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Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille

Quick Facts:

  • New Arrival
  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front

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List Price: $243.70

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Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille | Color: Bernstein Rooted
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  1. Love the Curl, Not the Permatease
    This curl pattern is similar to my bio hair so I was excited when I took Jamila out of the box. Jamila Hi has really beautiful curls and loads of them. The curl size varies and looks extremely natural. The hair texture is soft and has great movement. The downside of Jamila is the permatease. I am still new to wigs, but the amount of permatease made the wig very top heavy and just ruined the realism for me. Maybe if I had styled the top it would have looked fine, but I didn’t want to risk styling if I wasn’t sure I would keep it. Aside from the amount of permatease, this is a really beautiful wig with a comfortable cap and a very natural looking lace front. If Ellen Wille made Jamila with a mono top, I would happily buy this wig time and again.
    I ordered Jamila in Hot Mocca Rooted and the color is stunningly pretty and realistic. It is a very dynamic mix of medium golden brown with light auburn and light golden brown.
    By SJ on 8/11/16
  2. Fantastic
    This is a fantastic wig! I purchased it for the ACS Gala and easily styled it just like the product photo for champagne rooted. Since then, periodic washings and restylings have kept it in great shape. It is well worth it to watch the video; no frizziness or loose curls after proper care.

    I have styled this with headbands, hairclips, ponytail holders, and hair clamps. For summer styles, it takes well to a gentle twist to the front or sides to sweep hair away from the face. The lace front and roots really allow great versatility in styling.

    I've had the warmest compliments from strangers. Apparently, it is undetectable as a wig! The greatest compliment of all, however, has been seeing people I know who were unaware of my hair loss from chemo, and commented that my hair had grown so long since I had last seen them.

    Thank you,, for a wonderful product and for the proper instructions and products to keep it looking it's best!

    By Carole on 7/7/16
  3. Gorgeous but doesn't last. A tangled mess after couple of wears.
    I loved the way their wig looked in photos and when I received it, I was thrilled with how it looked on me. Alas- of all the straight haired wigs out there this was most like my own natural curl and color. It was just what I was looking for. If only it had been more durable. It looks so bad now that I just tossed it in trash. I have tried everything to revive his wig and tried he video but it just doesn't revive. Paid a lot of money and just threw it in the trash. Now I am wary of all curly wigs. Does this happen to all of them?

    ***********The Wig Expert Response***************

    Hi Joan! We're sorry to hear that you were unsatisfied with the quality of Jamila Hi by Ellen Wile. If your wig is not past the 10 days for returning we would be happy to inspect the item. If you have any questions or concerns in finding a new style please give us a call at
    1-800-581-2001 and a Wig Expert will be here to answer all of your questions. Please see the link for extra tips and care regiments for your wearable hair.
    By Joan on 6/3/16
  4. Love At First Sight
    I've been looking for a curly wig this length ever since my favorite hair was discontinued. I was so excited to see Jamila in your ad. I ordered it immediately, it arrived today, I shook it a few times before trying it on--who is that woman in the mirror???!!! I wasn't wearing makeup and it still looked natural in light honey rooted. I'd like to get one that's blonder as I usually wear light blond, being a pale-faced Norwegian. I intend to buy more of these. There is no sense of being shy and uncomfortable with this hair as I usually am with a new wig the first few wearings. I'm wearing it to New Orleans on vacation in a few days. I look ten years younger in it, hope I make it past TSA, lol.
    By Lacy on 12/1/15
  5. Fab
    Just received this win and was in love from first sight and feel!

    I ordered the Champagne rooted and the colour is fabulous. I did a little bang customising on mine and its just perfect. A great value.
    Highly recommend.

    By Donna on 11/9/15
  6. LOVE IT
    my mom got this for me and I love it
    By angie on 9/14/15
  7. Cannot size to fit
    I love this wig, although, I have watched endless videos on line and cannot figure out how to size it to fit my head. It is sooooo loose that I never wear it out because it would blow off! I didn't want to have to stick a lot of hair pins in it. I see there are two tiny straps in the back, but there is not way to tighten them or alter in any way. If I am missing something someone please let me know? Wig is adorable and looks even better in person than the photos, but if I can't wear it what good is it? Can someone give me a hint how to tighten this without cutting on it? Thanks for any help.


