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It Stays Body Wigs Hairpieces Adhesive by Jon Renau

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  • Accessory

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  1. Joy of wearing wigs at last!!!!!!!
    Have been wearing wigs for three years. Worried about slipping the worrying is over !
    By W on 9/4/14
  2. This product changed my life!
    I wear a wig ‘full time’ due to thinning hair, mostly on the top and sides of my head. This product was recommended to me by someone I met who also wears a wig to replace her natural hair. Every wig I’ve worn, no matter how well made, would always get itchy after a few hours of wear. I discovered that it's not the wig cap itself that is the culprit but the movement against your own hair. Any wig will move around just slightly and that causes the hair under your wig to bunch up and creates the friction. I found I was ‘adjusting’ the wigs quite often throughout the day as well. Since I started using It Stays, even after a full day (12 hours or more of wear) I have no discomfort. My wigs fit better and look better too. I never have to adjust my wig throughout the day and they never, ever ride up in the back. I once had my wig knocked off my head at a party from a very enthusiastic bear hug from an old friend. Really embarrassing to say the least! I never have to worry about that happening again. The confidence booster, the improvement in the comfort level, and the better fit and appearance of the wigs too, make this a product an absolute necessity for me! I had tried the adhesive tape but it pulls your hair out and you need to use rubbing alcohol to get it off your skin. Not so with this gentle water based adhesive. I use it around my hair line from ear to ear, and a little at the nape of my neck. When you take your wig off, it does not pull your hair or hurt in the least. The water based adhesive comes right out of your hair with a damp wash cloth. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wears a wig. This simple product really did change my life!
    By Rachel W. on 12/28/13

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