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Reese by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP1660

Availability: In stock

List Price: $165.00

Price: Price: $115.50

Reese by Noriko | Color: Red Pepper
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  1. Fabulous right out of the box.
    The wig looked great right out of the box, just pulled it on, leaving my bangs out in the front. I ordered the Creamy Toffee R - the roots add such a realistic touch. I have a medium sized head and so far it feels comfortable - doesn't seem to be riding up. I thought I'd do a side view, since there are already so many pretty front views.

    By Happy Customer on 10/16/15
  2. Lots of compliments!
    I love it! Got it in Maple Sugar rooted. Once I started working with it a bit she shaped right up. The cap is slightly small for me, but not a problem. Complimentary cut for just about anyone. Very pretty color!

    By Annette on 9/17/15
  3. norniko reese best seller
    nice color
    By diana on 6/5/15
  4. Adorable, affordable but runs petite
    I love this wig, the youthful style, the color (Creamy Toffee-R), the shake, comb'n'wear convenience, but just wish the cap wasn't so darn tight! First wearing gave me a headache, so that night I turned it inside out, put it on my ancient wig styling head (the old canvas covered sort), T-pinned the edges out, gave it a spritz of water and let it dry overnight. This helped a bit, but it's still more snug than I'd like. Hopefully it'll loosen up with wear. It's a great look for me, and I love the naturalness of the rooted blonde shade, so IMO, it's a five star wig, except that caveat about running smaller than average.

    By Cronezilla on 3/28/15
  5. Reese's Pleeese's
    I love this style. It just feels like me. Straight, wispy, stylish, shoulder-length without the hassle of longer hair. I bought it in creamy blonde and can't say enough good things about it. If I could ask for any improvements it would PLEASE MAKE IT IN A LACE FRONT!!! But even without, it hangs naturally and no one would suspect it's not my real hair.

    BUY IT!