    Dear Gina,

    Thank you for submitting a review on!

    When adjusting the velcro straps, you unfasten, pull, then secure. In some cases you can even cross them to get a tighter fit. We recommend watching the cap video located under the Videos tab on the top of the product page. If you need further assistance, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to walk you through it.
    By Gina on 9/14/15
  8. love it
    I just love it my mom got it for me
    By angie on 9/14/15
  9. WOW!
    I just received this wig today, and all i can say is WOW ! I trimmed the ends just a little for me, it was a tad too long for me, Im 62, and as we know 62 yr olds just don't have that much hair, LOL... anyways it looks beautiful ! I also have the Sky, beautiful short hair , I just love looking different when ever I want, thats to Ellen Wigs, found my 2 perfect ones I will always order, I got the color Light Honey Rooted, the color is amazing, and the smart lace in front on the Jamila is great ! Love them ! Cant wait to show everyone ! Will try a brown for winter, with the rooted, looks so natural ! Do not hesitate to order this wig, or the Sky if you like short, they are the best ! Denise
    By denise on 9/4/15
  10. Adorable
    I bought Jamilla in light honey and it's perfect. The roots are not too dark and look very natural. The hairline is inconspicuous, and with the light bangs it's perfect. I finger combed it longer, and will also pick it straighter. But really, not much needs to be done. I think it makes me look younger haha
    By on 6/26/15
  11. this wig changed my life!!!
    what a joy. yes it's a lot of hair, but it works!! looks great, feels great. Loads of compliments. European styling and quality are amazing. Look at the photos of real women wearing this wig and you'll know if it's for you.I am so glad I tried it.

    By Lis on 2/25/15
  12. Just love it!!
    I've been wearing Angie by Envy for several years, but was looking for a change. This is definitely it!. It's sexy, fun and looks so great. I know it's a lot of hair, but you have to wear it for awhile and it will calm down.. It may need some styling from a professional, but that is the best way to get the best look for any wig. My husband, kids and mother in law love it. Can't get any better feedback than that! Feels real too and is the most comfortable wig I've ever had. I bought auburn rooted, very close to the chocolate cherry I was wearing.

    By Phyllis on 2/6/15
  13. Love this wig!
    I really love this wig - it's light and cool and feels fabulous! I suffer from alopoecia and wear wigs quite often, so fit, comfort and looks are all vitally necessary in my wig. I used a hair pick to loosen the curls after I put it on, and yes, I did trim it to more suit my face and preference (I'm 60 yrs old and longer curls reminded me of "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" haha)
    By Katie on 2/2/15
  14. Returing as quickly as I can
    I purchased the light honey rooted and the color is awful - hate the really dark roots.

    Also disappointed at the level of curl. When you look at the pictures for the black, black cherry and auburn, the wig is full at the top and looks really lovely, however, on the one I got and the ones in the customer reviews, there seems to be a part and the wig is really flat on top.

    I have curls so it's not that I am not used to them. This wig really disappointed me.


    We're so sorry you were unsatisfied with your Jamila. We recommend calling our experts for further assistance. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the perfect style.
    By Gillian on 1/26/15
  15. Exchanged
    I wanted to love this wig. I've always wanted curls like this so I hoped I could pull it off. I ordered the Champagne rooted and sadly it was not the color I expected. I had bought this color from the Noriko line and wow, that was totally different. I loved that color but this one is more brownish/grayish...hard to describe but not very pretty to me. I was hoping to would be more of a blonde rooted but I don't see it as such at all.

