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Roll With It by Forever Young

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Skin Top/Part (Poly)

Availability: In stock

List Price: $47.00

Price: Price: $39.95

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  1. I'm In love
    I have never worn a wig before. I bought one because I am in the process of going natural and growing my unaltered hair out. I'm used to perms that damaged my hair and I tried a weave but where I live it's the cost of about 5 wigs for 6 weeks. My natural hair is super short now and looks horrible on me so I thought I try this. It's wonderful. I love the wig and the way it looks. I'm definitely going to reorder this one and some others in the future. The shipping was very fast: four business days! Thanks!

    By Taliya on 6/30/16
  2. Really Pretty and fits well
    I'm really happy with the color and construction of this wig. I was hesitant as I've never worn a wig before but I'm getting very thin on top. This is super flattering.

    By Kristin on 3/23/16
  3. i was a girl on Halloween
    Everyone loved my wig. All the ladies in my family asked to have it after i was done with halloween!

    By Ali on 11/21/15
  4. Beautiful and soft
    As soon as I got it out of the box it was as soft as my human hair extentions I love it! full curls are very nice and bouncy I'm going to buy some in different colors also!!

    By Madeline on 9/17/15
  5. My go-to style for 3 years now
    I love this style. It suits my personality and I have had nothing but compliments (usually daily) on how pretty my hair is. When I tell people I wear a wig, they don't believe me. Worth every penny.

    By Krystal on 8/12/15
  6. You Can't Go Wrong With This One
    No cap showing through as in the Braxton by V.Foxx. I can see why this has good ratings. I bought this and the Fox wig at the same time and the Forever Young's quality is so much better. These are my first wigs, I bought them to have some different styles to wear without damage to my own hair, not for everyday wear. The Average size fits well, where as the Fox wig was bigger--stick with this brand it's great for the price.
    By j.m. on 6/14/15
  7. Lots of compliments
    I was very skeptical at first. I put it in when I got it, went out to the store and felt self conscious. Then didn't wear it again for 6 months. I think it was just more hair than I've been used to. I have Alopecia Areata and have been wearing mostly shorter straight wigs for 5 yrs even though my natural hair was very similar to Roll With It. So I gave it another shot this past week. I still have some hair and was able to incorporate my hairline along the sides of this wig so it looks like it's all growing from my head. I pulled one side back a little with a bobby pin. Let me tell you, I have had nothing but compliments all week! The people I work with know I wear wigs and everyone was really loving this style. The guy I'm dating called it playful and sexy. Strangers have commented on my gorgeous hair. This one is a winner. Comfortable and light too, so I feel great all day. And at this price I am stocking up on backups when this one gets too ratty. I love it!!!

    By Valerie on 5/14/15
  8. Adorable fun, quality at a fantastic price
    This wig needs a bit of fluffing on top once out of the box. Don't be scared if it is flat as it will come alive with a few shakes and running your fingers through.
    I fluffed it and took a wide tooth large comb to all of it, than used the Beautimark hairspray for synthetic hair on the front and top to hold the position I liked. I had a coupon for 20% off the products and I got a trial pack of shampoo, hairspray, leave in conditioner and shine (I think it is a detangler), the wig was such a decent price I felt comfortable to try the new products on it first.
    With the hair combed out and the loose ones shed, I took some water on my hands and dampened the curls to re-activate them and they popped right into position. I sprayed the shine on it and let it sit on the stand overnight to settle.
    I purchased in the color, I Heart Espresso and it is perfection for my skin tone (olive). The shape is real fun and the curls are adorable but not overwhelming or clown-like.
    I am bald do to medical treatments I am on that will be long lasting, thankfully my eyebrows and lashes have only been slightly affected, I don't always wear a wig but I like to have the option. My last 2 wigs were lace fonts with hand tied, monofillanment cap and all kinds of extra nice bits but this wig will most likely be worn even more than the other two expensive ones it sits with. I am very happy I found the Forever Young line and hopefully the color "I heart espresso" on other cut and shape options, I will try to ask the wig experts on the site if they have a suggestion.

