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Lizzy by Rene of Paris

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP2347

Availability: In stock

List Price: $120.00

Price: Price: $84.00

Lizzy by Rene of Paris: Color Harvest-Gold
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  1. My 2nd Lizzy
    Boy, do I love this wig! It's so much like my former hairstyle before my hair thinned. This color is Maple Sugar and it's really great. If I could I'd order 5 more in red, a darker brown and who knows what. It's very comfortable and I feel like my old self. This is a side shot so you can see how great it looks.

    By Mary on 3/3/16
  2. Looks great!
    Wow, what an awesome, razored look! I ordered this in Strawberry Swirl. I thought it would be a little redder but I still like it. It's lighter at the top and darker at the nape. I am 67 and my hair has lost its richness and thickness and I have decided that wigs are the way to go when you want to feel better about your hair. The hair was a little rough looking on top, but a little styling paste took care of that. I am wondering what I'd look like in a darker color in this style now. The hair isn't too thin or too thick. I like it!

    By Mary on 2/25/16
  3. lizzy
    My 69th birthday is tomorrow. I have always loved wigs. I have spent a lot of time and money buying "bob" wigs. I have had some positive comments. My thinking was that a bob would block by jowls.

    I wore Lizzy, and holy cow, I cannot tell you how many compliments I have had--you look so young! You finally have your own hair. For any adult lady who is considering a spiky wig--do it. The picture on the website does not do it justice.
    By virginia on 2/17/16
  4. Best wig ever
    My favorite wig. Nobody knows it's a wig. I have had grey, blonde, brown. I have a small head and it works for me. Cute, cute, cute. I have a lot of pain in my hands and arms and this is the best way to have great hair. 2 minutes from sad to PERFECT! What do you think?

    By Sandy on 10/2/15
  5. Long time favorite wig
    This is my go to wig I wear every day to work. I always get compliments and when and if I do tell people it's a wig - they are shocked, but I'm so very delighted!!!
    By Rose on 9/3/15
  6. fantastic
    I never really had short hair but after chemo, I had no choice. I get compliments all the time and no one knows it's a wig. Ordering another one in a different color.
    By Helen on 7/19/15
  7. My Go To Wig-Creamy Toffee Rooted
    I wear this wig every day and at one point or another someone always stops and tells me they love my hair and or they wish they could wear theirs that way. It has lots of high and low lights, a really rich blend of colors, soft around the face. I have an Ultra Petite head and this fits perfectly, and is lightweight and comfortable all day. It is effortless style! I spritz with Brilliant Shine, shake it, pop it on and finger style to suit my mood. I have it in several colors and there is some variation in how the caps fit but the Creamy Toffee Rooted and the Ginger HiLight fit the best. But I really am a Creamy Toffee Rooted fan.

    By Leslie on 5/6/15
  8. Purrfit !!
    Finally I found a wig that works and looks natural! The color apricot frost is just the right color for me. No one else has this color. I would love to see more short wigs in this color. Works great at the beach. Thank you for making my day!!
    By patricia on 3/25/15
  9. No one knows!
    I have worn this style for years - and no one knows I wear a wig unless I tell them. It's easy to style, cute and perky! You can use Tressemme #4 hairspray on it - no problem. When you clean it, spray it with windex first to dissolve all the hairspray. Then wash it out with cool water and wash as you regularly would. Your wig will be much shinier after using windex. This tip was given to me by the owner of a wig salon. You can also put a little bit of Dawn dish detergent into the wig shampoo to get the wig super clean - it's very gentle. Never wear your wig around the oven - I learned the hard way! The heat will make them frizz and nothing will get rid of it - it's ruined. If you have people for dinner, your hubby or friend needs to take things out of the oven for you!
    By gayle on 1/3/15
  10. My husband says it's the sexiest wig I have!
    This is my "go to wig". I'm going to order some more colors. Love it!

