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Power by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Petite, Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $159.00

Price: Price: $135.15

Power by Raquel Welch | Color: R28S
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  1. lasted 1 month
    I repurchased this wig to replace one that got singed. We left the following day of receipt on vacation. I wore it everyday on a three week cruise through the Panama Canal. The weather was very hot at times. When we arrived back home I found the hairs around my face had the same singed look, making it look fake. It was never exposed to any heat except the weather, I am very disappointed
    By ecisseefre on 10/15/16
  2. Just right
    I have lost all of my hair in the front part of my head, which probably helps make the fit just right for me. The red color is perfect and I was finding that hard to come by lately.

    This is the second time I have purchased this wig. The first one got singed when I was barbequing, so be careful around flames. I noticed the new wig came with this warning.

    I'm quite happy with my purchase.
    By Linda on 4/1/16
    I agree with Fran...Petite/Average is tight. I have seen a few responses to the size of Power. Do you think you will ever offer "AVERAGE" size. I love all of her wigs.
    By RD on 9/10/15
  4. Fantastic!
    I wear my hair short and wash it every day but on the weekends I just don't feel like going through the whole routine (wash, blow dry, style). I've been tossing around getting a wig for awhile now and finally took the very glad I did. This is great right out of the box, easy to style, a little edgy but not over the top. Love it so much that I'm getting another.

    By Bernadette on 3/25/15
    I have a small head and ordered this wig because I thought it would be petite. It says cap size is petite. The wig was huge on me, It was not stitched very well on the front of the wig. The hair would not lay down in the bang area. I also thought I had 14 days to return it, and I only had 10. I missed the return date (which I admit was my fault). I would like to exchange it for another one, and I plan to call to see if they will allow this.


    We look forward to contacting you in regards to your item. Our Customer Service manager has been sent your review and email address. Thank you for choosing!
    By Mary Beth on 2/2/15
  6. Love it, Love it !
    I recently have been very sick and lost some of my hair and was at a loss on what to do. Tired of wearing hats all the time.Googled, found this site and ordered. It arrived to day and I love it. It is not heavy, your head does not sweat and start itching. The color is perfect. I am now going to order a couple more wigs, style and color. My friends and family loved it too and I now have hair!!!
    By Alice on 12/23/14
  7. Love it
    I love this wig the only problem I am having is you have discontinued the color I have been wearing for 7 years R30/27H. I have had complements all the time like what color is your hair and who colors your hair. I have 4 power wigs that are at the end of their life and I don't know what to do. Best style ever.
    By Sue on 9/18/14
  8. I love this wig
    I can't begin to say how many complements I get on this piece! Every one wants to know who cuts my in all honesty I tell them. I answer their question...."your hair"....not your INCREDIBLE wig because they don't even have a clue! (Naturally I have since purchased another one exactly!) I LOVE IT needless to say.

