254.40

Price: Price: $216.24

Haute by Jon Renau: Color 6F27 Caramel-Ribbon (Brown w/ Strawberry Blonde Highlights)
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  1. frizz
    I love this wig but it tangles and frizzes too much. I hope Jon Renau will take care of this issue.
    By Therese on 9/4/16
  2. Once again
    I just renewed one of my first Haute wigs (have many)---I just don't understand why people can't make this wig work. I take a very hot curling iron---large size and spray the Jon Renau detangeler and slowly pull down on sections----it immediately smooths it and defrizzes it and gives it a very natural hair look. My wig that is one of my oldest is so silky that it looks like new hair. I ONLY use Revelon synthetic hair shampoo and conditioner. The Beauty Mark products do NOT work to make these wigs beautiful. Please work a little harder and you will see the results.
    By tamara on 5/18/16
  3. Post call from Manager
    I recently wrote a review about my experience with a customer service representative. The next day I received a call from a manager at and she was extremely helpful and was very apologetic for the experience I had with the customer service rep. Based on this action from the manager I feel that the one instance from the rude customer service rep was just one bad case and not a reflection of the business as a whole.
    By Fran on 4/26/16
  4. Pretty wig but has some issues
    The wig was beautiful out of the box, and I got many compliments from friends and co-workers. Some of my co-workers did not even realize it was a wig! However, after some washes about eight weeks in, it started to majorly frizz at the ends. I followed other recommendations of using tons of detangling spray and leave in conditioner, then used a large round curling iron and it did smooth the frizz right out for me. So I hope to extend its life for a bit longer.
    By Jess on 11/10/15
  5. Very nice
    The Haute is extremly comfortable to wear and has a very sophisticated look. I've bought two and have loved wearing it. I don't recommend using heat although it is a heats resistant wig.. It not very easy to curl and does ruin the beautiful straight hair it comes with. Over all it's more then worth the purchase! You will definitely get lots of compliments!!

    By Claudia on 10/15/15
  6. Not worth it
    This wig was a huge disappointment. I followed the guidelines written on the instruction card and other suggestions written here for the care, but it quickly fell apart. The ends remain frizzy, if you go out into any type of wind or breeze, the wig looks like a tangled mess within minutes. It doesn't curl, even though the description states that you can curl it. I used the smoothing spray and the heat resistant spray, neither help whatsoever. And after only one month of wear, the lace ends in the front are separating too. My husband commented that it looked great right out of the box, but it hasn't looked the same since the first time I washed it( every 6 days as per the instruction card). Terrible!! would never buy again.
    By Renee L on 10/11/15
  7. Know what you're getting into
    This wig was gorgeous out of the box. As soon as I washed it, it became stiff. The look completely changed. It does not curl as is indicated by the pictures and description. I bought all of the products that are indicated to be necessary for this wig-- such as the heat spray and the detangler. It doesn't help. The heat spray makes it look greasy, and the ends still look frayed like a doll's hair. The wig tangles like crazy, so beware if you have a windy day! I have also followed other reviewer's suggestions such as using a curling iron and/or flat iron. I tried that too, it doesn't help. All in all this has been a waste of money. Its bad enough to have to wear a wig due to hair loss, but then to have a wig that looks ugly makes it worse.
    By Renee L on 10/8/15
  8. second review
    I have bought over 6 Haute wigs. I have reviewed it in the past but this is an update. I have learned how to keep this wig in great condition. First, buy Revlon's synthetic hair shampoo and conditioners. THE BEST! This wig does frizz at the ends, to my disappointment in my first couple of wigs. I have now learned how to make them wearable for along time. I am presently still wearing my 2nd wig and it looks very believable. I have 3 new ones in boxes that I keep for the future. Once they frizz use the Jon Renau detangling product---spray it on and use a pretty hot curling iron and the frizz will smooth out and I have done this over and over again with no problem. The hair is not quite the same as when it was new, but it is very wearable and actually looks more like your natural hair. I am wearing one of my original wigs that is almost two years old out and about. When I am going to something special, I put on my newer wig which is softer and swings a little different but the older ones still look good. Who has a good hair day everyday with your own hair. My old ones looks perfectly acceptable and no one would know that it is a wig. You just have to learn how to care for this wig and you will have it longer than you would ever realize, once you learn the tricks of revitalizing it.
    By tamara on 8/7/15
  9. Love this wig but cap is very small
    I love this wig style the cap is very small. Any suggestions on how to enlarge it? I did cut and sewed in more elastic but wish it came in a larger size.


    We recommend placing it on a canvas wig block after washing. You can stretch it and pin it in place. Once you allow it to air dry completely, you can achieve a larger cap. Since these wigs are made to bounce back after you wash them, you may need to repeat this after every wash. Thank you for submitting your review and for shopping with!
    By Deb on 7/18/15
  10. Beautiful But Not The Best
    I love love love how this wig looks on me. It is nice and thin and straight. I have 10/26TT. Not sure the color is my favorite (the blonde is almost gold and I might prefer a slightly darker color). I have had it for a little over a month (it was backordered when I ordered it two months ago) and I've just washed it for the first time. A LOT of the hairs in the back kinked up and I had to use a hair straightener to fix them. When I ordered it I hadn't planned to ever use heat in it, I just liked the style. The cap is small on me (this is my 6th or 7th wig and this is the first time I've had this problem with an average sized cap). I have to choose if I want coverage in the front or in the back. The quality of the cap isn't great. The first time I put it in I thought there was a bobby pin in the top, but it turned out to be a piece of the cap sticking straight up, which I then had to very carefully super glue down.
    All in all, the look of this wig may outweigh the issues and I may get another when it wears out.

