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Mid Top Extension by Tabatha Coffey | HOW

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Hair Extension
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Clip-In
  • SKU: HW1253

Availability: In stock

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  1. Friz
    This is the second one I bought since I thought it was I who ruined the wig by using too much heat. So, I bought the second one determined to be extra careful when curling it. Still frizzed up. I only used sponge rollers, hot water, and a hair dryer on low. I found two other toppers at literally 1/3 of the price that I like so much, much better! (A low price does not mean you wont like what you get. I just have to put up with straight hair instead of the beach waves I desired.) I could have gotten a human hair topper for not a whole lot more than I paid for this. Pretty much a rip off! There is very little hair with this topper and the base is very small, so that might be an issue for a lot of people. It didn't blend in at all when left straight.
    By Anne on 6/10/15
  2. Love this piece!
    I bought the golden brown and it looks like natural human hair. I like it so much that I bought a second one. I had my hairdresser cut bangs into both of them. With the first one I had my hairdresser blow dry it straight and its "my everyday casual piece. "With the other one we let it stay wavy and I wear it when I get dressed up.
    By Patricia on 12/30/14
  3. mid top extension
    This hairpiece has literally saved my life! I am thinning drastically on top…and it has given me back my confidence. No one knows I'm wearing it…it looks totally natural and the colour matches my own hair perfectly. The base is small…so I forget I'm even wearing it! I did add two extra clips on the sides (from the multitudes of pieces I have bought that don't work!) which makes it feel more secure. I've even worn it while on a speed boat this summer…no worries!

    By Brooke on 12/10/14
  4. WOW
    When I opened the box I went WOW. I have a lot of hair pieces but non the quality of this one. The color shown online was the same and what I received and matches my hair perfectly. I use it for height and volume at the top of my head and that is exactly what this piece does for me. I love it so much I'm going to order another one for straight styles and one for curly styles. Happy shopping
    By Mary Ellen on 9/25/14
  5. Mid top extension
    I am giving this piece a 0 rating. For us females with thinned hair with some scalp showing. It does not work.
    1) the piece does not have much hair
    2) the part on the topper is not even a part it isn't even noticeable and it only about 1/2 inches.
    3) if you do have thinned hair especially in the front it is very noticeable.
    This topper is good for those with hair and want to look thicker. I would not recommend at all. Waste of 148.00.
    By M on 9/20/14
  6. Mid top extension
    How can you tell the blonde colors # 153 from # 160... They do not say what color blonde they are as the one the model is wearing in video is that 153 or 160? They look so close in color I would like a description of the colors. Many thanks.
    By Bobbye on 7/13/14
  7. thin hair fix
    l love this works great on my thin hair.
    By Robbie on 5/31/14
  8. Mid-top Extension
    This piece is of good quality and the texture/ color/shading is very natural. I think my natural hair is a bit too short for this piece as I cannot style it to blend with my hair. I was successful in styling it in an upsweep style once which looked quite nice for an evening out. i have been unsuccessful in replicating the style.
    By Kathleen Brewster on 1/6/14

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