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Long Layered Human Hair Wig Style by Raquel Welch

Style shown: Bravo by Raquel Welch

Human Hair Wigs — Natural and Beautiful

Summary: Human hair wigs have proven to be a worthy investment for the wig-wearer searching for a product that looks real and feels natural.

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Different brands of human hair wigs may use various types of human hair fibers. Regardless of the fiber used, human hair wigs are higher quality than synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs tend to be pricier, but the wig’s lifespan is twice that of a synthetic wig, easily justifying the expense.
To find out why a human hair wig is more expensive, read our blog post about human hair wigs.

Remy human hair is the highest quality on the market. This grade of hair is better because it is silkier to the touch and tangles less; however, this makes Remy hair more expensive. Additional advantages of human hair wigs over synthetic hair wigs include the natural movement of the fiber and styling versatility. When a wig can be cut, permed and dyed, it allows the wearer to style it as if it were their real hair. If you find it difficult or time consuming to style your human hair wig or extension, a better option for you might be a human/synthetic hair blend. These types of human hair wigs retain the style longer while maintaining the natural look and feel of real hair.

Human Hair Wigs Video - Watch this video to learn more about monofilament wigs.

Whether short or long, straight or curly — human hair wigs boast beautiful style. Depending on your unique needs choose from different cap constructions such as monofilament, hand-tied, lace front and caples. All of these cap constructions are available in various head sizes. Top wig brands, such as Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Revlon, Noriko, Henry Margu and Louis Ferre, carry gorgeous styles that are ready-to-wear and can be worn with minimal styling right out of the box.

Human Hair Wigs: Choosing a Wig Style

Selecting a style is the first step to finding the perfect wig. However, not all human hair wig styles may suit you. Head size, face shape, hair color and complexion are all important deciding factors to consider. The Wig Buyer’s Guide explains these details further in order to help you choose the right hair wig. Learning about the different cap constructions and understanding the pros and cons of human hair wigs versus synthetic hair wigs will ensure that the wig you choose is both flattering and comfortable. For additional understanding of brands, comfort and/or sizing, expert help is readily available from our licensed cosmetologists. In contrast to synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs are a better investment due to their quality and lifespan.

Because they are considered an investment, it is recommended to confirm all details with an expert prior to purchasing your first wig.

Caring for your Human Hair Wigs

Proper care is extremely important in maintaining the condition of your human hair wig. To gain the maximum benefit of your investment, washing and styling human hair wigs correctly will prolong the wig’s lifespan and beauty. Using products that are not designed specifically for alternative hair care will damage your wig and break down the fibers. Not only will you need to replace the wig more frequently, but the hair will appear lifeless and will become prone to breakage. BeautiMark’s Pure Care System is recommended for all human hair care needs. Not only is the Pure Care System completely natural and paraben-free, but it has proven to increase the lifespan of your human hair wig – protecting your investment even more!

Style Shown: Carrie by Jon Renau

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