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Natalie Petite by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Petite
  • Cap Construction: Capless
  • SKU: JR5149

Availability: In stock

List Price: $125.80

Price: Price: $106.93

Petite Natalie by Jon Renau | Color 12FS8
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  1. SUPER comfortable and well-fitting petite cap, but a lot of permatease.
    After years of losing my hair, I started wearing wigs about a year ago. It has been a learning experience. Once I figured out that I needed a petite cap, that narrowed things down a lot. But I still find many of the caps scratchy. This one is the best I've tried.

    Pros: This cap fits better and is EXTREMELY comfortable. I actually forget I have it on, which I can't say about other wigs. It's not scratchy. It doesn't move around (and I don't wear a wig cap and have very little natural hair left). It's fairly cool.

    Cons: I'm not crazy about the style (personal preference) as I like more coverage on the sides. It barely covers the tops of my ears. There is a lot of permatease all over the top and it's pretty visible. The fibers don't move much and feel a bit stiff to me. It softened up some after washing and soaking in fabric softener..

    Color: I got 30A27S4. I would not call this color red -- the overall effect is med/light reddish brown with reddish gold highlights. The roots are very dark. It's a pretty color, but I prefer a little more red.

    By Katherine on 7/9/16
  2. So pleased
    Excited but nervous to buy a wig, especially on the web. I can't say enough about how great it is to read other buyer reviews as it helped in my decision. I love this Natalie wig and the petite size is perfect for my tiny head. The color is fabulous (Color 12FS8) The synthetic hair feels soft and smooth like it is real hair! I've had it on since I received it and it is so comfortable that I forget I have it on. I only wished that we had a choice for which side the part is on. But that is a minor issue. I'm sure I'll be buying another of Jon Renau style.

    By Stephanie on 5/19/16
  3. Great value, beautiful color
    I am trying to negotiate the land of wigs... This is my favorite purchase so far. I love the color 12FS8.

    I could go smaller still than this petite size, but it is a major improvement over regular size Jon renau for my very small head. I find the wig to be very comfortable; more so than lace fronts, which I find itchy. The nape of the neck stays nice so far; my fit issue is more around my ears where the extra material bunches and makes my 'ear tucking' a little less natural looking, and just being big overall makes it look like a wig on me, but overall I think most will not have that problem, and it is nonetheless the wig I like most of the ones I have.

    A big improvement would be a monofilament part, but I did not dock any stars for that since the price is appropriate for the construction. My next wig will have a monofilament part, though. I did dab some concealer on the parted areas- this helps but will not hold up to close scrutiny.

    I would like to include photos from different angles, since I find the consumer photos to be so helpful, except I can only seem to include one, darn. My color is 12FS8- I also ordered 10/26TTS4, a darker color that I imagined would suit me better, but it was too ashy and cast green on me- it looked amazing on the other reviewer Avivia, though.

    By LauraL on 2/4/16
  4. Luv it!
    I am new to wigs, and REALLY new to ordering them online!

    By Avivia on 12/10/15
  5. 10/226TTS4 I love it!
    Not the best picture but I'm really happy with how this wig looks and the way it fits. I'm wearing a hair band with it until I figure out how to calm the poofiness at the top down a little (this is my first wig and this is straight out of the box). Some of the hair is tucked behind the ears.

    I'm very thrilled (and relieved) with this purchase!
    By Amy on 8/27/15
  6. Another JR Winner!
    This is Natalie Petite and if you have a small head circumference you will be pleased with the fit of this wig. The color is "Shaded Sun" and the rooted color makes it sassy and funky. This wig required very little tweaking and all I had done to it was feathered the bangs to make them shorter and a bit wispy.

    Jon Renau just makes "great" wigs!

    By Connie on 8/17/15
  7. My new fav!!
    This is my first Jon Renau. I ordered the petite and it fits perfectly. My color is Cocoa Twist. May order again in a red as I've always worn RW Reds. Will definitely have a couple of the Natalie

    By Linda on 8/11/15
  8. I'm Lucky to Have Found Natalie
    This wig is absolutely fantastic. I have a very small head but it fits me perfectly. I have purchased 6 Natalie's petites in 12FS8 because I am so afraid it will be discontinued! People have stopped me on the street to comment on my hair style and color because it is so sassy and cute and no one even believes it's a wig. It has totally changed my life making me look better AND saving me so much hair prep time. I am forever grateful!
    By Ann on 8/28/14
  9. very satisfied
    This wig looks even better in real life than on the website. I put a picture of me with this wig on face book and the feedback is everyone loves my new hairstyle! It's easy to wear it feels comfortable and it's the first time I bought a petite and it is amazing to finally have a wig that fits perfect!

    By Renee on 10/3/13
  10. So light and perfect color
    I bought the petite because my head is somewhat flat on the back and I didn't want a lot of extra room on the inside of the cap. This wig is super cute with the asymmetrical cut. Love the color 12FS8 for matching closely my natural highlighted color. It really is flattering to my round face and although I did trim a tiny bit off the bangs it is just a perfect edgy modern cut. I first saw this wig on YouTube (Patty's Pearls)
    By Connie L on 8/22/13

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