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Show Stopper by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $394.00

Price: Price: $334.90

Raquel Welch Show Stopper | Color: RL32/31 Cinnabar
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  1. Sad this didn't work out
    I originally reviewed this wig and gave it five stars because it was just gorgeous when I pulled it out of the box. However, no matter how meticulous I was with the wig, it immediately started to clump and frizz. For me, that is too much money to spend for a wig that didn't even last 1 week.

    I don't know if this is unique to the True 2 Life fiber or not. I haven't had this problem with any of my other wigs from Noriko, Jon Renau or Amore. It really is too bad because it is incredibly comfortable and very realistic.
    By Anne on 2/23/16
  2. Disappointed after 3-4 times wearing
    I'm so disappointed, I originally gave this wig 5 stars as it is incredibly lifelike and soft/silky right out of the box. Unfortunately, after 3 times wearing it the hair began to clump and get frizzy. I take extremely good care of my wigs but nothing I did would fix this issue and I ordered the wig twice because I loved it so much.

    I don't know if the issue is the true to life fibers or it is this wig but it is too expensive to only be able to wear 4 times. I have Noriko wigs that are not heat resistant that look just as real but hold up much longer.


    We appreciate your feedback . Sometimes Tru2Life fiber can tangle more easily because of the friction of the fibers rubbing together. One of the keys to making your wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions look great longer, is proper care. Love your hair & it will love you back! Here are tips to help guide cleansing, conditioning & styling.

    For optimal results we recommend using BeautiMark Products (or any products specifically formulated for synthetic hair) The newer synthetic fiber, although more realistic and natural feeling, can be more sensitive to products which are not specifically created for synthetic hair. You will also see a longer happier life of your wig. Please watch our video for more details on products and washing techniques. Thank you for shopping B&H!
    By Anne on 2/14/16
  3. Love it but...
    I love my RW wigs! This is my second piece from her, and compared to another wig that i tried (that was cheaper) it is FAR BETTER. The heat resistance is bar none and no one can tell its not my natural hair. People are genuinely shocked. However, the shedding kills me. I lose a lot of hair daily. I follow all suggested care tips. I use a pick comb. I wash it and condition it once weekly. I only detangle with my fingers. No pulling or picking at tracks. Its just the wig. I dont know what it is but we spend a lot of money. I would expect for how durable the heat resistant fiber is it would be better sewn in.

    By Amy on 12/30/15
  4. Love at first sight
    I can't rave enough about this wig. While I am very new to wigs, I had purchased an inexpensive wig from Amazon prior to getting this one. It was a decent wig but the difference between that and this wig is unbelievable. I literally squealed with joy the first time I put it on. It is soft, the hair looks and feels like human hair and, for the first time in many, many years, I felt beautiful. The color is perfect for me (RL 12/16 or Honey Toast).

    I am so thrilled to have this wig, thank you for such a gorgeous, high quality product. I have already received a ton of compliments and no one has figured out it is a wig unless I told them. The pictures below are straight out of the box, no styling at all. I had my hairdresser make some minor framing today that I will post pictures of later.


    By Anne on 12/14/15
  5. Very natural looking!
    My 1st wig and I love it. I choice honey ginger and love the hair started falling out 3 months after I went into the hospital with pneumonia. I was devastated but apparently it is common for this to happen. I would recommend ordering the color ring to choose the best color. After receiving my wig I went to a beautician and had her cut it to fit my face. Everyone loves it and it looks so natural. The only draw back is that it tends to slid back at times. Overall I think it's worth the money, I'm happy!
    By Stephanie on 10/26/15
  6. Good Purchase
    This is my first wig and I was nervous about wearing it, but get many compliments on "my hair" and people ask where I have it done! Bear in mind I did have it substantially trimmed and thinned as it is heavy and a ton of thick long hair. But that made all the difference! I discovered that like your own hair you must care for it, including regular washing and leave-in conditioner with synthetic hair products. It also must be combed frequently with a wig comb, as well as flat-ironed or curling ironed often to shape and get rid of frizzy ends. If you do these things it will look great for a long time! Mine is going on 7 months of not daily, but frequent wear.
    I do prefer the wig curved or slightly curled as opposed to stick-straight as it comes out of the box. It makes a huge difference in it looking more natural. I'm going to buy another one so I can have bangs, and I'm going to leave it longer but thinner. I love that I can be ready to go in a few minutes instead of the hour it would take to do my own hair! And no one knows- Haha!

    By Jane on 10/12/15
  7. Love this wig
    Okay the wig was a little long for me so I had a few inches cut off, the color I am wearing is honey toast and I have had so many compliments on it! It looks so natural I will submit a few pics, I also took picture by window so you could see highlights

    By Julie on 7/30/15
  8. I love this wig
    Hi It's me again! Since July brings on a tanned appearance I chose a lighter shade wig .... I am wearing ShowStopper in RL19/23SS .....

    I love it! I think this is the best wig on the market. Fabulous lace front.... undetectable and totally natural looking.