    By Bethany on 5/16/15
  11. Beautiful but must fix frizz
    Haute is a beautiful wig but three weeks after I bought it the ends looked like doll hair. Please fix!


    We're so sorry to hear about the frizz you experienced! We recommend the following tips to prevent and correct this issue:

    1. Take thin, small sections and spray the HD Smooth by Jon Renau
    2. Use a wide tooth comb to smooth and detangle, we recommend the Hair Trix comb by Beauti Mark
    3. For extensive damage you can flat iron thin sections, keeping your flat iron around 250-275 degrees
    By Anna on 12/21/14
  12. Dealing with the frizz aspect
    I was disappointed that it did frizz, but now that I have learned how to fix it, I am not disappointed at all. I revived my old one after ordering another, not knowing that I could do that. I just sprayed on a ton of jon renau's detangling spray and used my daughter's curling/straightening iron at a pretty high temperature and the wig smoothed right out and I have been wearing it a lot with out any issues. I am really happy because it did extend the use of that wig and it looks great.
    By Tamara on 11/19/14
  13. I love It!
    OMG, it is so natural, no one can believe its a wig!! I have been wearing the Haute style for nearly three years. I own eight, 3 different colors, but close to the 6F27 which is my "signature color". It is also very comfortable and cool even in the hot weather in Florida.
    I have a stylist who cuts the bangs for me. I typically rotate the wigs as to not wear them out.
    If you are looking for a totally natural and comfortable wig, this is the one.

    By Helen on 11/2/14
  14. disappointed
    I was excited to try this new line from jon renau. When I first received it from a local boutique, it was wonderful. Light weight and silky. After I applied heat, with desired temperature between 270 and 280, it made my wig different.. The texture changed. I even bought the heat treatment for the fibers and the HD smooth. I used the wig comb provided. I will not be purchasing another HD wig. I prefer regular synthetic fiber to this fiber.i can't say this for all their HD, but the Haute I can. I am writing a review here bc I can not find where I can write one on jon renau website. I will be contacting their company. Not happy nor satisfied.


    We apologize you were not satisfied with your purchase! We have sent your feedback to Jon Renau and can assure you it will be addressed and resolved. We recommend calling us at 1-800-581-2001 so we can assist you with a return or exchange. We look forward to hearing from you!
    By dixie10 on 10/10/14
  15. Looks natural but the frizz is a problem.
    I've had 3 of these in the last year and a half. Seems so soft and smooth then about 3 weeks later it's frizzed and frayed. Similar to Barbie doll hair. I wish this style came in human hair. I don't know how to fix this problem. Help!
    Dear Erin
    Heat-friendly fiber is versatile and looks very natural but does require special care to prevent damage and frizz. We recommend using the HD Smooth Spray by Jon Renau (available under Care Products on to detangle and smooth frizzed heat-friendly hair. Once you've sprayed it you can comb it or flat iron thin sections to restore it back to new. As with any synthetic wig the lifespan can be between 3-6 months depending on the wear. Regular synthetic fiber will hold up a little longer and does not require the smoothing steps we mentioned. A regular synthetic style option would be Kristen by Jon Renau. If you would like to go to Human Hair which typically lasts over a year we recommend Carrie by Jon Renau or Sienna by Jon Renau. Both can be trimmed or cut shorter to match Haute.
    By Erin on 9/28/14
  16. Looks good but color 14/26 is darker than it appears online
    This is my first wig. From what I can tell it looks to be a nice wig. The color 14/26 is actually darker than it appears online. Well maybe I should say it has less blond streaks in it as shown.
    The only other thing that I noticed is one side is longer than the other. I was planning on getting it cut anyway so luckily this isn't an issue.
    By Lisa on 7/26/14
  17. Looks better in person than it does online!
    I am a breast cancer patient and have shopped around for several wigs and finally found this one! I had ordered several from my salon that just didn't look anything like pictured in the magazines. I was skeptical about this wig as my former hair style had very long layered bangs and this wig looks to be all one length. It is multi-directional which let me part and style the way I wanted. It is perfect so far. I haven't tried any heat on it as of yet and don't know that I will becaus I never wore curls much previously. I will say that my church family nor my coworkers could even tell I was wearing a wig. The lace front really helps with that. It makes it easier to feel like ;me; when out in public. A very natural look!! Happy and Relieved!!!
    By Brownie on 8/14/13
  18. Gorgeous and updated bob
    You'll be amazed how real and gorgeous this looks on you! Lace front and mono part are perfect!
    By sunny1disp on 8/6/13
  19. Wonderful wig
    this is a wonderful piece. it looks so natural and i've had so many compliments on my style! cute wig!
    By Leslie Cavazos on 6/27/13

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