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Heidi by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: JR5139

Availability: In stock

List Price: $423.40

Price: Price: $359.90

Heidi by Jon Renau: Color 4/33 Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (Dk Brown & Dk Red Blend)
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  1. Great summer look!
    I tried Heidi because of the Rave reviews. It is a fun summer beach look-and the beauty of it is that it is supposed to look slightly messy, which wigs eventually look messy anyway.
    I normally wear my all time favorite, Jon Renau's Adriana. This is a bit of a departure for me. To me the top on mine is a little too thick and looks a little wiggy. But I just got it and think it will mellow in the next week or two. My wig stylist went ga-ga for it and said I should wear this wig all the time instead of Adriana?!!! She said it was her favorite-and and she has seen dozens of styles on me. I do have to comment that the hairline looks amazing!!! Even I can't see the mesh hairline-and I am looking for it! Also, thank you Jon Renau for making the roots on the hairline not as dark in the rooted colors. When the roots are dark or too dark along the hairline, the wig then looks fake. I wear the 30A27S4 Shaded Peach.
    By I don't wear wigs for fun on 4/25/15
  2. Amazing wig!
    I love everything about this wig. I began wearing wigs after I lost all of my hair during chemotherapy. I splurged on this wig with the NYE 30% off sale as my Christmas present. I don't regret it at all. The beachy waves are literally perfect and it's not too long, too thick or too shiny and it doesn't tangle very much. If it does, typically at the nape of the neck, I just spritz some synthetic leave in and comb with a wide tooth comb and it's good to go. I also will spritz the leave in conditioner and scrunch the curls and it makes them bouncy. :) I would give it 5 stars if the cap were just a bit bigger. It says average fit, but it's a little small for my head. I have always worn Noriko and they fit my head perfectly. I wish I could have gotten this in a large cap. Other than that, literally no complaints. It's pretty perfect! FYI: Jon Renau's 12FS8 color is almost the same as Noriko's Creamy Toffee color. :)

    By Tiffany on 3/10/15
  3. Happy Day
    When I opened the wig box (isn't that fun!) I shrieked with joy! It is one beautiful unit. My husband looks at me so differently when I wear this, the wave is beautiful, the 12fs8 is a very natural looking rooted blonde (mine has a shorter length of root than the pic). It doesn't look like it in the brunette but has a ton of hair, but is soft, smooth and not bushy. The hair is definitely NOT as coarse as most wigs look. I just thoroughly love this wig. I'm babying it, making sure I brush frequently. First time I wore it was at a family function, they thought it was extensions. Now, next is Julianne.. Worth every penny.
    By suzisavage54 on 12/8/14
  4. Best wig ever
    I've been shopping at and wearing wigs for years, and have tried several styles and brands. The best have been certain styles from Jon Renau and Envy.

    Heidi is the... best... wig... ever! Please never stop carrying it!

    First of all, I got sick of lace front wigs because I have to wear tape to keep my wigs on and no matter how careful I was, the lace top would either eventually fray or else it would show because I would have to adjust it so that the hairline covered the tape. Heidi has an excellent, strong lace front and the hairline starts almost immediately, without leaving a bunch of lace front left flapping on your forehead, so it places perfectly with my natural hairline and doesn't leave anything showing.

    Secondly, I like longer wigs (I consider this a long wig) but I don't like spending the amount of time it takes to carefully comb out the back hair at the end of the day (where it's been rubbing and tangling against your back). For some reason, Heidi is not bad. It might be because it is bouncy and tousled and really doesn't lay next to your back. And because it is meant to look tousled, it doesn't take much combing to get it nice and back in shape. Daily application of spray conditioner is a must, though, once it is back on the wig base.

    Third, it is a lot of hair. Sometimes wigs with so much hair don't look that real. I'm very sensitive to that. I want people to think what I'm wearing is my real hair. Heidi looks real, because it moves so naturally. The hair isn't particularly soft, but once again, it looks and moves naturally because of the wavy curls styled into it.

