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Sky by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP1649

Availability: In stock

List Price: $178.57

Price: Price: $125.00

Sky by Noriko | Color: Honey Wheat
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Write a ReviewCustomer Reviews

  1. Great Wig
    I've order 2 Sky wigs in different colors and love them both. The wig cap is the color of the hair and is not black, as some other reviewers have said they received. What I love about Sky is that it's short but not too short, allowing for some different styling with it. You can part the hair in the middle or to the side and it still looks natural, despite Sky's lack of a monofilament top. The fiber is soft and natural, and the colors look multidimensional and natural with a light shine. The only thing I would change is the cap size, which is rather small for me. I would like Noriko to make this wig with a large cap and it would be perfect!
    By Patrice on 10/18/16
  2. Not made for a square shaped face but it works ok
    That's right I have a sq face & semi prominent nose. Curses! So I'm going to post a few reviews to help anyone in the same boat.
    1st all wigs made with a basic cap are going to show some in the front if you thin or push the bangs to the side. (Choosing a lace front is closer to the ideal IMO). I bought this in dark choco, which of course is dark and also pretty and blends with the cap so for me it's not a problem. There's a good amt of permatease to add the height I need and lots of bang, oh no that's not good for me. Just keep some wisps of bangs down and pull the rest back and clip them with a small bump and it's cute & less expensive than a lace front. Not a special occation but for running around etc. I've watched a lot of youtube videos for extra tips on how to make wigs last so I'm hopefull this wig will last longer than some of the other reviewers stated, I'll see. Lots of hint out there.
    LOVE all the color choices so I may need to get a color ring.
    By luvthewigs on 10/6/16
  3. Sky - Love the wig, hate the black cap
    I own two of these wigs. The color, Mochaccino-R, is beautiful. I have received several compliments on this color. This wig wears reasonably well, for the price. What I really do not like about this wig is that the cap is black, and it shows around my face. Come on Noriko! If you are going to make only one color cap, it should be a neutral, not black. I love the wig, but will not order again, because of the cap color.
    By Lauren on 7/6/16
  4. Sky - love this wig
    Out of the box, ready to wear and very comfortable. The only thing I had trimmed was the bangs. My color is Sugar Cane-R
    By Geo. on 5/17/16
  5. Okay
    I ordered this wig in hopes that it would be my "go to" wig but I don't love it like I had hoped. It looks a bit unnatural to me up close, and the bangs are quite long, so when I sweep them over you can see the front cap. I will probably take it to get trimmed by my stylist. This is the caramel cream color.

    By Tracy on 5/14/16
  6. Sky - not as good as it used to be
    Love the style but after a while it loses its luster. I also don't like that the base is black. The base should match the hair color. I can't tell you how many times I've had people who don't know I wear a wig ask me if I'm wearing a thin hair band under my bangs because they can see the black base. It's very embarrassing!
    By Michelle on 3/5/16
  7. Sky - not as good as it used to be
    Love the style but after a while it loses its luster. I also don't like that the base is black. The base should match the hair color. I can't tell you how many times I've had people who don't know I wear a wig ask me if I'm wearing a thin hair band under my bangs because they can see the black base. It's very embarrassing!
    By Michelle on 3/5/16
  8. Love this Wig
    Sky was the first wig I bought when I started wearing 'helper hair' six years ago. Over the years, I've tried to find another style to wear to no avail. Sky is simply the best. I started with Copper Glaze, then Maple Sugar, then Raisin Glaze and now Almond Spice. I love that I can vary the colors in the same style and every one of them has received many, many compliments. Best part: it takes me ten seconds to do my hair in the morning.

    By Derinne on 2/12/16
  9. Great Wig
    Sky is my favorite wig. The color here is "silver stone."

    By Shearie on 1/14/16
  10. "SKY" is the BEST
    I've been wearing this wig style for yrs and still get stopped all the time with questions about my hairstylist! I have a large head and a round face so I enjoy the simple styling on this wig. I have it in several of the Blonde shades including the darker roots. I do recommend you use their shampoo and conditioners to keep it soft. Trust me you can't go wrong with this choice. I have on Creamy Blonde here.

