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Natalie by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless
  • SKU: JR5374

Availability: In stock

List Price: $125.80

Price: Price: $106.93

Natalie by Jon Renau | Color 12FS8
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  1. 2 nd review on Natalie
    I joust received my 2nd Natalie today, my first was in Toasted Marshmallow, this one is in the color Shaded Sun, in my opinion it is so much better to get the rooted ones, they look way more natural ! I love the Shaded Sun color, I also got Rosie in Shaded Sun, but the Natalie looks al little more lighter, I love it ! Going to order Natalie in one of the new chocolate colors, I love Natalie, and Blaire, and Rosie ! Great styles for me ! Thanks Jon Renau !
    By Denise on 3/4/16
  2. Additional photo
    Here is an additional photo to go with my previous review.

    By Marie on 1/19/16
  3. Attractive wig
    This is one of my go to wigs in Shaded Praline (the other is Madison by Noriko in Mocha H). I like to pump up the volume with Style and Hold Hairspray, and it has some layers that make a "messier" look possible. I don't need to trim or customize the wig. I always feel good in it and get many compliment.

    By Marie on 1/19/16
  4. Natalie
    I just received my Natalie, after 3 days only ! Shipping is very fast , that said, this is my 4th Jon Renau wig, and I just cannot get enough of his products ! The best ! I love my wig, and so does my husband, and my daughters, I haven't been out yet, as I just put it on, I cut the bangs just a little, and the right side, so beautiful, I have a Jazz in Toasted Marshmellow, the blonde colors are great ! Best part you don't have to go to the salon and get charged a couple hundred dollars for them to try and get the colors you want, Iam going to be ordering this in browns for winter, see what that is like ! I love changing it up ! You will NOT regret getting this wig, does not look like a wig at all !! Have fun girls ! And Iam 61 yrs old, just makes you feel so good to have great looking hair !
    By DEDE on 8/11/15
  5. HUGE!!
    I've been wearing wigs for about two years, but this was my first Jon Renau order. A friend was wearing the Natalie which was adorable, and I tried it on. I was impressed with how light weight it was and decided to order one for myself. was an easy site to use, and I was very happy to get it during a sale. Couldn't wait til she arrived ! But...

    I've never thought my head was particularly small. but when Natalie arrived and I tried it on I couldn't believe how large it was! It was downright ridiculous, even with the tabs pulled tighter it only made the cap a huge bubble on the crown of my head. My friend's Natalie fit me just fine. So I called customer service, who were very nice and very helpful, and reordered it in Petite. I'm so grateful she comes in petite! I was happy with the replacement, and am reviewing it on that page.

    I'm not sure I'll order Jon Renau again, if their cap sizes are so unpredictable.
    By Mary on 5/21/15
  6. Nice wig but needed fixing.
    First of all, I didn't purchase Natalie by but from another company. I did have the same problem as the first review by Rose. The back laid horribly. I tried washing it and that didn't work. I finally contacted the place I purchased it from and they said to ship it back and they would fix it by steaming the back. When it was returned it was perfect. I wrote this review hoping Rose sees it and maybe his will work for her.
    By Marilyn on 11/12/14
  7. Quality Check please!
    Like one comment said I got a 'lemon'. When I wear a wig I want my hair to look better not worse. As soon as I got this one out of the box I knew there was something wrong. The front looks and feels fine like my other Jon Renau. But the back looks like a rug! Frizzy fibers stick out just over the slope of the nape of the neck. Imagine it like those palm-covered umbrellas with the husked edges shading a picinic table! I'll pat it down when I see my back in the mirror but after a while the fibers stick out again! I'll try trimming it and hope for the best. I washed and conditioned the wig which tamed the frizz a little but I still hate it. I don't think I'll ever wear this out! The structure of the back is too elongated! And mind you the back of my head is flat! The looong two weeks it took to arrive together with the cost of shipping it back did not make returning the wig an option for me. Donating it might! See how it goes. One request? Would it be so much trouble to have a quality check before shipping your products to your clients? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
    By Rose on 10/1/14
  8. perfect cut
    Was very impressed with the styling and cut. Ordered the shaded praline and the rooted look is so realistic. Natalie is light weight and comfy. Really can't complain. It's a great little wig for the price perfect out of the box as cute as the pictures show. Thanks for the great customer service won't buy any where else.
    By qkrazy on 7/9/14
  9. Best purchase I have ever made!
    This is such a lovely style & the shaded praline colour is perfect for meI get so many complments.I am so happy! I have 4 the same as i wear one every day
    By Louise on 6/16/14
  10. Adorable shape.
    Natalie is a wig you can put on everyday. Now there is the adjusting of the bangs to your liking. I have two Nats and have experimented on one to make the bangs even more wispy with point cutting (vertical cutting with scissors) that gave me a wonderful dirty bang. Other than little customization this wig is long-lasting.
    I think that's because that while you get nice length in the front the back is bevelled and short enough that it won't rub against your collar. This really helps to keep the back from tangling into a stiff mess. The neckline look natural sleek and fitted even after three months of wear. The color I purchases was FS10 a chestnut brown with chunky blonde highlights. This color seems to be on the way to being discontinued. Too bad. I like my wigs to have noticeable contrasting colors to break up the wig. Chunking might be too much now. But contrast streaks are important.
    Next I will be trying Jon Renau's Jenny. It's similar but has a lace front and is a bit longer. I'm also going to try it in a rooted color (and we'll see how this works with the lace!). I'm hoping the rooted color will substitute for the purpose of the chunking and add more realism (gonna try shaded praline my first blonde!. I'll let y'all know how it turns out.
    By Joan on 9/3/13
  11. Natalie - Shaded Praline
    i love this cut and color. my hair would never look like this. very cute wig and i love the Shaded Praline color very natural.

    By Lynn on 8/8/13
  12. finally found a wig i love!
    I finally found a wig I love! I wore it to the beauty shop to get it cut and everyone was complimenting me they could not believe it was a wig! I had to take it off to show them! I'm so happy!
    By SB on 4/8/13

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