    By Kimberly on 10/14/14
  6. The Best Wig I Have Ever Had
    Reese is wonderful! I have had 2 of them and will be ordering a 3rd color soon. I get so many compliments from people who think it is my own hair. So natural looking. The flexible (stretch tabs) fit works well for me I have walked on a very windy beach and never had a problem. Even though it feels secure it is not tight nor uncomfortable at any time. Excellent quality and workmanship too. This look is so attractive and carefree.
    By Satisfied Customer on 10/2/14
  7. Love it bought it several times
    I like this wig I have bought it several times and many people have stopped me and asked what salon I go to .I wish it had a mono scalp. I always cut bangs it looks great.
    By Marlene on 9/26/14
  8. Reese by Noriko
    Better than expected!
    By Louanne on 8/19/14
  9. Not that good!
    I really like the style of the wig love the colour Creamy Toffee R. However it looks very synthetic "wiggy" and is very uncomfortable. The side tabs are hard hurt my ears.
    By Lou on 7/22/14
  10. 2 Thumbs Up!
    I am currently wearing my very first "Reese" wig and I have never had more compliments in my life on my hair! My hairdresser happened to see me out and commented that he didn't remember processing my hair that color so I had to confess that he didn't - it was a wig!
    The cap does fit small and sometimes it feels like it is going to slide right off my head but I now secure it with bobby pins.
    I plan on purchasing the same Reese style in a different colors.
    By Darlene on 6/13/14
  11. Reese in toasted brown
    This wig arrived as if somebody cinged the top with a lighter. All matted down and short and look of hair burnt off. On the underside of the cap the sewing was not even finished from temple to temple. At this point I am stuck with it since shipping to Canada cost me an extra 30.00+ 2000 after UPS got a hold of it at customs.
    By Annie on 5/23/14
  12. Great Sexy Style
    I wore this wig in Ginger while my hair was growing back in. Its so sharp. I got more compliments on this wig than I've ever got on my own hair! The side tabs do flip up a bit. Maybe its a bit small for me. It actually looks best when its over my ears but too hot for that. When my hair grows some more I'd like my real hair to look this good!!
    By DJ on 5/20/14
  13. Love this piece!
    I have been wearing Reese for the past 3 years and it is always my go to. I've worn a few other brands and styles but this by far my favorite especially because of the fit. I have a smaller head so the smaller cap style/tighter fit works great for me and while others complain of the one size cap it is perfect for me! I receive so many compliments on this and I always wear the creamy toffee which compliments my skin tone.
    By Judy on 4/13/14
  14. I read all the reviews....not at all what I expected.
    First let me just say I love Noriko. I have been buying Sky for years and I have always been very happy. This wig however fell short of my expectations. The tabs on the side of the wig didn't come down far enough making the wig loose no matter how much I tightened it. It actually blew off my head when driving in the car with my window down which has never happened in the 25 years I have been wearing wigs. I was nervous when it was windy out for that very reason. I don't recommend it. This is the most unhappy I have ever been with a wig.
    By Susan H. on 1/19/14
  15. Love this style!
    I own many wigs but Reese is my favorite. I have it in Chocolate swirl Dark Chocolate and Ginger H. Since dark chocolate is more like my natural color I am going to order another one in that color. This is a modern sexy style and I always get compliments when I wear it. The hair looks natural and it is easy to get several looks by using a shaping cream or hair spray made for wigs. This wig does feel a little snug at first (my head measures 22 inch) but after I wore it a few times it began to stretch out some. I would rather have it snug anyway. I also trimmed the bangs a little. One thing I have noticed about owning 3 of them is that even though they are the same style each one does have a little different look to it as the hair sort of lays a little different with each one but it's not a bad thing.
    By Brenda on 10/17/13
  16. Awesome wig!!!
    I have worn Reese for about nine months I have two of them that I alternate. I get so many compliments and have even had people take my picture because they want to show their hairdresser the cut! It's a fabulous piece.
    By Chris on 10/1/13
  17. Simply the BEST...
    I have worn Reese G in Nutmeg F for several years & love it ~ I too get stopped by ladies asking where I get my hair done I even fooled a professional hairdresser in a line up ~ LOL In the summer I wear Champagne & with the dark roots & super blonde & a dark tan it is cool ! I've worn many other styles but people seem to like this one the most on me ~ So I love this hair because it simply is the BEST !
    By Bonnie on 8/27/13
  18. beautiful!
    I love this wig. The cut is very stylish and I ALWAYS get compliments on my hair. People ask about the color and highlights. I wear the chocolate swirl. It is a dark brown with some reddish highlights and some blond highlights. Super pretty. I really like Noriko wigs. I have tried other brands. I like Noriko because there is not a ton of hair and it fits close to the scalp. The hair is also silky and moves in the wind like real hair.
    By hb on 8/26/13
  19. love love this wig
    I wear it everyday and no one knows that it is not my hair.I have people tell me all the time that they love my hair.I just say thanks thats all they need to know. I guess I have about 10 of them.They are cheaper that going and getting your hair cut and colored.I hope they always keep making this one.
    By Shirley on 8/18/13
  20. Pretty wig but!
    I love Reese on the model but the hair overpowered my small face so cannot wear it other than that it is a nice non-mono wig!
    By Shirley on 8/11/13
  21. Love this style
    I have Reese in 3 colors - Irish Spice R Terracotta-H and Dark Rust. I love this style. The Dark Rust hair did not seem to be as nice as the Irish Spice or Terracotta. It was more coarse and frizzy. If this style came in a mono top it would be even better. This has become my go to wig.
    By Marge on 7/18/13
  22. So Many Compliments!!
    I have been wearing Reese for the past 2 1/2 years. I love it! I work in customer service for a major retailer. I literally get compliments every day! I average 3-4 per day. Everyone loves the color as well as the cut. I wear the Red Pepper. It is a medium to dark brown with cherry highlights. The highlights are not a bright red. It is a beautiful shade. The picture showing the color doesn't do it justice at all. If you like reddish highlights you will love it. Everyone wants to know who cuts my hair and does my highlights. No one believes it is a wig! My family didn't know it was a wig when they saw it. The cap is a close fit for a few days. It does loosen up. The ends on the back become frayed over time. I found that if I barely snip the frayed ends and spray the leave in conditioner every couple of days. I will last a lot longer. I buy a new one when they have the 30% off. That way it doesn't cost me any more than when I had my hair cut and colored and highlighted. I really can't say enough good things about this wig!!
    By Denise on 7/12/13
  23. Looks like my own hair
    I love the Reese in Pecan Swirl it is pretty close to impossible to tell it is a wig. As long as i have to wear a wig i sure am happy i have this one. it looks almost just like my hair and it is super easy to to my hair now!
    By LW on 6/21/13
  24. Adorable
    Adorable cut works good with me
    By Sue on 6/21/13
  25. a little thin
    I feel a little exposed because the hair around the ear is thin. maybe if the layering was different it would help with this problem.
    By Susan on 6/21/13
  26. Big head girls beware!
    I love the Reese in Pecan Swirl it looks like my own hair! The quality s great. The color is really fab but the cap is tight. I measure average and should be completely comfortable in this but it is tight. I don't have this problem with any other wigs I buy. was great about exchanging this as I first thought it was defective because it shouldn't have been tight. They replaced it immediately! Thanks! But the next one was just the same. So although I do not measure large since I am 21" I guess for this style I am too big. Good luck. It is a beautiful wig. I stretched it out and the fit is better by the way.
    By Lara B on 5/6/11
  27. reese
    customer feels a little exposed because the hair around the ear is thin. maybe if the layering was different it would help with this problem.
    By susan on 1/11/11
  28. reese
    been happy with the reese and are a long wearer. recently she's ordered 3 and they have not been the same as prior. the front where the bangs are sown (where were you would part it) its very kinky it looks gluey. it looks more wiggy than usual. called
    By nancy gorman on 12/2/-1

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