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Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Hairpiece
  • Human Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament

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List Price: $237.00

Price: Price: $201.45

Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch: Color R25
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Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch: Color R25

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  1. awesome bang piece
    Ordered this piece for a pageant girl....she is biracial and her hair on top and bangs never grow....this piece was perfect...gave her the swooping bang that is so pageant right now....only issue it was much lighter than the color picture...but I am a hairdresser so I just low lighted it...perfect
    By jl on 1/25/15
  2. Very unnatural looking
    Straight out of the box the piece looks very fake and unnatural. I was hoping after I washed and styled it that it would blend more naturally into my hair, sadly I was mistaken. I would return it if not for already washing it. Take it from me, don't waste your money!

    We're so sorry this bang did not work for you. We'd love to help! Please call one of our experts at 1-800-581-2001. We recommend taking the bang to a stylist to have it cut and trimmed to fit your haircut. We look forward to hearing back from you!
    By Roz on 12/11/14
  3. Makes all the difference in the world!
    I have thinning fine hair, with a considerable amount of scalp showing on the crown of my head. From the first moment I tried on this hairpiece, I knew I found my answer. It looks natural, lays flat and styles easily. I have integrated it into my daily routine just like moisturizer and make up. Using this piece has boosted my self confidence. I have been so concerned about my thinning hair that I had a hard time believing that I looked put together.

    This hairpiece has made all the difference in the world to me. I have purchased 2 more as the sun has lightened the piece, and as we go into winter, I wanted to return to my darker tones. I would encourage anyone with thinning hair on the crown to consider this piece. I am completely thrilled with it!
    By LG on 10/23/14
  4. One month later...
    I wanted to post a second review after wearing my bangs for almost a month. I am so very happy with this product. My husband and I went away for an birthday trip and for the first time in forever I was happy to have my picture taken knowing that I wouldn't cringe at my bald spots and thin hair.
    I've worn this every day and with the exception of my hairdresser still no one knows not even my husband. People keep asking me if I got new glasses or they just say "You look great!" but no one has guessed I wear this clip-in bang.
    I wear it from front to back and had the front end trimmed a bit for shorter bangs. I wash it about once a week. It has held up very well. I've played with the part quite a bit and for me parting it front to back works really well. It is so comfortable that I forget I have it in.
    So to me it's just like putting on makeup. Thanks again for a super product that has completely changed how I think about my appearance!
    By Kathy on 10/1/14
  5. Love it
    I love The Bang I have thinning Hair On Top.
    By Patricia Garth on 9/23/14
  6. Completely Happy!!!
    I received mine yesterday washed and dried it put it on and just played with it until it looked right. Went to my hairdresser and showed it to her. She was blown away at how well it was made and how natural it looked and want to recommend it now it her clients with thinning hair.
    This is so light and so comfortable that I don't even feel it. My hair which is thinning on top and shows and lot of scalp looks completely beautiful! I wore it all last evening and all day today even to a party tonight. Everyone complimented me on my hair but no one has noticed it's a hairpiece. My husband my best friend my grown one could tell what was different. The color truly matched my own color. I could not be happier! I cut my own bangs...what little there are...but did not cut the Human Hair bangs at all. Very very happy! Thank you!!!
    By Kathy on 9/6/14
  7. Light and Easy
    This is my third piece. The first one i cut in bangs the way they said to but it just didn't lay well and it didn't give enough coverage in back so i cut in bangs from the end and it looked a lot better but now the side was cut so i ordered another one and cut it for bangs and i love it all but i have the clip in front that i work on hiding. The mono top is the most natural looking that i have found and it is lightand easy to work with. I am ordering the third one so i have a back up because the hair does come out of the piece even though i am careful. I have found ways of styling it a little more to the side and this works well. Thank you for a wonderful product.
    By Dee on 8/21/14
  8. You'll Love It
    I have thinning hair on top (some places you can seriously see scalp). Since it is human hair I purchase a much lighter color (still staying with my hair color undertone) took this to my hair dresser and had her dye it to match my color. PERFECT!
    By LS on 5/2/14
  9. Natural and light
    I have thinning hair on the top. I also have thin hair.
    I have tried loads of options from full wigs to expensive permanent hair systems. But this is the very first time that something has looked 100% natural. It is light and lies flat on my own hair. Its so comfortable and natural that I sometimes forget I have a hairpiece on.
    The color match is really important and mine is spot on.
    By Hannah on 12/31/13
  10. love this piece!
    I love this hairpiece I like it because the base is small and perfect for my thinning hair
    By RC on 2/9/13
  11. looks fake
    this looks very fake. the color does not match my hair well at all
    By Vanessa on 11/24/11
  12. Versatile
    I ordered the HH Bang and I love the versatility of the piece.
    By Rita on 11/7/11
  13. so verstile
    This is even better than a wig. I took this product to my stylist to have her trim it up a bit and took the video in on my computer as well. EVERYONE was so amazed with its versatility and how real it looked. You should be getting several more orders for the bangs because of me.
    By Lynn on 10/8/11

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