    By Theresa on 11/30/15
  11. Great wig
    I just started to wear a wig in June. I have had so many compliments. I even had a stranger ask if she could take a picture of my hair(wig) because it is exactly what she was looking for and she wanted to show her hairdresser. My sisters didn't know it was a wig because I do not see that often. The wig is not as soft as it was when I first got the wig. The back bottom is a little tangled. I did buy the product and that does seem to soften it up a lot. Just ordered another SKY for the winter in a darker color. Would highly recommend this wig.
    By by Reese on 9/15/15
  12. Sky
    I recently received two "Sky" by Noriko in Silver Stone. The color is very pretty and complements my fair complexion. The wigs are well-made, thick and fluffy. I just shake my wig and wear it as it falls into place.
    I see no need to comb it. It looks natural and is neither too shiny or too dull. Very good wig for the price. I have had more expensive wigs by Noriko. They've all lasted and haven't frizzed. However, I think I like the inexpensive "Sky" best of all. I will stick with Noriko as long as they produce good quality wigs such as the ones I have worn.
    By Buni on 9/5/15
  13. Love the style and colors
    This is my second Noriko Sky and I couldn't be happier, after the adjustments made. I have a large head and this is too small for me so taking a risk I cut off the elastic adjustable strips and cut the elastic on both sides. Fantastic, it fits.

    I couldn't find a large wig style that I liked so I had to take the plunge.

    But without elastic and with my short neck, the wig moved around too much, even with lots of pins. But I got "the Hair Grip" on another website ( should sell it, it's great) and now I forget I'm even wearing a wig. It stays put and looks great.

    I also love the way the color options are shown on the model's head and with names to give you an idea of what they look like. There were other wigs I liked but with just a hair color swatch in closeup and only a number, I just didn't want to chance it.

    That's really bad marketing, by the way. If other makers showed color options as a whole head of hair, as Noriko does, I'd be far more inclined to buy.

    The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars is the snarly top that others have mentioned - it's ugly for sure, and I only wear it because I'm tall and figure most people don't see it. Plus the price is excellent.
    By Buzzy on 8/19/15
  14. 1 star
    I have worn this wig for approximately 6+ years, and something is wrong with the last several I have purchased. In the beginning the wig was awesome, then every other one would be ok, but now the back is flat and something is not right in the front, The bangs just seem to stick out. Is anyone else having this problem? In the beginning this wig was a 5 star, but now I rate it a 1 star.
    By Mems on 7/27/15
  15. Excellent wig
    I have been wearing Raquel Welch wigs for years, but recently decided to try Noriko because of the color choices. The Midnight Pearl was intriguing to me, so decided to give it a try in the Sky wig. I chose Sky due to the volume it has on top and its reasonable price. The service was quick, and within a week I had received my new wig. I trimmed the bangs, the sides, and the back. It now looks how my own hair used to look before it became very thin and fine. Loving my new look. The only drawback is that for some people it may be a little snug, although it has already begun to stretch after a few wearings. Highly recommend

    By Gwyn on 7/23/15
  16. This Wig is FUN!
    As a woman with a large head, I find that Noriko runs small on me. However, if it's a color close to my own and I can pull my hair out around my face, and I find that it's not too bad. Although I prefer a monofilament top, I purchased this one because it's the only one I could find in the Midnight Pearl color with white around the face. I wanted this color because it's so unique and will be fun to wear.