    Had to return it for that reason alone. The curls are very soft and pretty...but honestly I looked like Bozo the clown...way too full for me. Maybe if you are used to this look with your bio hair, you'd love it! I have straight hair naturally so it just didn't work sad to say.
    By Grace on 1/19/15
  16. Love it!
    I have had many wigs in the past but none as natural looking and comfortable as the Jamila Hi. I ordered it in Auburn Rooted which looks very natural on me. The style is similar to how I used to wear my hair (before it started falling out). The "capless cap" is well constructed and comfortable. The lace front looks natural even with off the face styling.

    By Suzanne on 1/14/15
  17. I'm on a Jamilla Hi
    As you can guess I love it. It frames my face with soft curls and in Bernstein, the colors from honey to butterscotch blond with dark roots are perfect for me. The final trick is to not loose the curls in front so I can have curls cascading down my forehead. Combing it with a bold comb is a must.

    By Jennifer on 1/12/15
  18. Natural looking curls!
    I am currently undergoing chemotherapy & had naturally curly hair. I went to two salons & had a difficult time finding a realistic curly wig. I was told that I would not find anything similar to my natural curls until I found this site and this wig. Thanks Ellen for your beautiful wig and giving us curly haired girls a chance to feel natural & pretty. I wish that Stream had a similar curl. I tried both Switch & Stream to find a short wig in the summer when my hair starts to grow back & had little success.
    By Melanie on 1/10/15
  19. Va Va Voom! The hair I always wanted!
    I purchased this in hot moca rooted color. Love it! So full of natural looking curls. I've always full head of beautiful curls. Can't wait to use some retro looking clips etc. in it. No shiny or wiggy. Color blends well w my color which has brown, red, and blond highlights. Ready for date night!

    By Cindy A. on 1/8/15
  20. Such a fun wig!
    I just received this wig today. I got the Ginger-rooted color. It is GORGEOUS! I naturally have stick straight baby fine hair. I've tried perms before, but my hair just won't hold them. I thought I'd be relegated to a life of stick straight hair. This is so great! :-)

    I was a little overwhelmed when I first put it on because I've never had curly hair so I don't have experience styling it. It was easy - between the large comb I also purchased, and just smoothing the curls into place with my fingers, I found a really bold, fun look!

    I'm currently growing out an unplanned pixie - LOL - so this will be a fun piece to wear out in the mean time. I just love it!

    By Shannon on 12/5/14
    I just received my second JAMILA... GINGER record time !
    wonderful color...just enough dark to look natural...subtle red tones with more blonde highlights around the face nail lady thought I got a curly perm and loved BFF (best female friend) loved it and said she wants one like it. My Husband smiled...and accepted it fine ,and he is normally anti-wig. I know Im going to have a lot of fun wearing Jamila...everyone LOVES the CURLS. the only negative is that its not as comfortable as I think it should be.

    By Eva on 11/18/14
  22. Outstanding Wig
    I am going through cancer the 3rd time bout of chemo and this wig makes me feel ALIVE! I receive more compliments and serious comments where I get my hair colored. Mocha rooted is silky and beautiful. The curls do soften up. When I first removed it from the box I believed it was a mimic of Shirley Temple and it loosens with gentle finger pulling and relaxing the curls..Yes, I also was very skeptical to purchase it... And watch the video on how to regain the curl as it works.!! Brillo pad NOT Don't listen to the negatives and get it, you will not be disappointed!!
    By Kiana on 11/17/14
    I ordered light honey rooted...and its beautiful...but too curly to look natural on me. Because my hair is at best wavy...Im looking for hair to wear when I just want to junp out of bed and get ready in a hurry...I think I will exchange for CAT.....

    By EJM on 11/8/14
  24. crazy fun wig!
    I bought this wig for my birthday party, and it has since become my "go out and dance" wig. It's a bit too curly to look natural on me but plenty of people were fooled anyway. I get so many smiles from people when I'm wearing it! After about 5 vigorous wears it is starting to look a little ratty, I haven't tried washing it yet and I don't dare comb it but I suppose I'll have to turn to youtube for advice eventually. It definitely looks better when you style and pin it with a few clips. Also looks great with headbands.