    Wash it ...... let it dry..... put it on a wig head and use a flat iron to straighten and smooth the fiber....the wig looks beautiful .... real ... just amazing. I am 62 years young and this wig is a showstopper for me!

    By Barbara on 7/16/15
  9. This wig with bangs!
    I just wanted to write another review with a photo of one of the Showstopper wigs that I cut bangs into ...... gives it an alternate look and you will love it..... this wig is the only wig you shaded tones .... Also the lace front is very real looking ...very natural ...the wig is well made........ believe me...I wear wigs and this is a gem of a wig! Did I mention you can style it with heating tools? ....curling iron or flat iron....just make sure you keep the temperature to the settings recommended. Not sure why some reviewers seem to write this wig off as "frizzy" I suspect that person does not know how to care for a wig or does not know how to read the recommended caring instructions. All I can say is...if you are looking for a wig that will be real looking, young looking, sexy, soft and easy to care for...this is the one!

    By Barbara on 6/2/15
  10. The best wig EVER!
    First of all this wig is fabulous! The heat friendly synthetic fiber is easily flat ironed to regain its straight appearance or you can curl it. I have bought 4 3 in the same shade and one a bit more red for fun. Two I have cut bangs into and the other I part either center or side doesn't matter.
    This frizzing thing I read about is easily rectified with a flat iron...appropriately set for temperature recommendations. They wash easily and dry fairly quickly having multiple wigs gives me the option to dry over night and always have a fresh clean wig available. The hair is soft and the secret to really being 100% undetectable as a wig is to buy the shaded rooted colors....... no one suspects its a wig............. LOVE LOVE LOVE this will too................. FYI Search YouTube for video regarding washing styling and trimming wigs the information will serve you well.

    By Barbara on 6/2/15
  11. I'm in LOVE!
    I'm absolutely in love with this wig. You can style it in so many ways. Everyone loves it and they think it's my real hair. I've got my show stopper from my wig lady. But, now I know how the Raquel Welch wigs are. I'll be ordering them online. I don't know what color i have. I would like to get another in a different color.

    By Michele on 5/22/15
  12. 1 year and 2 weeks.
    So I have waited a long time for this review. I wear the wig day and night. I do everything in this piece including sleep. It is still beautiful. I got it in the 6/28 color and still get compliments. The fibers are easy to maintain and stay beautiful. It is heat friendly, but I would say heat required. Once a week I mix downy fabric softner and warm water in the sink, let it soak for about an hour then take heat to it right away. It still looks and feels brand New. Worth every dime.