    By Lisa on 4/4/15
  9. Love it
    I lost my hair during chemo, and this wig was like getting it back! My natural hair is very thick and curly, so this was very comfortable. I only wish it was longer. I bought mine in the color sienna, which looked closest to my natural color. It has more red than I expected, but I had some red in my hair anyway, so I like it. It took some getting used to because I never wanted bangs, but my stylist was able to help me adjust the part and lighten up the bangs to get them out of my eyes. The bangs are incredibly thick and long, but I was able to sweep them to one side. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, considering how low the price is. This wig actually looks like real hair! Which was a major concern for me. As the first wig I bought, I am very satisfied and will by more of this brand.
    By Erin on 3/24/15
  10. This wig is awesome
    This reminds me of how my hair used to be. Full with tight and loose curls. I was unsure about this wig because I think the display pic doesn't do it justice but after watching the video and picturing it on me, I took the chance and so happy. I got cappuccino. I've been ordering wings for about 3 years now, this is definitely top 3. Will be ordering more.
    (It's only extremely shiny because I was standing right under the light)

    By Cipriana on 2/27/15
  11. LOVE it
    Just got this wig today and I am in love. Beautiful big curls, it's very much like my natural hair but thicker and curlier. It is a little shorter than I expected but I don't mind. The top is a little hard to style because of how much hair is up there (this is a very thick wig). Overall, a wonderful wig, especially for the price. I will definitely be purchasing from Forever Young in the future.

    Color: 4

    By Melissa on 1/28/15
  12. Great For Low price
    I got a color similar to my natural color and while it was obviously a wig because my head is shaved, it otherwise has a very natural look!

    By Ashten on 1/23/15
  13. Not a keeper for me
    I need to wear wigs daily and I really wanted this one to be great (who doesn't want a great $40 wig?) and I loved the style....but, it wasn't for me. And I'm bummed out about it. The price tag is right but then again, you get what you pay for. I found the fibers waaaayyy too shiny and the part (which up close just placed the hair in my eyes (not matter what I did). I am not a fan of how the part looked up close either. The cap is comfortable and the color was very nice I got was HL 4/30 (not sure of the color name). However, for me this just looked like I was wearing a wig.. ;-(
    By katiekates66 on 12/27/14
  14. Picture
    Here's what the wig looks like on me.
    Color: Cappuccino

    By Skye on 12/13/14
  15. Fancy Nancy!
    It's pretty thick; a lot thicker than anybody's natural hair would be, it seems. Other than that, it lays really well, the bangs don't fall into my eyes at all, the length is good, and it's pretty perfect overall. This is the casually sexy curly hair I've always wanted to have!

    I bought mine in the Cappuchino color; someone else mentioned that it's nearly black. It IS dark, but it has warm red tones in it that soften it up.

    By Skye on 12/11/14
  16. Love it!!!
    This is my first wig and I absolutely love it. It matched my hair pretty close. I was able to pull my hair around front so it looked absolutely natural. I can't wait to order another forever young wig!

    By Rebecca on 9/11/14
  17. Doesn't work for me
    I looked at many reviews of this wig before purchasing. I even watched YouTube videos and was happy to see that the wig looked great on everyone. However it doesn't work for me. First of all the colour I choose (Cappuccino) is simply too dark... it's almost black. Also it's just too much hair for me and my face gets lost somewhere in the curls LOL. I also couldn't figure out what to do with the bangs: I expected them to swoop naturally but they were always in my eyes.
    By Stephanie on 9/6/14
  18. Gorgeous!!!
    I LOVE this wig. $40 restored me to the hair I had in high school before hormones and heredity caused it to thin and fall out. I could not be happier. Mine is in the I HEART ESPRESSO color and it is very close to my natural. The shine is not overwhelming it looks like I spent a fortune on products and I have naturally beautiful hair. Can't beat that! Highly recommend!

    By Amanda on 7/23/14
  19. so natural
    By Diana on 7/8/14
  20. I double love this wig!
    I bought it in 24BT102. I saw the review and picture above and loved what I saw and read. So I bought it. I can't believe how much I love it. People comment on it all the time about how much they love the style. I'm buying it again in a darker brown. You can't go wrong with this one!

    By Becky on 5/1/14
  21. Love this wig!
    I'm 24 and I bought it because I have extremely short blonde hair and i wanted to change up my look. It's thick and easy to manage the part is flesh colored (which i love) and it is the most realistic wig I've ever bought especially for the price!

    By Holli on 8/23/13

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