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Risk by Ellen Wille

Quick Facts:

  • New Arrival
  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Petite, Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front, Monofilament Crown

Availability: In stock

List Price: $236.00

Price: Price: $188.95

Risk by Ellen Wille | Color Tobacco Rooted
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  1. Almost perfect
    It's very comfortable and light...the most realistic wig right out of the box. There are just a few issues for me with the fit that make it not quite right...such as the cap needs to be just about a 1/4" longer in the ear tabs...the hair there is very thin which makes it look realistic but it's not covering my own sideburns which are short and blunt...I cannot hide them! The temple area is also off just a bit - it would be better if that area were lace as well because the thinness of the hair isn't hiding the cap enough. On the other hand the style and thinness makes the wig more realistic and comfortable. You just have to try it to see if it works for your head and hairline.
    By Gail on 9/4/14
  2. The Best
    I have purchased 3 Ellen Willie wigs and this one is the best, hands down! The lace is totally invisible, and no one can tell this is a wig. I have gotten so many compliments I can't wait until my real hair is long enough to copy the cut. I purchased the sandy rooted and it is perfect. Nice and cool and I forget that I have it on half the time!
    By Alexa on 8/29/14
  3. Love It!
    I am new to the world of wigs as my alopecia universalis came fast and with a vengeance. After wearing a pricey, monofilament wig, all hand tied (and personally styled,) for 6 months that always felt and looked like too much hair, I was on the look out for a truly short wig that would also be more comfortable. I was absolutely delighted with my choice of wig and style---RISK---by Ellen Wille, as well as color----dark sand. It is much more comfortable than a full cap construction, and it looks and acts more like real hair, my real hair.

    I will definitely be getting another one!
    By LK in VT on 8/25/14
  4. Fun, comfortable, chic
    This is a great value for the price for people with small heads. I have alopecia universalis and a small head, and this wig fits great and looks fantastic. It's stylish and very natural-looking. The tobacco rooted color looks natural, and expensive!. All this for less than the price of a cut and color, unless you are covering a thick head of long hair, or have a very large head, you can't go wrong with this fin style!
    By Lori PA on 7/28/14
  5. Wow!
    I'm not used to a wig that needs nothing but putting on your head, but this one is it. No trimming, no thinning, no anything. Truly shake and wear. My daughter knows I wear wigs . She looked at me and told me how fantastic I looked...then asked, "Who styled your hair?" I wish it had a full mono top, but it wasn't a terrible drawback. It's comfortable, and the texture is so close to human hair, nobody can tell the difference. I ordered sandy blond and it's such a natural looking color, I'm flabbergasted. I love an ash blond and this is pretty much it. The lace front gives extraordinary versatility in styling the bangs. I'll order another one in a darker color for winter....Stuck on this one.
    By Kathie on 7/17/14
  6. NO Risk
    I love this wig. My hair is thinning and I am trying to find a couple good wigs that sort of match my color, so I don't have to use heat all the time on my hair. This one in Pepper Mix is perfect. It looks just like my own style and I like that the bags are shorter. You can brush them off your face if you want and it still looks like my real hair. It is size petite average and if fits me perfectly! I would love it if Ellen Wille would make some short CURLY wigs.
    By Sheila on 7/1/14
  7. Needs more lace in front and monofilament top
    I love the wig I have been looking for the short with at least a lace front but the wig needs more front lace and monofilament. I was somewhat disappointed at the amount of lace.
    By Sharon Jackson on 6/5/14
  8. great choice
    One of the girls on the phone told me this is one of the most popular short wigs in Europe and I see why. I got this for my spring/summer wig because its short and comfortable and on top of that it has a lace front so it looks real. I may even get another in a different color.
    By Marlena on 5/27/14
  9. needs more lace at front or monofilament top
    Love the wig but need more lace at front or monofilament top included due to shortness. Other than that loved the hairpiece.
    By Sharon on 5/26/14
  10. Great Value
    I am amazed by the quality. Wearing it brings me more confidence It is both natural looking and has a soft touch. Very satisfied.
    By ikastrems on 5/23/14
  11. Too Short at front
    I have the Ellen Willie Risk. The quality etc is fine. However the front part right in the middle is rather fuzzy and to tightly woven, not long enough to spike it or comb it back. The rest of the wig is great it is just that part, but that it the most important part of the hair. I can`t wear this out.
    By S.L. Sim on 5/14/14

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