    By Ramona on 11/5/14
  25. Looks & feels like human hair!
    Finally a synthetic wig that doesn't look wiggy. I have several synthetic wigs and I always use the wig wand prior to wearing them to lose that shiny wiggy look. Jamila Hi not only looks like human hair, but she feels like it. So soft and luxurious. :-) The only negative is that for my age (50's) there is just to much hair, but that was easily remedied by various methods. 1) using a wide hair band 2) wearing her in a partial updo, 3) wearing barrettes or whatever other method you like. I just love this wig. Next I will by the champagne rooted as the honey rooted was a little dark for my taste. But I still LOVE her.
    By Catherine on 10/24/14
  26. Luxurious curls!
    Curlier, fuller, and longer than my own hair. It was too long for me, so I decided to trim it into a long bob. Looks great!


    Thank you for your photo and feedback! Jamila looks amazing on you! If you prefer a shorter length, check out Switch by Ellen Wille; you for choosing!

    By CurlyGirly on 10/10/14
  27. Fantastic wig!
    After losing my hair to chemo I was having trouble finding a wig anywhere close to my naturally curly frock. This one fun! Strongly recommend! The ginger root color mimics my naturally strawberry blonde/light auburn hair. Love it!
    By Jess on 10/3/14
  28. To bushy and unconfortable
    After the first wash the wig was a mess all the shape was gone I hope that somebody will come up with a curly/wavy top hairpiece for more comfort; this wig is killing me.


    Hi Ariana! We're sorry to hear you're not satisfied! We recently created a How-To video that addresses your concerns. Check it out here or watch it by clicking on the Videos tab on this page. Jamila is one of our favorite Ellen Wille styles and with the help of the video you change the curl restyle it and get the best results. We hope this information helped but if you still have questions please feel free to call our Wig Experts at 1-800-581-2001.
    By Ariana Cook on 10/2/14
  29. LOVE!
    This was my first ever curly wig and I will never go back! In fact I will only buy Ellen Wille wigs until the end of time :-)

    By Jodie on 9/15/14
  30. Absolutely Gorgeous!!
    I ordered Jamila in color Mocca. It arrived yesterday and I love it so much!! I am a 2 year cancer survivor and my hair just did not come back. My own hair was very similar to the wig. Right out of the box I have received so many wonderful compliments. Most do not even know it is a wig. Thank you so much for bringing this wig to me. You have made me feel like a million dollars again!!

    By Victoria on 9/5/14
  31. At Last!!!
    I adore curls and have so much trouble finding something that looks natural and classy versus unreal and a bit trashy. As a caucasian the styles for women of color are offered in colors too dark for me. This is a a dream come true. It fits my personality to a tea or tee! I use a metal wide pronged pick and get a full lush style. YES I get stopped by strangers complimenting my hair and asking me where I get the color done. This is the best feedback on wigs for me. Thank you for bringing this one into my life. Yipeeee!
    By Tamsie on 8/20/14
  32. Put it on and I am good to go!
    Beautiful wig natural movement and great look. I turn the wig upside down after every wearing and spray a little detangler on the underside of the hair that touches my neck. The next morning it is bouncy and full of beautiful curls again. Oh and I have learned NEVER to put a brush through this kind of style a little primping with the fingers works just fine and makes Jamilia last longer. Go t to say I love her!
    By Danielle on 8/5/14
  33. Love this one the most!
    I wear this one every chance I get! It's so fun and I always get compliments when I wear it! The Bernstein-rooted color is very natural looking! I'm also going to order this in honey-rooted! I highly recommend this particular style!
    By Lisa G. on 7/5/14
  34. Great Curls
    Love this wig its well made and the curls are very natural looking especially after a few days of wearing Jamila.
    By Dominic on 6/20/14
  35. Very Short Life
    This wig arrived looking very nice. But after only wearing it about 10 times the top of the wig became a dull matted mess. I could have bought a $20 wig & done better. Trying to over-comb or brush it will strip out the curl so basically I have nothing. Just a waste of money. Typically the non-human hair wigs will start t look poorly at the nape area. I have NEVER had a wig wear this poorly at the very top. My 1st and LAST wig in this line.


