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Julianne | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: 100% Hand-Tied, Monofilament, Lace Front
  • SKU: JR5968

Availability: In stock

List Price: $502.40

Price: Price: $427.04

Julianne By Jon Renau | Color : FS6/30/27-Toffee Truffle
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  1. Avoid
    I purchased this wig as it looked so cute in all the pics/videos I had researched. These wigs aren't cheap. I need them to look good and last at least 8 months, as that is what my budget allows. I aspire to have a Hall of Wigs one day (of human hair - imagine!) but today is not that day.

    I wanted a shorter version of "Heidi" (LOVE) for the Summer and found that "Julianne" was a sister wig. Great! Except it wasn't...

    The wig is a goofy, weirdly constructed mess that makes you look like a poor man's Shirley Temple.

    If you were in a production of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane", I would point you right to this little number. I worked on her for days; dry shampoo, washing, spray conditioning, pinning it back, parting her every which way, taking her for walks on the beach - looks ridiculous no matter what.

    There is a ton of hair at the crown and on the sides - but the hair is sparse in the back. The curls are baby doll curls - not loose, sexy waves. It sits weird and screams "WIG. I AM WEARING A WIG. DO YOU SEE MY WIG? I WILL NOW STARE INTO YOUR EYES TO ENSURE YOU AREN'T EYEING MY WIG. THIS IS NATURAL".

    Maybe bringing it to a stylist would help - but how much am I to pay to "fix" a wig that cost me over $400 (plus shipping) already? Honestly. I didn't have any of this trouble with "Heidi". She was ready to roll straight out of the box.

    Sour grapes, you grumpy old witch (is what many of you are thinking)! You aren't wrong there. I am a grump. Take this all with a grain of salt. But heed my warning! *cackles as she flies away*

    On a high note - the lovely people at are not to blame for my personal preference. They are a dream to work with and the customer service is top notch.
    By Abigail on 10/17/16
  2. Not durable
    This wig looks great right out of the box but after about 6 weeks daily wear the front feels like a brillo pad. The hair stretches and kinks. I have bought two of these. I thought maybe I was just handles the first one too roughly but I handles the 2nd one very gently and I still had problems. I have been wearing hairpieces and wigs for about 20 years now and have not had a problem to this extent before. Very disappointing since it is one of the more expensive pieces.
    By TJ on 8/26/16
  3. Perfect one!
    Cute and stylish! Comfy cap and easy to manage.

    By Julia on 8/3/16
  4. Outstanding Julianne
    This wig is perfection in every way!!! I love her! I can finality stop looking for the perfect wavy shoulder length wig!! So happy! And if you need to reduce shine, just use dry shampoo spray, let settle, and shake wig out a bit. I am in love with this one!!!
    By Tiffany on 6/9/16
  5. Best ever Julianne
    Wow!!!! So sexy and sophisticated and lightweight! Colors 1426SS and 12FS8 are gorgeous! This is perfect in every way! If it's too long in the front sides then just take thinning scissors and cut a half inch or inch off on front sides! I love this wig!! Hand tied, lace front, beautiful hair fibers, moves like real hair!!!
    By Samantha on 6/9/16
  6. Julianne
    I LOVE this wig! It is exactly what my hair was like before it started thinning 20 years ago... I turned 40 and realized it was time to do something about my thinning on top! Now I'm hooked! Wigs!! Yay! Now, about this wig...The lace frayed the first day I wore it! But I trimmed it off and it's not been a problem since! I just have to use glue or tape if I'm going out. However, I called and they actually shipped me an order of my choosing via the same shipping speed as before, which was overnight! I am thrilled. Now I have the adriana and the heidi, the julianne and Gisele is on her way next! I just love these!! And I love telling people it's a wig! :) Because they are always shocked.
    By Christina on 5/10/15
  7. Love this one!
    I've been wearing wigs for about six years and have tried many different brands/styles/lengths and this is by far my favorite. It's a very well made, high quality wig for the money. I did have my stylist thin it out, though, as it was just too much hair for me (I have a pretty small head). She also shortened up the sides because they looked like dog ears on me. Again, I have a small face and head so this may not be a problem for others. I've had this wig for almost 3 months and it's still looking pretty good, so far no frizz at the bottom. The curl has relaxed some as well but that's okay, it still looks good, and in fact, it lends itself to a really natural look. Because there's still quite a bit of length, I think if it eventually does start frizzing (as they all do), I will have it trimmed up a little shorter in a bob style and hopefully get some more mileage out of it. I ordered the strawberry shortcake color and it is beautiful. You will not be disappointed.
    By Karen on 3/25/15
  8. soft but
    This is a very nice wig, great quality, soft, just the right amount of hair, not too much or too little. The only problem is the hairline in the front Really itches, the cap in the hairline is made with a very scratchy material.
    By Annie P on 2/18/15
  9. Very pretty!
    I love this wig! It is soft, light, and the color is very natural (12FS8), The length is good and it does not tangle easily. The style is very modern yet soft and romantic. The only drawbacks I have found is it does seem to need to be clipped in to stay put well, it is a little too poofy on top, and there is a small wire that started poking out the back from a tab into my neck from the second day I wore it. I have only had it for a short time so this was disappointing to me as I am constantly trying to bend the wire to keep it from jabbing into my neck. For as expensive as it is they should make sure that this does not happen. I do love it despite this and have ordered another plus the Elle in the same color. Once Elle arrives I will give her a review as well.
    By Chelsey on 2/3/15
  10. Julianne
    I've been wearing Julianne for about a week and am happier with this wig than any others I've worn. I've previously worn Heidi, Elizabeth, Adriana and Courtney, which are all beautiful styles, but this is the #1 wig for me. Why? First of all, I love that it's cut shorter in the back. It's short enough that it doesn't brush up against my collar and frizz. The front, however, is long enough to softly frame the face, and can be pulled back into a half ponytail for a different look. The fiber is extremely soft as well. The curls have loosened a bit, but I like that as it makes the wig more realistic and the curls appear less doll-like, in my opinion. I had the Heidi last year and can say that this wig is WAY better- I felt like the Heidi lost its curl pattern after a few wears, frizzed easily, and was kind of poofy on top. I have not experienced any of those issues with Julianne. But to each their own.

