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Kristen | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless, Lace Front
  • SKU: JR5385

Availability: In stock

List Price: $190.40

Price: Price: $161.84

Kristen by Jon Renau | Color FS26/31S6-Salted Caramel
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  1. Kristen
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wig. I bought it in my color 60 Winter Sun, pure white. It is extremely realistic looking and vey comfortable to wear. The only thing I wish is that it had a monofilament part or top.

    By Pearl on 7/17/16
  2. Love this wig!
    I recently shaved my head due to alopecia areata, and rapid hair loss. I'd spent $350 on a Raquel Welch wig, which doesn't even come close to the value, comfort, and believability of my new Jon Renau Kristen! It is so comfortable that I actually forget I'm wearing anything. For the price, it's an exceptional deal. The lace front is perfect. It has one slightly "wiggy" spot on the crown about an inch wide. However, if it were monofilament, it would be quite a bit more expensive, and I can't even notice it once it's on.

    I bought 12fs8 Shaded praline. I will be buying a couple more in different colors!
    By Susan on 7/13/16
  3. First wig purchase
    This is the first wig I've ever purchased or worn and I like it. The color is great but I was surprised at the shedding. Maybe that goes away over time. I also am having a hard time keeping it out of my eyes. Any suggestions? I've tried wetting it and it stays put for about 30 seconds then is falling in my face again. I've heard that wigs can settle down after being worn a bit so maybe that's the key. I'm a novice so have no idea what to expect or how to make adjustments :-)

    By Katie on 4/4/16
  4. I love it!
    I already reviewed this in 8RH14. I loved it so much that I ordered it in 8/32 or cocoa bean. This wig has the same excellent quality as the first Kristen I purchased. It's easy to wear, easy to finger style, easy to wear off the face, and easy to wash. The lace front on it is very convincing. It's a basic, beautiful bob that is my everyday hair. The cocoa bean color more closely approximates my hair color than any of JR's other colors. People always call my hair dark brown. I never realized how much dark red or auburn is blended into my hair color because cocoa bean is ridiculously close to what nature gave me. I think this is a great wig that most women will get serious mileage out of. I've had my first Kristen for well over a month, and washing it makes it almost as good as new. Lots of people haven't noticed that I'm wearing a wig when I wear this one. I feel like me again.
    By Brunette Wig Wearer on 3/30/16
  5. My Forever Wig
    I love Kristen. I tried Elle last week due to my hair seriously thinning from medication. Elle is a nice wig, but it was sooo much hair for my petite stature. So I decided to give Kristen a try. Not only do I love it, but my husband loves it as well.
    Kristen is cute and simple. It has a nice density, not too thick or thin--which means people won't be left wondering if its my hair or not. It does shine, but I don't think it's an unnatural shine at all. I think it looks like really healthy hair or just colored hair. The hairline is much more convincing than the Elle. The Elle was sparse enough that I didn't want to do "off the face" styling whereas with the Kristen, I totally can. Also, Elle rubbed on my collar and frayed and tangled. Kristen is short enough that my clothes can't hurt the fibers!
    Jon Renau has been a little difficult to match my color in. I'm in between a medium and dark brown. My Elle was a 6 which was a little harsh for my fair skin. I did the Kristen in 8RH14 which is slightly too light. Well, at it's current price point, I can afford to buy the Kristen again and again. I hope this wig is never discontinued. It has helped me to feel attractive again after numerous health problems. When I go to the store now, I get looks from men again...and my husband is happy with my new choice, too!
    By Brunette Wig Wearer on 3/9/16
  6. Don't love it
    The only reason I'm giving Kristen 4 stars is that the color is really pretty (Rasperry Twist, 6/33); has nice density (not too thick or too thin); looks a lot like the photo; nice ready to wear lace front; I can wear glasses without them digging into my ears if I put my own hair up just right. Otherwise, the style is blah and it is too shiny. I had to spray on dry shampoo to tone down the unnatural shine. Perhaps, the shine dulls with shampooing and wear over time? I wore it a few times before doing this review. No compliments. Still don't love this wig. I'd read so many great reviews about JR wigs and wanted to try one. Glad I waited for a sale because this wig is just so so for me. I will wear it only because I can't exchange it at this point. Hope this isn't representative of the JR brand.

    By Stacey on 2/20/16
  7. Help with color?
    This is my first wig purchase! I am so happy with the feel, the price, the thickness, everything except the color. I was way off! Those little squares just don't give me enough to work with. Can somebody help pick a more suitable color. I chose Shaded Mocha and it is too ashey-blonde. Thanks! I really appreciate the headguard and the exchange policy.

    By Lou on 1/28/16
  8. Cute, Simple, and Short!
    I love the cut, color, and style. It's easy to get ready in the morning and essentially just shake it out and go. The color looks so nice that you will get compliments and people will ask you where you got your hair done. It just happens.

    I haven't had the wig long, and as this is my first Jon Renau I can't comment on quality. But like many new wigs, it's soft and has great movement. I have total hair loss so thickness of the wig, is fine with me. I don't think it's too "wiggy".

    Also I do next to nothing to style my wigs - and they look great even straight out of the box!

    The picture is color: 12FS8

    I chose this wig because of the reviews I read on here! And it's great :)

    By Carissa on 12/2/15
  9. Love at first wear
    This is my first wig and I'm so impressed! I'm battling androgenic alopecia and PCOS. I'm so thankful for this wig for helping me feel like myself again. I will definitely buy another Kristen and my color is "Carmel Ribbons"

    By Christie on 11/17/15
  10. 1st wig and I love it!
    I sewed in wig clips for stability. It felt like it was going to pop off without them. It wouldn't have, but try telling my nerves that!

