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Short Bob Monofilament Wigs Style

Monofilament Wigs

A weightless feel and natural appearance are only a few of the many advantages when wearing monofilament wigs. The range of color and style that monofilament wigs offer is endless.

Among the many ready-to-wear wig options available on the market, monofilament wigs are distinct due to their unique traits and benefits. Mono-Part, Mono-Top and Mono-Crown all refer to types of monofilament wig cap constructions. Whether you've experienced complete or partial hair loss, these wigs are considered the best choice due to their light weight, comfort and styling options. This is extremely important if your hair loss is caused by medical illness and your scalp is more sensitive to weight and temperature. Women with these concerns find the monofilament construction and quality in these wigs the ideal solution.

The biggest misconception about monofilament is that it identifies the way the cap is constructed rather than the materials from which it's made.

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The monofilament materials are available in wide ranges of texture, referring to either fine monofilament or welded monofilament. The construction of a monofilament wig consists of a thin mesh nylon fabric that resembles a natural scalp. This fine material is exceptionally preferable because it allows proper ventilation, leaving less heat trapped underneath the wig, reducing friction on the scalp. The manufacturer ultimately decides on the type of monofilament material to be used based on durability and preference. Many wig caps offer a combination of monofilament and other materials to enhance the overall product features.

Monofilament Wigs: The Illusion of Natural Hair Growth

These wigs give the illusion of natural hair growth since the sheerness of the fabric at the scalp blends in with the actual color of the skin. For that reason, this construction makes the wig virtually undetectable. Monofilamet wigs show a natural looking part at the scalp The monofilament construction ensures that even if the wig hair is styled and parted in a different direction, the wig's construction will not be revealed. Combined, the thinness of the fabric and the sheer color will make you forget you are wearing a wig at all!

Different wig brands refer to their monofilament constructions using varying terms, but they are all made the same way. Using two different methods, hand-tied and machine-sewn, monofilament wigs are crafted to give the wig's style the appearance of natural hair-growth from the scalp. This is why many refer to monofilament wigs as "skin wigs". In a hand-tied construction, each hair is individually sewn onto a specific area of the wig cap's base, depending where the appearance of natural growth is needed. One of the advantages of hand-tying each hair is that it tightly secures the hair strands to the material, reducing the amount of shedding. This technique is a main contributor to the most realistic looking wig styles because it allows the movement of the hair to begin at the scalp. Machine-sewn monofilament wigs have the same benefits as a hand-tied, but instead of single hairs, small groups of hair are tied together. This reduces the amount of movement achieved by a hand-tied wig, but will make the wig less expensive to create.

Monofilament Wigs: Always Fashionable

All of these attributes make monofilament wigs extremely attractive to customers, which in turn make monofilament wigs readily available. The many characteristics offered by monofilament wigs are the most convenient to achieve your desired style. Never far behind, these wigs are constantly updated with the latest style in hair fashion. Popular name-brand wigs carry monofilament wigs in all types of styles. The wide variety of styles available expand from short to long, wavy to curly, straight to layered is truly unlimited.

A fashionable lasting impression is easily achievable with these wig products as with real hair. You are sure to find your favorite color and style among the endless monofilament wig collections!

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