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Ignite by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front, Ready-to-Wear Lace Front
  • SKU: JR5142

Availability: In stock

List Price: $200.00

Price: Price: $170.00

Dark Red with Cherry Red Highlights | Color: FS2V/31V- Chocolate Cherry
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  1. Adorable!
    Perfect length for summer. Very professional style that can be tossled for a care-free weekend look. I'm asked all the time who styles my hair and when I reveal its a wig nobody believes me!
    By Stormy on 9/23/16
  2. Absolutely stunning!
    I love this wig! After several months of wearing toppers due to acute telogen's time to cut off the stragglers and start from scratch. I am so excited to have found this beauty on I did have a little trouble with a color, but just got this one yesterday and it is definitely a keeper. Color is 12FS8 - the rooted color together with the lace front looks incredibly realistic. The cut is to die for and I can only hope my hair grows back in this beautiful!

    By Colleen on 8/21/16
  3. Absolutely stunning!
    I love this wig! After several months of wearing toppers due to acute telogen's time to cut off the stragglers and start from scratch. I am so excited to have found this beauty on I did have a little trouble with a color, but just got this one yesterday and it is definitely a keeper. Color is 12FS8 - the rooted color together with the lace front looks incredibly realistic. The cut is to die for and I can only hope my hair grows back in this beautiful!
    By Colleen on 8/21/16
    I received Hair Mail today and just LOVE my new Ignite. I am wearing color 6F27 I did cut a bang in it, I'm a bang kind of girl. This hair is sooo natural looking and because of the lace front when you are in the wind no one will know it's a wig. I may have to order this one in several of the colors. This one is a keeper.

    By Connie on 7/22/16
  5. Love my Ignite!!!!!
    As I have been wearing wigs full time for a year now I know what I like and what I don't. I absolutely love this style! I really do get frequent compliments on my hair from the cut or the color....6/33. It is as light as wigs come and the lace in the front holds up well. If I could BEG JON RENAU it would be to make this EXACT WIG IN NON heat defiant hair!!! I have some Jon Renau wigs that are not heat defiant and those fibers really do last longer. Other than that I have no complaints. I now have about 4 in the same color and I just rotate them :)
    By Jessica on 7/6/16
  6. My favorite wig by far
    I love this wig. I own three colors and switch every few months. Ignite is out of the box ready to ware every time I get one.

    There is a draw back however. This wig frizzes up on the ends very quickly. I don't know why exactly because is does not rub my collar or shoulders. You must spray some HD spray on the ends and run a flat iron over the ends every few of wares. It is a simple fix and worth the few minutes it takes.
    By Brigette on 6/13/16
  7. Favorite Wig of ALL Time!
    I love this wig! I own a 10 plus styles of wigs and Ignite is the one I wear all of the time. I get many, many compliments on how beautiful my "hair cut/style" is and who does my hair is the #1 question I get asked. People I have know my whole life can't tell that I am wearing a wig when I wear Ignite. If I could change one thing about this wig, I would make it non-HD hair. Only because I fell that it wears out a little bit faster. I have bought this wig 4 times now, if I wear it 5 days a week it will last for about 4 to 6 months. Just depend on how "rough" you are on wigs. It is a bit short in the back and I have to keep my neck where the baby hairs are growing in shaved so it looks clean. It is a great buy for the price.

    By BG109 on 5/26/16
  8. Ignite rocks
    This adorable bob is perfect for summer and right in my price point. I have gotten stopped several time asking who my hair dresser is. I love how comfortable this hair is. So light and feminine. I have color 22f16

    By Jennifer on 5/3/16
  9. I love this wig
    I'm a new wig wearer and I am surprised about how many compliments I get! I've always have had bad hair , always embarrassed about the way my hair looked. Now I look good, first thing in the morning, all day. This wig is the way I wished my own hair could be. I look so chic! It's a big confidence builder!
    By Ruby on 4/14/16
  10. Love this wig! So many options.
    I love my Ignite. I have it in 3 colors. Shaded Mocha, Shaded Peach and Shaded Praline. All very gorgeous. I love the face there is no shine that you get on regular synthetic wigs. I love the deeper tone of the HD colors as well. The roots aren't as warm toned so they work better for me. I have used a flat Iron to add messy sort of boho waves to my Ignite wigs for summer. This wig is very light weight as well as flattering for many face shapes. I have attached a picture of my Shaded Mocha Ignite after I heat styling. I also have videos on Youtube of this wig.