    By Diana on 9/4/14
  11. Chic for an older lady too
    Love it! I bought another the other day always receive compliments...I am over 60. Will buy another in coffee latte in a couple months LOOKS REALLY CHIC.!!!..when my granddaughter visits if I am slow getting ready my granddaughter says to me: MIMI just put your hair on and let's go !!!!
    By A Mimi Over 60 on 8/19/14
  12. love this short spiky summer look
    Super wig great fit! I have a small head and this wig looks so natural I never fail to receive compliments on my new summer hairdo.
    By Patty on 8/7/14
  13. o..m...g
    By MELODIE on 7/30/14
  14. Awesome style
    Would like more choice of colours. Honey Blonde is too yellow. Love the style however
    By Elizabeth Garcia on 7/29/14
  15. lizzy
    It does seem a bit snug. But it sure looks good on may people like my hair they cannot tell it is a wig.
    By Jannie on 7/17/14
  16. Love it
    Just love lizzy I have 3 and want another . . . . no one can tell it is a wig!
    By joy on 7/14/14
  17. I love this wig.
    This is a very natural style. It looks so much like my own hair that my friends sometimes ask if it's me or the wig. I usually have trouble with itching when the wig is new but then after a few washings the itching goes away. The style and fit are great for me. Usually my hairdresser trims my wigs because there is always too much hair for me but this one needed no trimming. It was perfect out of the box.
    By KR on 6/27/14
  18. Love it!
    My hair has just started thinning and I bought this wig. I really like the feel of it. sometimes I forget I have a wig on. How do you style it. Im afraid to put hair spray on it
    By Debbie on 6/19/14
  19. Cute Style
    I just received this wig and absolutely love it. I got the maple sugar color and it really looks so natural not like a wig. It is a little small but it fits okay. I might get another in a different color.
    By Carol on 3/26/14
  20. nice but too short on sides
    Cute style just too darn short on the sides. They could have left it just a little longer. I took the advice of another and brought some of my own hair down on the side. It is not too long but certainly longer than what is on the wig. It looks pretty nice even though my silver hair is not the same color as the silver stone color on the wig. Because there is some silver in the wig however it does look natural.
    All in all I'm pretty happy with it.
    By Jean on 3/13/14
  21. One of the best
    Lizzy is a terrific wig. It's chic realistic and a total winner. I especially love the little detail of how they finished the sides of this. The strands are sewn very close to the mesh from the INSIDE of the wig and if you will take a tined wig comb and edge them out you can easily blend with your own side hair making it completely natural on the sides. Such a nice design. I just ordered a backup in Silverstone and I have to say although I have this color in many different styles this is Silverstone done right and I believe it has to do with the cut which really showcases the ombre effect.
    By Barbara on 11/8/13
  22. Love Lizzy
    So this is the second Lizzy wig I've bought. I have the moccachino which I bought 5 years ago. Still looks great but I wanted a bit lighter -- called the telephone number and spoke to a representative -- she was wonderful and guided me to Spring Honey. It looks highlighted and the same cut as my hair before chemo.
    By Carol on 10/4/13
  23. lizzy
    I think the wig is very natural looking and no one will know its a wig. I like it because of the more updated short hair cut feel.. All my friends wanted to try it on and a few went out and cut their hair short after trying it on. I had 100% approval by both male and female. It doesn't look like a wig it looks at it a style you want wear with you jeans or a dress.
    Down side. The wig cap seems snug and I have a pretty small head. The straps to adjust seems to problem and I had to undo them and remove the stitching expand it. The cap could use a extra 1/2" width so the a person can tighten or loosen it to their comfort. my color was creamy blonde.

    By Mary on 9/26/13
  24. Sophicated and classy!!!
    I wish I could find it in iced mocha. I love this wig!!!!
    By Roberta on 9/20/13
  25. Cute Style
    I really like this style. It's youthful and fresh looking. The only complaint I had were the adjustable tabs; they did not stick very well. That's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. They need to fix this.
    By MrsD on 9/10/13
  26. Lizzy awesome and a saay and Fun hair do!
    Love this style No one has a clue this is a wig many compliments Love color style !! So Much fun. thank you

    By Debra on 8/9/13
  27. a million times prettier in person!
    This wig is soooo cute! it is so much prettier than in the photos.
    i got this is Maple Sugar and it is the most beautiful color.
    it is a must have
    By Lana Hurt on 2/27/13

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