    Aside from logistics, this is a super cute, modern style and it looks very natural, in my opinion. It's a youthful, trendy look but is suitable for a variety of ages. It is also a style that transitions nicely from a professional setting to a night out on the town. Overall, this style is very NOW.

    To care for this wig, I recommend combing only. You can smooth flyaways with some water or by spraying some jon Renau hairspray on your hand and gently shaping the curls the way you want them. I also store mine on a styrofoam head form with the net it originally came in, in order to maintain the curl shape.

    Also, a nice "sister wig" as a straight style for this wig is Elizabeth. The two are virtually the same length in the back (though Julianne is longer in the front) so if you wear the Elizabeth half-back or in a ponytail, it looks like you've "straightened" your hair!
    By lovely01 on 1/15/15
  11. Best. Wig. Ever.
    Seriously, this thing is amazing. awesome curl pattern, 100% handtied, very flattering angled cut. Looks so modern. Worth the $. I recommend parting on the left to get the most out of the style.
    By Lovely locks on 1/7/15
  12. love this style!!
    I love this cap! so comfortable and the style is GREAT! I'm loving the youthful look with out looking like a 6 year old......LOVE this style, always been very happy with all my Jon Renau purchases
    By Debbie on 10/28/14
  13. I love this wig!
    This is a beautiful style. Perfect lace front. The only problem is the price!! Would prefer it to be a wefted wig with a mono part and lace front to lower the cost.


    Hi Annie, we sent your comments and feedback to Jon Renau. They LOVE customer feedback and use recommendations like this to create designs everyone is happy with. Please let us know if we can help you find a different style in a specific price range.
    By Annie on 10/14/14
  14. Best wig I have ever owned
    I wear wigs all the time for the last 5 years as I am almost bald. I am 64 and ordered this first curly wig and boy do I love it and so does my husband and all my friends. Really soft comfortable and the new lace cap is really invisible. Highly recommend.

    By Lu on 9/8/14
  15. Loved it...but care & feeding?
    Beautiful with a great new feel. But after wearing it for a few weeks it needs a shampooing. Also needs something to bring back the curl (it's looking kinda wild). Any tips?
    By Lexicron on 7/1/14
  16. Amazing
    I've worn wigs for years and this one is one of the very best I've ever seen. The cap is almost invisible the hair is so easy to manage and it looks very natural. Definitely a highly recommended hair piece.
    By Betty on 6/27/14
  17. love it
    I really love this piece. Very cool and light to wear. I have gotten so many compliments on it. Very natural and real looking.
    By anne on 6/22/14
  18. Cap size medium only wiggy on top
    I love the wavy style but you can only part it on the side it was made to part on otherwise the hair doesn't fall nicely.
    -One of my friends has the same wig and feels it's wiggy and top heavy. I feel this way too have to smush and smooth it on my head throughout the day to make it stay look like real hair and it still feels too bushy on top.
    -My wig is too small for me but since it doesn't come in a large my wig specialist expanded it a bit but it still doesn't feel like it's going to stay on - there are no clips or anything so you have to tape it or sew your own in.
    -I like the fact that the wig has no wefts so its very light and much cooler than most wefted wigs - as a result of this it is all hand tied and the price reflects that.
    -Last since it's synthetic there's no dying the knots so in rooted or darker colors you get those specs on light skin that you can bleach out with human hair but there's no way to do it with synthetic unless maybe you use dye remover but I am not willing to ruin the piece with my experimentation. Using dermamatch/toppik customizing the hair line and cutting in baby hairs is about all you can do in this case to try to disguise the hair line. Or you can just get a blonde that isn't rooted and the knots will be light already.
    By Eliza on 6/18/14
  19. Not my favorite
    I was really looking forward to getting this wig but I am a little disappointed. It's beautiful but like another reviewer said it is top heavy and looks longer to me than it does in the picture. I will probably thin it out and trim it.
    By Stephanie on 6/12/14
  20. a bit disappointed
    The top is a bit heavy. I had to thin it out. The cap did not feel secure so I had to sew in a comb in the front and two clips in the back to secure the wig to my hair. Otherwise the wig is OK.
    I like JR wigs but will stick with the open wefted monofilament wigs from him. They seem to be a better fit for me. Returning did not make sense due to the company's restocking fees and s/h fees. Otherwise would have returned this particular wig.
    By ikm on 6/1/14
  21. i give it 5 stars
    this is my new favorite wig. it looks so real! i will definitely get another.
    By paula on 4/25/14
  22. Love Julianne!
    I wear wigs all of the time by choice. My own hair just won't do what I want! This is my first hand-tied lace front wig and I love it. It's so light feels like you aren't wearing a wig. I had bangs cut into my Julianne and it's working wonderfully. I will definitely buy another!
    By Nana on 12/2/-1

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