    By Kayree on 4/3/16
    I just received this beautiful wig. I wore it right out of the box, it is a gorgeous color, 24B22, love everything about it. I will definitely order this wig in more colors.

    By Skinnydoll Diana on 3/28/16
  12. Love it :)
    I got this in the color 4/27/30, which is my absolute favorite color. The color itself looks very nice and natural on me. The lace front on Ignite is gorgeous as are all that I have seen from Jon Renau. I'm a hair stylist and the cut is perfection out of the box.
    By Michael on 2/29/16
  13. Very disappointed.
    I just got my wig in the mail. I have been afraid to order a smart lace wig because I wasn't sure about the quality. The lace is just as rough as my cheap free-tress wigs. (I can't wear those.) For the price (and company) I expected more. This is not wearable if you have sensitive skin or you're trying to grow your hair around your forehead. Lace is cheap! If this came without the lace, it would be really cute. ;-(
    By Carrie on 2/2/16
  14. Favorite
    This is my all time favorite wig. Looks real, easy to style, comfortable, I get tons of compliments!!!!

    By Debbie on 11/30/15
  15. Ignite
    Love this wig

    By Candy on 10/19/15
  16. Perfect
    I love Ignite, just ordered my second one. As a 28 year wig wearer, due to alopecia, I have worn every thing from cheap $30 to custom handmade human hair wigs at $2000+. Jon Renau has the best styles for the price and are extremely comfortable and realistic.
    By KKJ on 9/10/15
  17. Lovely and natural looking wig
    I Love this wig so much ,It looks so natural , every time i wear it I get so much compliments specially from ladies who stop me in the streets ,mall ,party's and ask about my hair cut and colour .

    By sherry on 8/9/15
  18. Love this wig
    This is my second Jon Renau wig. Love the edginess of this wig. The only disappointment is the front of the wig needed trimmed a little because it hung in my eyes. After losing my hair to chemo, I was extremely depressed, but Ignite put the spark back into my spirit! My friend's cannot believe how much it resembles my hairstyle pre chemo. I FEEL BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!!

    By Judy on 4/4/15
    This was my first Jon Renau. I got it in 10/26TT, an exact match for my natural color! Which I have never been able to get without tweaking the wig/wefts with dye. I have only bought a few other brands since. I have been wearing this wig for 2 years now. With my own little tweaks like bangs, a little clip in the front for extra stability and I added some hair to the sides that I can pop in and out whenever I want. (That way I can have a more extreme angle or accent colors.) People don't believe me when I tell them it's a wig!! The lace is not itchy, like I get with other makers. The feel is silky and it's not too shiny. The under tease is minimal, so it doesn't stick out too much like some brands. The cap is cool and airy. I have a larger head so I just trim out the elastic adjustments and when it dries I don't put it on one of those wig drying stands. Instead I put it on my mannequin head and then it's perfect. (I have to do this with any wig I don't make myself anyway.) Love the way it deals with heat. Any frizzing/fraying and I just wash, dry and use my straightener and the fray is gone! I haven't had to get a replacement yet either! I am here to get another color for some variety. I can't wait to try some of the longer styles in this HD line, because anywhere I add a little curl or wave to this one it takes and stays so well!
    By Shannon McDuffie on 10/30/14
  20. Love it
    Chose this style because it is something I could NEVER do when I had my own hair as it was too thin. My hubby chose color 24BT18 and when it came it was much lighter than the picture made it out to be. I was worried at first but everyone thinks it is a fabulous color on me (I am usually red).The lace is great but I am experiencing itch nothing I can't handle though. For this price I am a happy girl! My first Salon Wig cost me $600 and while it is still functional 3 years later I needed a change but did not want to drop a ton of money. I like that I can pull the long stuff back in barrettes off my face still or wear it all down...I love options my other wig doesn't have them :)