    We've listened and just launched a video on How-To Re-Style Jamila, please click on the VIDEOS button (top left) and enjoy tutorial!
    By Ms C on 5/30/14
  36. Best wig in SO many ways!!
    I agree with all the other reviewers who just love this fabulous wig! The fit and the texture of the is so natural that it defies detection that it is actually a wig!! I have ordered two more Jamila Hi wigs ( Ginger Rooted) already because it is the BEST one I've ever owned and believe me I have closet FULL of great wigs from!! Like the other reviewers I get compliments every time I wear it and my husband also thinks it is really flatteringand he says it reminds him of me when we were in college (50 yr. ago!!) My suggestion to the ladies who feel it is for them try wearing it as a UP-DO by using hair combs to secure the hair in the back so that the up-do part sits at the low part of the crown.....this gives you that wild out of control naturally curly great hair that you just casually took combs to and kind of got it under control! Looks very VERY natural & its even better if you allow a couple of curly tendrils to and lay on your neckline! (Start with the combs taking some hair from your ear area & continue to the back. After using the combs you may need to adjust the volume on the top of your head w/ a couple of bobby-pins; at this point its all about personal preference! Styling it this ways also opens up great opportunities to wear hair ornaments & scarves if you like that look. My only issue is that I would like a tutorial on how to style all these curls after washing it! And what do I do when it begins to frizz out a bit after wearing a few times?
    By Judy on 5/28/14
  37. Unbelievable
    The quality of this wig is unbelievable! I now own about 12 wigs. They are all in the bob style and I decided to order this wig in light honey rooted for fun evenings out. It is exquisite!
    By Renate on 5/22/14
  38. I Feel Pretty; Oh so Pretty
    This is my favorite wig. I wear four different ones. When I want to look youthfull and carefree I go with Jamila. My natural hair is very curly so I feel so natural wearing this style. The best thing is that it is so light and airy. Must have her in other colors. The quality is wonderful. It feels just like my own hair.

    By Veteena on 5/19/14
  39. Highly Recommend
    I too have been wearing wigs for years now. I'm in my early 60's and a regular customer of I normally go with a bob style but when I saw this beautiful curly wig I just knew I would love it! It's fun it fits my carefree attitude and style. I highly recommend it if you're looking for something different to lift your spirits!
    By Mary on 4/3/14
  40. lovely but no
    This wig is the most comfortable I've tried and feels so nice but I am going to return it because like an earlier reviewer said it doesn't look right on a mature person. I've been trying it on for two days now trying to convince myself it looks good but the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb"; keeps coming to mind.
    By Susan on 3/29/14
  41. Jamila in Mocca-Rooted
    I've read the various reviews about the Jamila being too curly and tight. I always put my wig on a styro head so that the style can relax for a couple of days. The curls have loosened and have taken on a very natural look. I do not comb it but finger teased the bang curls which shortened the bang. Yes it is a head-full when you take it out of the box but believe me it is truly a work of art and takes years off of you. It does not look phony in any way. The attractive highlights make the hair look very healthy. You just can't go wrong - it is a beauty - just give it a chance to relax. It is NOT bushy and is very rich looking. I've received many compliments. Wear your wig as hair not as a wig.
    By Deborah on 3/29/14
  42. very well made
    Jamila is quality made. It feels like real hair but it was to curly for me. I'm at a mature age and need something less dramatic. I would try other wigs of Ellen Wille brand in the future. The color Bernstein-rooted is a real nice color. I appreciated the no hassle return I received.
    By Mary T on 3/28/14
  43. Love
    I love my Jamila Hi wig. It makes me feel so pretty when I wear it. The lace front is amazing - it makes it look so natural. No one would think you are wearing a wig. My husband loves it on me too and wanted me to wear it to a dance we were attending. I only wish it came in a color that was more reddish. I have had red hair and worn reddish wigs for so long that I feel that's the real me. I love the color of my Jamila Hi wig and it looks good on me. Maybe it's time for a new me - ha ha.
    By Marilyn on 3/27/14
  44. LOOOOOVE IT - but WHY is the cap so short?
    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS WIG at least style-wise but the cap is just too short - it feels like it's about to pop right off my head! My hair never came back all the way after cancer treatment so I've tried many wigs over the last several years and have never had this problem before. But the CURLS ARE WONDERFUL as is the color - I got the light honey-rooted and it's gorgeous.
    By Eliana on 3/27/14
  45. Not for me
    This wig was way too curly for me. I thought I could work with it to make it look decent but no luck. It's going back.
    By vangirl on 3/27/14
  46. adore it!
    I have been wearing hair pieces and wigs for years. This has got to be my favorite wig so far! I love the curls. I worry somewhat about it becoming frizzy when I carefully comb it but I still love it. I love the lace front and how natural it looks. I wish it came in a slightly lighter shade; my own hair is platinum blonde. My husband loved it so much he had me immediately buy another one to have as backup!
    By DixB on 3/27/14
  47. Too much
    Ummmm this one just didn't suit me at all. Unrealistic hair part and way too curly. This one will frizz I think because you can't comb it easily. It looked like a Brillo pad on my head.