    By Elle on 9/5/14
  9. This wig is HORRIBLE
    I do not understand how it can be a "best seller" unless there was something wrong with the one I got.
    By Olive on 7/26/14
  10. Great - I would put more stars if I could.
    I have had to wear hairpieces and/or wigs for almost 50 years. My wig shop has gone out of business and the only wigs I could find were from Paula Young. I was not at all happy with their wigs nor their service. So I decided to just try putting in and it worked. Who knew? I am absolutely thrilled with the Power wig I got. The color was exactly what I hoped for and the look is fabulous. I look ten years younger than I did with the old wigs. The shipment was fast and easy. Thank you so much. I will be back.
    Also I plan to tell my sister about you.
    By Kay McKnight on 7/3/14
  11. Power
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this wig. I have 3 of the Power wigs. I don't leave home without it. I style each one a little differently and two of them are the same color and the third is just a little darker. Please don't ever discontinue this one. Thank You!!
    By Jenny on 7/3/14
  12. Great cut!
    looks great everyone thinks its my own hair. I have 4 of them.
    By Joy on 6/13/14
    I can't begin to tell you how I love this wig. It is very much cut like my own hair but fuller. The Silver Mist is exactly the color of my hair. My hair is beginning to thin as I get older. I have so many compliments on this wig. I love sharing that it is indeed a wig. But I have to pull it off to prove it. Light weight. I just shake it and go! Awesome!
    By LisaShannon on 3/25/14
  14. Disappointed
    Not for me. Too much hair. Looked like a raccoon on my head. Sent it back.
    By Connie on 3/18/14
  15. Power
    I love the style but I wish it came in an average size. The petite/average feels too small.
    By Fran on 11/5/13
  16. Absolutely LOVE it!!
    I have alopecia and bought this wig (style is exactly like my cut before the alopecia) and was so impressed when I received it. It looks just like my own hair before it started to fall out. Thank you!!
    By Brianna on 9/10/13
  17. Power of 3
    Just recived my 3rd Raguel Welch power wig and each one has been a little differant but still very happy with them . If you have very thin hair like I have they are great .
    By Judy Gregorich on 9/8/13
  18. True Love
    I have worn this style for over 10 years! I cannot believe the compliments I get! I just say Thank You! Please don't ever discontinue this one. I have tried others but Power is always my favorite!!
    By Nan on 8/31/13
  19. Wonderful
    Opened the box put it on my head got busy forgot it was on. It is the best of all my wigs only because I have fine hair and this was one dose not make me feel like I have a wig on it is so natural looking and the fit is great. I ordered color 30/27H. Yes I will order another and another.
    By Kathryn on 8/29/13
  20. power wig
    does this wig come in grays?
    By lois ennis on 8/17/13
  21. It looks like my own hair~
    I bought 7 all in the same color and they fit and feel great as I have a small head. I also had them cut and even thinned out some and all the compliments I get make me feel guilty that I know its a wig. I have also had several surgeries also spent 5 days in the hospital and never took my wig off and I can not believe how well this wig holds up. Do not retire this power wig please.
    By Chichigirl on 7/11/13
  22. long time favorite
    This is my favorite wig. I have been wearing it for years and the quality and length of wear is great!
    By Jo R on 6/19/13
  23. matches my style
    Power is my favorite wig its funky and matches my style perfectly
    By Joan on 6/19/13
  24. perfect style for me!
    I have tried several wigs over the last 8 years. I love update style and layers. It is just perfect for me!
    By Berverly on 6/19/13
  25. odd fit!
    i love this because its so cute but it fits funny. i think it is too small. the sides dont come down far enough.
    By Janet Sandoval on 6/19/13
  26. too cute
    the power is too cute. i really love this style. cant beat it for the price!
    By Evelyn on 6/19/13
  27. it has changed!
    the style has changed and doesnt spike up anymore I want the older style
    By Helen W on 2/3/13
  28. people ask where i get my hair done!!!
    I love Power because it's short and stays styled. The one I have has lasted over a year! People often comment and want to know where I get my hair done!
    By Harriet on 1/5/13
  29. i now have several!
    i am loving the Power wig. The pixie cut is so adorable and everyone thinks it is my own hair i just purchased several of them!
    By Nora on 9/17/12
  30. teasing makes it look best!
    teasing makes it easy to wear it spiky this is a classic style that I will always wear
    By RN on 5/16/12
  31. too large for me
    I loved the cute short style and the color was great. However the cap was too large.
    By Cheryl on 4/13/12
  32. Fun to play with
    I just love the wig I am going to have so much fun playing with this wig!
    By Rochelle on 3/6/12
  33. flirty
    The power is fun and flirty. It requires little styling and is so easy for me to wear
    By Cheryl on 2/12/12
  34. Fun Fun Fun
    I love the Power wig by RWthe spike cut makes the style look so natural and realistic.
    By Peggy on 11/9/11
  35. love it!
    Power is a short cut that looks just like my hair
    I love it!
    By Maxine P on 10/10/11
  36. I feel so confident in this.
    I am so comfortable with my Power Synthetic Wig by Rachel Welch. I have very little hair on my head. My self esteem and appearance are so much better when I'm wearing this. I get compliments on my hairstyle and no one knows it's a wig except my husband and children. Thank you for always having the best service.
    By Rose Morgan on 6/21/11
  37. In love with Raquel Welch wigs
    I enjoy wearing the RW-Power it is no natural and I get a lot of compliments. I am beginning to vernture out and try other RW-Styles.
    By Roseanna on 6/9/11
  38. Long time favorite.
    I have worn this for many years now. I wear others and love wearing wigs but the Power is a good go to wig when I need to get up and go! It's sleek and I love the way I can spike it up.
    By Sara Sims on 6/3/11
  39. great wig
    I really like this style it my favorite and its looks natural!
    By A Ehle on 4/23/11
  40. Power
    I love the Power wig by RWthe spike cut makes the style look so natural and realistic.
    By Peggy on 3/15/11
  41. very nice
    I have been wearing wigs for years and this has been my absolute favorite! It fits great and the shape is very nice.
    By Karen on 1/24/11
  42. great !
    this is such great wig. i wear it to work out and everyone always compliments me on my hair. little do they know....and i would never tell! :) now that the sale is goin on i just ordered two mor in the color R13S because it matches my own color so well!
    By Donna Brown on 1/10/11
  43. Power
    I really like this style it my favorite and its looks natural
    By A Ehle on 12/3/10
  44. perfect for me!
    I feel like Power was tailored just for me! The cute and fit are prefect!
    By Emma on 12/2/-1
  45. prefer the Voltage!
    Way too spiked and short and i much pefer the Voltage overall.
    By Janice Caldwell on 12/2/-1
  46. Power
    the style has changed and doesnt spike up anymore I want the older style
    By Helen W on 12/2/-1

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