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Prodigy by Gabor

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $252.00

Price: Price: $214.20

Prodigy by Gabor | Color: G19+ Praline Mist
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  1. Disappointed
    This wig is beautiful but very uncomfortable. It has what I call wire-part. Not worth the money. Very happy with customer service who assisted me to exchange for an Elle Wille.
    By T E D on 9/15/15
  2. An attractive, realistic, versatile wig
    Gabor's Prodigy was my first venture into lace-front wigs and I was pleasantly surprised, considering it's modest price. The style is casual, relaxed and flattering to my sixty-ish face. The color (G15+) looks realistic and works with my coloring. The cap size fits comfortably, too. My only criticisms are that the fiber feels a bit dry and rough textured. It fights being parted or smoothed I need to use a very wide tooth comb to style it. I tried applying your recommended conditioners and "shine" products after washing it, but they didn't really help correct this issue. Other than that, I enjoy wearing Prodigy and like not having to worry that a brisk breeze could reveal to the world that I'm wearing a wig.

    By Cronezilla on 3/28/15
  3. Really awesome!
    I was so nervous about this wig because i had a terrible experience when i bought my first wig that was a Raquel Welch and that disappointed me. However when i took out the wig from its box, I was chuffed to bits!This wig is really comfy and I am very glad that the wig was much thicker than the Raquel wig I had and i was pleasantly surprised because I wasn't familiar with this brand. The only downside to this wig is the colour selection. I wished they had this in black as I have black hair and prefer to get a wig that is closest to my actual hair colour. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with this wig and can't wait to wear it out!
    By Katie on 1/26/15
  4. Good every day wig but you may need a backup
    Over a period of 3 years I have bought at least a dozen of these. It is to my mind one of the most realistic easy to wear wigs out there. That said I have noticed that it does not hold up with really hard wear. If you plan to wear this every day you need to have a backup as the subtle pouf goes out after 3-4 washings and although you can revive it with styling product to my mind it tends to look kind of droopy still. Of note this wig is so easy to trim to make it just for you. The color selection is also great especially G19+ which to my mind gets better with age as the fibers lose the over shininess and become pleasingly less shiny. No wig is perfect but this one saw me through and yes I had many people comment on color and style. I do so wish there were some good greys coming out with this style. So far I am stating for the record please don't give us metallic silver blues or snow-blinding white. How about mixing a nice blond like G19+ with some grey. This would be how a person who was blonde but now letting the grey come in would look especially in bangs area and around the sideburn/temple area. If this color is out there please somebody post this info. Also not to let the brunettes down who want a little realistic grey give us something like this a realistic grey blend in this style. I don't care for 38 as to my mind the grey is so subtle it might as well not be there.
    By Barbara on 8/19/13
  5. Prodigy - G4+
    this wig is VERY versatile as you can see. Gabor caps are so comfortable. the lace front speaks for itself :)

    By Denim on 8/5/13
  6. Great value
    I like this wig because it looks like I'm not wearing a wig. I make no secret of the fact that I wear wigs so when someone compliments me on my hair I tell them it's a wig. They are always surprised. Unfortunately I think Gabor must be phasing out the G13+ color because I can't find it for the newer wigs. This is a shame because it looks just like my real color when I had it streaked blonde. I love it. Wish I could find more in this color. The only con is that the 'lace' is net and can become uncomfortable after 8 hours.
    By Lynn on 7/15/13
  7. best so far
    Prodigy is the best wig i have found so far. It took a while to find the color that worked best for me but the G27+ is a beautiful blended red.
    By Sharon on 6/19/13
  8. will look good on anyone!
    Prodigy will look good on anyone. It is a style that is very versatile. i think it is because of the bangs. some of my friends have tried it on and i have not seen anyone put it on where it doesnt look fabulous. it really is amazing!
    By Judith on 6/19/13
  9. just perfect
    This is such a great wig. I love the style and color just perfect!!!!
    i know this may not be a helpful review as i should probably list pros and cons but there are no cons. the pros are that it is light full enough on top to make me feel like i have some volume and the hair around the face makes my cheek bones look like i could be a model.... like i said Perfect!
    By Caroline on 6/19/13
  10. Love the color service of
    This is such a great wig. I love the style and color just perfect!!!! I was not sure from the picture if the color would work because the colors looked very different for the same wig on three different sites. This site had the clearest odor shots. I am so happy I went with you because I almost chose the wrong color!
    By NIcole Randall on 1/25/12

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