    By Cortney on 9/8/14
  21. What has happened?
    Like the other reviewer Tami I've purchased this wig several times and have loved it but the last one I got is extremely stringy and thin on the sides. It looks nothing like the pictures and it looks nothing like my other wigs. I had to work really hard to style this last one so it would be acceptable. I will order one more but if it is as poorly constructed as my last one I will have to search for a new wig.
    By Trace on 7/26/14
  22. Disappointed
    I have bought this wig 3 times -- the first two were great fit well and didn't need to be trimmed looked good. This last wig however Is not like the 2 previous. The front hair hangs different--was in my face where the previous two weren't. I could brush the hair to the side and it stayed there. This last wig also is "stringy" The front hair hangs in clumps or strings as if the hair is dirty. I've washed it 3 or 4 times already and it doesn't help. I tried cutting bangs into it and that didn't help either. For the money I expect the wig to be better than that. I will have to order another wig soon. This one just drives me nuts. Don't like it.
    By Tami on 6/2/14
  23. Ignite by Jon Renau
    It doesn't look like the picture! It had too much hair in the front. I could not wear it right out of the box. I had my hairdresser thin it some in the front. I wish it were more like the picture!
    By Shirley Rupp on 5/26/14
  24. doesn't look like the picture
    I like the hair however it does not look like the picture at all. I was extremely disappointed.
    By Regina on 3/23/14
  25. Beautiful
    I just love this wig This is my first Jon Renau wig and I cannot say enough nice things about this wig. It fits perfect just a little spray and fingering it into a windblown look and I am out the door .I got 14/26[ pralines N cream] a lovely color rich shades of blonde and blend of gold light reds a very good color to lighten your face and gives you a younger look . I have worn wigs for about 5 years due to hair thinning [I am 61]. I have learned to do most anything with them long short up down I choose my hair to wear that day just like I choose my outfit of the day and by my mood. I consider hair as part of the total look I own a good selection of wigs just as we all buy clothes we should care to change up our hair and a wig is really the only way to do this . I have shopped for years and love their service.
    By Elysia on 10/25/13
    I have purchased this wig 3 times. It's one of my all time favorites. It's easy to style and looks fabulous. I get tons of compliments on the cut and color. This wig does require a little bit more care because the longer sides are slightly thinner in volume and so fraying may become more evident over time. I try not to comb briskly I wear a hat or scarf in high winds that could whip the fibers around and I wash gently. I have been able to get about 8 months out of each wig. This wig will continue to be my go to favorite! Thank you Jon Renau!
    By Trace on 9/20/13
  27. Superb
    I ordered this wig in 1b30 and it is spot on with my original hair. I love the styling options and it is super comfortable even on hot days!
    By myladyeve on 9/14/13
  28. Love It!
    I have purchased this wig 3 times. I have had to wear wigs for 15 years now and this one is one my favorites. I haven't had any problem with the lace front being itchy. The cap is the best fitting I have ever had. This wig is a bit more delicate. It isn't as full on the sides as most wigs so fraying could be more evident more quickly so I handle this wig with a little more care than normal. As a result I have worn each of them for months and they have maintained their look and shape. As long as they produce this wig and it remains fashionable it will be my #1 go to piece. Added benefit: I get lots of compliments. Thank you Jon Renau!
    By Tracy on 9/12/13
  29. Great hairstyle
    I purchased two of these and absolutely loved the style - it was just what I was looking for. They looked great for a short time however the hair fibers became split on the ends and looked horrible!!! Even through they are supposed to be heat friendly!!! I never exposed them to heat of any kind much less ever used a curing iron. I was careful to use the right type of combs/brushes and used only the shampoos and conditioners for wigs and that are sold by I've worn wigs for over 30 years and I've never had any of them ever look this shabby so quickly - even the cheap ones!!! I loved the style and the colors they come in but was very disappointed in the quality of this heat friendly fiber that was used!! Also the lace in the front is very itchy and stiff!!!!
    By Lacy on 8/29/13
  30. I rock this bob
    The lace in front gets itchy.
    By Tony on 8/20/13
  31. Stylish
    this wig is so great!!!! i love the fact that you can use a synthetic curling iron on this to change it's style! that is such a great idea it changes the whole look completely!!!
    By Mary Thompson on 1/12/13

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