    The color 12FS8 matches my own hair color so well that everyone just assumes I'd just gotten a great haircut. It was strange walking around all day knowing my hair was in place and that I looked great.
    By Skye on 11/4/15
  11. Love it
    This is my first Jon Renau and I love it! I have battled Alopecia for years and it finally took enough hair i had to wear wigs. I'm happy with Kristen and my only complaint is it's not mono-top. I have 12FS8

    By Jennifer on 10/30/15
  12. Beautiful color 12FS 8
    The photo does not show the zig zag part on top. It looks like I just came from the salon. Very comfortable my head is large.
    By Val on 10/29/15
  13. Added a photo for my review
    Am adding a photo so you can see how it looks on a 'real' person.

    By Sydney on 9/19/15
  14. Yup! This works great!
    This is my first wig and I'm SO pleased. I wore it out of the box yesterday for the first time, to have lunch with my daughter...who just saw me last week. I'm 69 and worried it would look too young for my old face, but I cannot believe it, but my daugther didn't even know I was wearing a wig. She said, "Wow, you got your hair done! You look just like you did as I remember you when I was a kid!". I thought that was the most amazing, spontaneous comment. We continued our afternoon together and even had lunch on a patio in the bright sunshine. She didn't 'twig to the wig'. I think it's because I pulled a section back revealing my own hairline underneath. It really does look quite realistic, I guess, although I feel still, a bit self consious in it. My hair is totally a mes from over processing, too much sun this summer. I'm so glad I chose this one!
    A great and versatile style.
    By Sydney on 9/19/15
  15. love this wig
    I wasn't sure if I would like this wig. buying off the internet you just don't know what your getting. But I got to say I love this wig. Lots of compliments. The only thing I had to do with it was to thin out the wig and cut bangs a little shorter. I totally recommend this wig. Illmbe buying it again.
    By Michelle on 6/29/15
  16. Wearing wigs saves time and money!
    Kristen looks very natural. It has a shine that looks like healthy hair. When I put it on it looks like I spent hours flat-ironing when all I did was shake it out, slip it on and pull out some of my own hair in front. I have dry, dull-looking hair which takes me hours to flat-iron and still end up unhappy :( I love the higlights in 1BRH30. The cap is comfortable. The parting does not have that much permanent tease showing which makes it even more natural-looking. It even fooled mother! Definitely will order another when this one wears out. Thanks, Jon Renau, for being quality-oriented.
    By Kristen on 6/20/15
  17. Great first wig
    For someone with severe alopecia, this wig was my second attempt at a wig, the first with lace. It was comfortable, and a little wiggy (I thinned it out to make it look a little less wiggy). This was my first time with front lace and I loved it. This wig has turned me on to lace wigs and I wish the lace went further (not just forehead, but surrounding face). I also added baby hairs (see You tube tutorials) to make it look more realistic. Everyone loved my 'new haircut' and no one has noticed. I am tough on my wigs and after one washing and sleeping it in once or twice, the hair is a little rough and it's not as pretty as when I first got it. I wish it it had better stay power…
    By Jen on 4/16/15
  18. Gorgeous Wig!
    I LOVE this wig!!! It's the second wig I've bought (first was the Ellen Wille Code Mono), but I am so in love with the style & length of this one. I feel like I just walked out of the salon with a swishy soft new cut!! Highly recommend!!
    By Caroline on 3/5/15
  19. Natural
    This is the first wig I have bought for my self. I absolutely love it. Its not too thin and the lace front makes it look natural. You cannot even tell its a wig. I have it in the color 4 and its the perfect shade of brown It matches my natural hair color perfectly. I was nervous about buying my first wig and I'm so glad I got the Kristen and I will definitely buy it again.
    By Jolene on 9/27/14
  20. Feel like ME again
    This was my first wig purchase. I was nervous about how real it would look and the color choice. I chose the 12FS8 because it seemed to be closest to my natural color. I love it. The color is perfect and the cut is so cute. I have had a lot of compliments and it actually looks like my God given hair. :) Will be buying more.

    By Angel on 7/23/14
  21. love the length and cut
    The color 12fs8 is a beautiful blend with the darker roots that are very realistic. I am considering bangs but the one length is sophisticated can't make up my mind. Gave 4 stars cause it is slightly shiny. All in all it's a keeper. My first chemo is 2 weeks away. These beautiful wigs and excellent customer service are really appreciated !
    By qkrazy on 7/3/14
  22. Fabulous
    I love this wig! Not too thick so looks very natural. I like the combination of the lace front and perma tease to give the style just a little lift but not too much. I get compliments on my 32F color all the time.
    By Rebecca on 10/31/13
  23. great wig
    I have worn wigs for about 12 years now and I absolutely love this wig! I normally wear a human hair wig (Carrie from Jon Renau) but I got the Kristen to wear when I am just running errands or I dont feel like styling my Carrie wig. I took Kristen with me on my vacation to Hawaii so I wouldn't have to pack all of my hair products and tools. I love it! so easy to wear and take care of! I love Jon Renau wigs I won't wear anything else!
    By Danielle P on 9/24/13
  24. Love it
    Kristen is one of my favorites. I have it in 12FS8. The hair is soft and silky. The rooted color looks very natural. I love the cut. The lace front lays down smooth and looks natural and is comfortable. The cap is light and comfortable. I would have given this wig 5 stars if it were a mono top. Also not a fan of the perma tease. It shows a little in the crown. The first day I wore it out I got a compliment on how pretty my hair was.

    By Patricia on 8/5/13
  25. Beautiful
    I have this wig in color 12FS8 It is a rooted color dark roots with a mix of very blonde shades. It does not have a mono top but if you get a rooted color you will never miss it. The rooted area gives the appearance of a part. Shines a little not much. You will love it. It is a flirty cut can look dressy or work style. Lace is natural looking.
    By Chris on 7/11/13

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