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Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille

Quick Facts:

  • New Arrival
  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front
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Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille | Color BERNSTEIN-ROOTED
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  1. Jamila Hi
    I too have been wearing wigs for years now. I'm in my early 60's and a regular customer of I normally go with a bob style, but when I saw this beautiful curly wig I just knew I would love it! It's fun, it fits my carefree attitude and style. I highly recommend it if you're looking for something different to lift your spirits!
    By Mary on 4/3/14
  2. lovely, but no
    This wig is the most comfortable I've tried, and feels so nice, but I am going to return it because, like an earlier reviewer said, it doesn't look right on a mature person. I've been trying it on for two days now, trying to convince myself it looks good, but the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb" keeps coming to mind.
    By Susan on 3/29/14
  3. Jamila in Mocca-Rooted
    I've read the various reviews about the Jamila being too curly and tight. I always put my wig on a styro head so that the style can relax for a couple of days. The curls have loosened and have taken on a very natural look. I do not comb it but finger teased the bang curls which shortened the bang. Yes it is a head-full when you take it out of the box, but believe me, it is truly a work of art and takes years off of you. It does not look phony in any way. The attractive highlights make the hair look very healthy. You just can't go wrong - it is a beauty - just give it a chance to relax. It is NOT bushy and is very rich looking. I've received many compliments. Wear your wig as hair, not as a wig.
    By Deborah on 3/29/14
  4. very well made
    Jamila is quality made. It feels like real hair but it was to curly for me. I'm at a mature age and need something less dramatic. I would try other wigs of Ellen Wille brand in the future. The color Bernstein-rooted is a real nice color. I appreciated the no hassle return I received.
    By Mary T on 3/28/14
  5. adore it!
    I have been wearing hair pieces and wigs for years. This has got to be my favorite wig so far! I love the curls. I worry somewhat about it becoming frizzy when I carefully comb it but I still love it. I love the lace front and how natural it looks. I wish it came in a slightly lighter shade; my own hair is platinum blonde. My husband loved it so much he had me immediately buy another one to have as backup!
    By DixB on 3/27/14
    I love my Jamila Hi wig. It makes me feel so pretty when I wear it. The lace front is amazing - it makes it look so natural. No one would think you are wearing a wig. My husband loves it on me too and wanted me to wear it to a dance we were attending. I only wish it came in a color that was more reddish. I have had red hair and worn reddish wigs for so long that I feel that's the real me. I love the color of my Jamila Hi wig and it looks good on me. Maybe it's time for a new me - ha ha.
    By Marilyn on 3/27/14
  7. LOOOOOVE IT - but WHY is the cap so short?
    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS WIG at least style-wise, but the cap is just too short - it feels like it's about to pop right off my head! My hair never came back all the way after cancer treatment, so I've tried many wigs over the last several years, and have never had this problem before. But the CURLS ARE WONDERFUL, as is the color - I got the light honey-rooted, and it's gorgeous.
    By Eliana on 3/27/14
  8. Not for me
    This wig was way too curly for me. I thought I could work with it to make it look decent, but no luck. It's going back.
    By vangirl on 3/27/14
  9. Jamila
    This is much more realistic than RW's Glam Slam - the curls are tighter and it's quite attractive. The mocca-rooted is a beautiful, rich shade. It sort of reminds me of how Cher's hair looked in the movie Moonstruck just a little shorter. Quite like it and it is reasonably priced with the discount.
    By Deborah on 3/26/14
  10. Too much
    Ummmm, this one just didn't suit me at all. Unrealistic hair part and way too curly. This one will frizz I think because you can't comb it easily. It looked like a Brillo pad on my head.
    By Susie on 3/25/14
  11. Jamila Hi!
    I received this wig yesterday and it is so beautiful. I got it in the Chocolate rooted and it is so elegant. You can take your fingers or I used a very wide toothed comb to get the front the way I wanted it. I have to say out of all the wigs I wear this is my second favorite. I will definitely buy it again.
    By Debra on 3/15/14
  12. too much hair
    I did keep this one but did a lot of trimming to keep if from being so bushy. favorite..Not bad.....but not my favorite
    By new do every day on 3/12/14
  13. Love this wig!
    I have been wearing wigs now for 14 years due to male pattern hair loss connected with PSOS. I have only owned one other curly wig and it had so much hair in it that it made my head look huge! I ordered this wig last week, received it this past Monday and wore it for the first time today. What a great wig, It is light and airy and the lace front makes it look so natural (no worries about the wind blowing my hair back). The texture and color of the hair are wonderful, too. I am ordering another one today.
    By Vickie on 3/12/14
  14. Absolutely Gorgeous!!
    I ordered Jamila in Mocca. It arrived yesterday and I love it so much!! I am a 2 year cancer survivor and my hair just did not come back. My own hair was very similar to the wig. Right out of the box, I have received so many wonderful compliments. Most do not even know it is a wig. Thank you so much for bringing this wig to me. You have made me feel like a million dollars again!!

    By Victoria on 2/27/14
  15. Jamila Hi
    I received this style two days ago and I love that it makes me feel twenty years younger. It is so fun and kicky with the curls that can be tousled, swept back and rearranged; add a clip here and there. Its so fun to wear. Really makes me feel like a new person and it looks so natural, the color is beautiful and mostly I feel great wearing it. Can't wait to surprise my friends, my husband says I look younger.

    Ok girls I think you will like feeling young when you 60's plus. This is such a beautifully made wig inside with adjustments and so light. I can't wait to buy another style of Ellen Wille. Oh yes I selected the Bernstein-Rooted color and it is just right for me with blond highlights and I never had such a good fit in a wig.
    By Bette on 2/22/14
  16. Exquisite Hair
    I received Jamila-HI yesterday and it is absolutely perfect! I am wearing it right out of the box with nothing more than a vigorous shake, a few picks on the crown and finger combing the rest. The wig allows itself to be shaped to the wearer's preference. The color is fabulous (Bernstein-Rooted) and is absolutely natural. The craftsmanship is 5 star, The lace front fits so well and is totally undetectable - even to me- (no trimming, no fixative needed) and best of all, it's the most comfortable wigs I've ever worn. It feels like my own hair. Obviously I'm in love with Jamila.
    By ileina on 2/22/14
  17. Too curly
    The model looks great but it was too curly for me I looked like annie.
    By Karen on 2/21/14

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