    By jamie on 2/19/15
  13. Sorry I love this wig!
    I absolutely have fallen in love with this wig. Love it love it love it! As for tangles as long as you carefully comb thru it with a correct brush after every use it isn't a problem. Hasn't been for me anyway and if you still have a problem then buy another after 2 months or so - still cheaper than a visit to your stylist isn't it?
    By Lisa S. on 8/31/14
  14. Disappointed
    First time wig buyer I was so excited when I found this wig because of how natural it looked on. I pull my hair and haven't had a full head of hair in years. I was so sadly disappointed in the quality of this wig. Like many others have reported after what feels like minutes the wig is a tangled mess. Upon brushing the hairs stretch and come back like spirals worsening the tangling. The lace is stiff and itchy as well. And it's hotter than hell.
    By Ally on 8/3/14
  15. I LOVE IT!!!
    I can't say enough wonderful things about my Raquel By some fluke the color I ordered is the absolute EXACT match to my hair. I have taken to wearing some of my natural long hair outside of the wig and then putting it up and I swear you cannot tell it's a wig. Besides the wonderful blending the wig on its own is really wonderful. I have not had the experience of tangling at all. My real hair is frizzy and insane so if anyone has straight hair and deals with it they may feel differently but I truly do know what "tangled' hair is like and it's not this wig.
    By Leah on 7/15/14
  16. Not worth the money!
    I have had it for 2 weeks now and it is tangled all the time. I was told by the seller that it is so easy to use: "just shake and wear" it is not the case. It already started to shed!which is too sad for me because I paid almost $500 for it.
    By Sedigheh on 6/28/14
  17. Tangled Mess
    When I received it I thought it looked great! But after wearing it awhile it turns into a tangled mess. I tried brushing it and it would look frizzed on the ends. I used the hot iron on it which helped but pretty much after having it on for an hour rubbing against your collar it would look like a rat's nest. I am very disappointed in it especially for the price.
    By Cindy on 6/8/14
  18. My own family couldn't tell!
    I have alopecia and needed to find a replacement for my real hair. This is my very first wig. I might actually like it better than my own hair. There is a lot of hair very thick. It is so natural looking and easy to style. I get at least one compliment every day while wearing this wig. The people I have told it is a wig cannot believe its not my own hair. I was advised when I bought it that it would be a bit more work than a wig that is NOT heat resistant. It DOES NEED to be brushed and TREATED WITH HEAT. I just spray on a little leave in conditioner and staighten with my flat iron at med temp (350) IT WILL STEAM which seems scary but it takes any frizz right out. Looks just like the first day I bought it! I may not have any of my ownn hair left but I am so thirilled I have the Show Stopper! It is a life saver!
    By Jenny on 4/8/14
  19. Looks great out of the box
    This wig looks great when you take it out of the box but after just one wearing it is a tangled mess. The ends look dry and you have to comb or brush often for the price I expected a much better product. Will not order this show stopper again was looking forward to this wig and was disappointed.
    By Roxane on 3/18/14
  20. You need to curl this one!
    I have two of the Show Stopper wigs that I've been wearing for over a year. The miracle way to remove the frizz from the ends is to get a wide-barreled (at least 1 inch) curling iron comb through small sections and smooth them out with the barrel then clamp to curl. Use the MEDIUM setting on your iron. This works wonders - I can't tell you the difference. Since it's heat-safe hair you can do this with no problem. You need to spend a bit of time with it and be patient going small section by section - but it WORKS!
    By ifferk on 3/18/14
  21. Looked nice for a week
    This is a beautiful wig and the color R12/16 is GORGEOUS!! The fiber looks so realistic out of the box and the style is lovely. I will say that there aren't as many bangs cut into the wig as the pictures show just a few little framing strands. But I've gotten TONS of compliments on this wig!
    Unfortunately after just 1 week of wearing (daily) the ends began to tangle horribly and frizz... I used only my fingers and a wide tooth comb to detangle but it was a lost cause. I've had other synthetic wigs that I've treated the exact same way that look 10 times better after being worn and washed for months. So for the price I was disappointed... it seems as though the fibers are especially stretchy which leads to more pulling and frizzing. I am able to temporarily fix the ends with a straightening iron (thank goodness it's heat resistant!) but as soon as I spray with detangler or get it wet right back to frizzing and tangling it goes. In addition the lace is a bit stiff and itchy compared to other brands. Overall while it's beautiful out of the box and from afar the quality just isn't there for me.
    By Laura on 3/11/14
  22. SEXY
    I purchased Show Stopper November 11th and have worn it nearly every day since then. I love love love this wig and the color shades are super natural. Everyone compliments me on My Hair.
    Unfortunately the wig does tangle at the ends even with special synthetic conditioner. Flat ironing is a temporary fix to the tangles towards the end-life of the wig.
    I am waiting for this wig to be back in stock so I can make another purchase. I hope that this wig and the fantastic selection of colors/shades will never be discontinued.
    By Shawna on 1/3/14
  23. Frizzy
    I am very disappointed in this wig. It tangles and feels frizzy underneath. I feel like I totally wasted my money. This was actually the most expensive wig I have bought and the shorted lived. Don't waste your money on this. I personally don't think I will but Raquel Welch again.
    By Joansie on 11/8/13
  24. Hot Mess
    This wig is so pretty but gets messy fast. Tangles and tangles. Feels rough on the ends and scratches my back if skin is exposed. It starts out looking real then turns into a 'wig' pretty fast. I don't think it will have a long life-span since I've only worn it three times (gently washed it once to see if that would help with the tangle problem). The hair dryer made it feel rough so it isn't as heat safe as I hoped. I was able to smooth it out with a flat iron but it tangled right back up again. Not worth the money but the mono top and pretty style have made me happy for now and I plan to enjoy it as long as it lasts which may not be very long.
    By 4Monks on 10/7/13
  25. ShowStopper is very realistic looking.
    I am 54 and for years have had my gray hair colored blonde by a professional haircolorist. I finally decided to let it grow out completely gray and needed a wig in the mean time because the gray roots and long blonde hair don't look good together so I ordered this wig. Am I ever glad I chose this one! First off everyone at work complimented me on my hair and one co-worker actually said good morning while walking by my office then backed up and exclaimed You look 20. The 20-year old girl who works in the reception area smiled and said I LOVE your hair! This was on the beginning of my first day wearing it and yes it is very similar to my own hairstyle but the funny thing is that NO ONE KNEW IT WAS A WIG! I ended up telling one of my co-workers that it was a Raquel Welch wig and he said and I quote That's a wig? It doesn't look like a wig. I smiled and I will tell you I was SO HAPPY with my decision to purchase this wig! It is VERY lightweight and the top of the cap looks natural. Secondly I didn't even use one hair clip to keep it on .. all I did was put my hair in a small ponytail at the back of my neck rolled it up inside of the back of the wig and literally wore this wig all day today with no clips combs etc. The cap of this wig is feather-light and it also adjusts to a bit tighter or looser with a little band inside the back of the lightweight cap. The STRANDS OF COLOR are SO REALISTIC .. honestly these TRU-2-LIFE COLORS ARE SO AMAZINGLY NATURAL LOOKING I believe this is why no one even knew it was a wig. I styled the bangs with my round brush and blow dryer (it can be heat-styled) and I am so pleased .. it was worth every cent (and probably I would pay more for it now that I know how good it looks). Lies flat on your head so it's not puffy .. looks like long natural hair just like the photo. Honestly I am back on this site because I am thinking of purchasing another one in a slightly lighter blonde color just for the fun of it. So happy with my purchase I LOVE this wig!
    By Lorayne age 54 on 9/6/13

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