    The only thing I didn't like at first was the zig-zag parted hairline. That looks great on real hair, but on wigs it looks fake. However, when I changed the part to a straight line, the part stayed where I wanted it.

    When I wear Heidi I feel sexy and confident, and that's what it's all about. (I'm even getting interested glances from the best-looking guy in my agency, and he usually doesn't look twice at me!) I have it in 30A27S4 and love the color.

    P.S. I am horribly unphotogenic and I look a lot better in person with Heidi than I do in the photo, honest... so don't judge Heidi based on my face! :-)

    By Chris on 10/14/14
  5. Simply Beautiful
    I've been wearing only Jon Renau wigs for the last four years now. My favorites are Julia Gisele and Courtney. I wasn't initially too impressed with this style (in photos) when it first came out. Compared to the others I mentioned it looked decidedly less glamorous. However on a whim I decided to give it a try. I was a little concerned I'd have to send it back. But when I tried it on I was immediately taken by it... For starters I have never seen a wig on the market with a curl pattern like this. I have been wearing wigs full time since age 9 (I'm now 41). I've experienced the evolution of wigs first hand (I have Alopecia Areata). The beauty of this wig is in it's simplicity. The only other wig I've had in my life with a similar curl pattern was human hair. It's incredibly natural. And this departure from the normally straight styles that I've been wearing is refreshing! I'm very pleased with this wig and thrilled to add it into my style rotation. I purchased it in a color 6 (I usually stick with the darker brunettes ranging from 6 down to 1b.) I'm very glad I gave this one a try...
    By BTM on 9/1/14
  6. Love Heidi!
    I love the natural type wave in this style. This is my second John Renau wig and it's my favorite so far. It feels so soft and the waves are natural. I bought the color 12FS8 and love it. It is blonder in front than in the back and it has no RED tones with a natural dark roote. I'm not crazy about so many reds and ambers in all the brown color wigs. Wish there would be more options of light browns and browns with highlighted blondes with no red tones.
    By Trish on 7/28/14
  7. Absolutely beautiful! My favourite wig to date:)
    I just love the is PERFECT!! The density and amount of wave is just PERFECT:) As soon as I tried it on I loved everything about it. I really REALLY hope this wig never gets is now my full-time wig. I have since ordered some more backups in the same beautiful 8/32 shade and am also trying a couple of other colors:) There is also no shine whatsoever and the hair fibre looks so real and natural it's incredible! I highly recommend this wig!
    By Ciella on 5/30/14
  8. Gorgeous!
    This is may favorite wig. It just looks right as soon as you put it on without all the fussing. I ordered Strawberry Syrup and the color is amazing! It is more dark blonde with red highlights. My only complaint is it frizzes pretty badly after only a few wears.
    By Penny on 4/15/14
  9. Beautiful beautiful!!
    The style of this wig is so natural and relaxed--just the way I always want my hair to look at the beach but never does! The fibers are smooth and so soft the wig is comfortable and lightweight. I'm struggling with the color though--so hard to tell what they will look like from the small web pics. I ordered FS27 Strawberry Syrup which is more light brown and blonde than reddish as I'd expected maybe because my own hair is red so the contrast is quite sharp.Thinking of ordering the color rings. Other than that I highly recommend this wig! I also have the Raquel Welch Showstopper which I love but it tangles like mad!
    By Ruthie on 1/22/14
  10. One of my faves!
    Great quality and construction. Comfortable and minimal tangling. Beach waves are perfect!!! My daughters always tell me that it's their favorite! I have since ordered another and will continue to exclusively order from the Jon R line as I am yet to be disappointed. (I also have the Gisele and Adrienne)
    By HeatherD on 1/7/14
  11. Heidi
    Absolutely beautiful. Chose glazed mocha and it is stunning. Falls so naturally and is very complimentary to one's face. Will order again.
    By Deborah on 10/21/13

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