    We've listened and just launched a video on How-To Re-Style Jamila please click on the VIDEOS button (top left) and enjoy the tutorial!
    By Susie on 3/25/14
  48. So Beautiful!
    I received this wig yesterday and it is so beautiful. I got it in the Chocolate rooted and it is so elegant. You can take your fingers or I used a very wide toothed comb to get the front the way I wanted it. I have to say out of all the wigs I wear this is my second favorite. I will definitely buy it again.
    By Debra on 3/15/14
  49. too much hair
    I did keep this one but did a lot of trimming to keep if from being so bushy. favorite..Not bad.....but not my favorite
    By new do every day on 3/12/14
  50. Love this wig!
    I have been wearing wigs now for 14 years due to male pattern hair loss connected with PSOS. I have only owned one other curly wig and it had so much hair in it that it made my head look huge! I ordered this wig last week received it this past Monday and wore it for the first time today. What a great wig It is light and airy and the lace front makes it look so natural (no worries about the wind blowing my hair back). The texture and color of the hair are wonderful too. I am ordering another one today.
    By Vickie on 3/12/14
  51. Feel younger
    I received this style two days ago and I love that it makes me feel twenty years younger. It is so fun and kicky with the curls that can be tousled swept back and rearranged; add a clip here and there. Its so fun to wear. Really makes me feel like a new person and it looks so natural the color is beautiful and mostly I feel great wearing it. Can't wait to surprise my friends my husband says I look younger.
    Ok girls I think you will like feeling young when you 60's plus. This is such a beautifully made wig inside with adjustments and so light. I can't wait to buy another style of Ellen Wille. Oh yes I selected the Bernstein-Rooted color and it is just right for me with blond highlights and I never had such a good fit in a wig.
    By Bette on 2/22/14
  52. Exquisite Hair
    I received Jamila-HI yesterday and it is absolutely perfect! I am wearing it right out of the box with nothing more than a vigorous shake a few picks on the crown and finger combing the rest. The wig allows itself to be shaped to the wearer's preference. The color is fabulous (Bernstein-Rooted) and is absolutely natural. The craftsmanship is 5 star The lace front fits so well and is totally undetectable - even to me- (no trimming no fixative needed) and best of all it's the most comfortable wigs I've ever worn. It feels like my own hair. Obviously I'm in love with Jamila.
    By ileina on 2/22/14
  53. Too curly
    The model looks great but it was too curly for me I looked like annie.
    By Karen on 2/21/14
  54. So Natural
    This is much more realistic than RW's Glam Slam - the curls are tighter and it's quite attractive. The mocca-rooted is a beautiful rich shade. It sort of reminds me of how Cher's hair looked in the movie Moonstruck just a little shorter. Quite like it and it is reasonably priced with the discount.
    By Deborah on 12/2/-1

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