    By Pamela on 3/26/15
  17. Sky
    Love the style, love the color, love everything about this wig. I just ordered two more. I have tried many wigs and was not happy till I ordered Sky! Lisa from customer service was GREAT!! Lisa, thank you for all your help and time you spent helping me get the right wigs. Lots and lots of compliments. is the Best place to order wigs. Thanks so much!!!
    By MARTHA on 2/19/15
  18. Dissappointed at this price
    I don't know why this wig is so highly rated. This is not my first wig, but it is my second Noriko wig and they both have this ugly perma-tease in the top. It looks like matted hair and dandruff and makes the hair stand up in an unnatural way. The bangs stick almost straight out from my face, revealing the cap edge underneath. Secondly, the cap is very small and my own hair shows all around the face. Even with the wig combed toward my face you can see my own hair around the edges. I do not have a large head. Most wigs fit much better than this. The Silverstone color is pretty, but there is too much white concentrated around the front. Also, I think for grey hair, the cap should be skin-toned. Who has a white scalp?
    By Punalei on 2/1/15
  19. Lots of compliments!
    Just started wearing wigs and I love the copliments I receive from men and women. I like the change, makes me look and feel younger.
    By Sandy on 1/6/15
  20. Natural
    I am a waitress, and I have had so many compliments. The few people I told could not believe it.
    By Louise on 12/29/14
  21. satisfied customer
    I bought this wig for the first time and was very impressed with how easy and light it is to wear. I can just put it on and get on with my day. I see why its so popular. I'm a very satisfied customer.
    By Leta on 12/29/14
  22. Looked Younger ! WOW !
    Bought this "Sky" style wig in the Strawberry Swirl color ...My natural color had been medium Auburn all of my life , but is now half white...This style and color are BOTH sooo complementary and flattering to me ...Both my husband, who can't stop smiling when he looks at me....And my clients at my office, have told me it makes me look 10-15 years Younger ! WOW ! That's awesome, since I'm 62 years old ! "Sky" makes me look 62 years YOUNG ! I only wish it were in a large. ..Love it sooo much, I may order it in another color too !!!
    By LY on 12/10/14
  23. LOVE
    Love the style, love the color, love the thickness.. I often pull the sides behind my ears and flip up the ends. Lots and lots of compliments. Folks say "You have great hair". A smile and a thank you is enough for strangers, but, often enough I will share Wigs. com site as they exclaim disbelief and/or thanks. Wigs are awesome. Wigs are in. How liberating after years of teasing and fretting. Thanks so much!!!
    By No way Jose!!! on 12/10/14
  24. I wish I had bought wigs years ago
    I have long thick hair that is down to the middle of my back, I don't want to cut it because it has taken forever to grow and it is healthy, but I sometimes want a change and this wig is awesome. I ordered the maple sugar and it is beautiful.
    By wiggy wonka on 11/14/14
  25. Naturally
    This looks better than my natural hair ever did! My hair started thinning in my 20's and I waited 10 yrs before trying wigs. I have been wearing Sky Ginger Brown for about 10 yrs and still get compliments. I'd like to try another style but haven't found one I love as much as this one.
    By Deborah on 9/4/14
  26. Love the color
    This is a very nice wig the fit is great and I can style it in many styles without any product other than a light mist of spray in the front. I have a small head so I am not sure most of the time if the wigs I order will fit well but I have a way of working it out. The wig could have a little more hair on top I like my hair to have a lush look but this worked for me also . I did have to trim the bang slightly in fact I feathered them a bit they look great.I got the color silver stone it is just a beautiful color. I wish all Noriko wigs offered this color for us ladies that are getting older .
    By Elysia on 6/26/14
  27. Perfect wig!
    I have worn wigs for years and this is the absolute best one ever. Love the color (Butterscotch) and style. It fits perfectly and is incredibly light! Best of all so many people say it makes me look at least 10 years younger. They are incredibly easy to care for - wash rinse put on the stand spray a touch of detangler and let dry. I will only buy Sky from from now on. Fantastic value super fast shipping and quality products!
    By Michele on 6/20/14
  28. This is me
    I have been wearing the Sky wig for about 6-7 years now. I order two a year and wear the new ones rotated with the two previous ones as I transition the old ones out. I tend to wash my wigs more often than most (or recommended). People wouldn't know me without this style and I get lots of compliments and people asking who cuts and colors my hair. I wear it in Strawberry Swirl and have never regretted my purchases although each wig is a little unique and different from another.
    By The Sky's the Limit! on 5/14/14
  29. wonderful style & color
    I have been wearing wigs for almost a year due to total loss of my natural hair from chemo treatments. I started with RW pixie styles which I loved but found the cap to be small especially when my own hair started growing back - difficult to get complete coverage. This wig has great coverage (tho the cap still seems a tiny bit small) due to the length of hair and forward-falling style. The bangs are on the long side but I wear them side-swept with absolutely no problem. The hair is shiny with a great not "overly done" style. Iced mocha R is a caramel-y brown with lots of golden highlights - just lovely! Finally can say with this wig I actually feel pretty again!
    By Lisa on 5/9/14
  30. Undecided
    I realize that the photo shoots show the Sky as touched up (styled). I love the color Marble Brown. Sky has alot of hair and just hangs there lifeless. I tried spray etc but was unable to style it. I will take it to my stylist to trim up.
    By Linda on 1/22/14
    I have worn Sky for several years now. I always bought the Mocha Highlights color which looks so natural that people were always commenting on my hair. I recently decided to order the Silver Smoke color as I'm getting older and just love it too so will be ordering several more.
    By Annie on 1/5/14
  32. very natural style and easy to arrange
    I bought Sky as my 11th wig from and am deeply satisfied with it.
    I chose 'iced-mocha-R'. I think this color looks good on me.

    By Shino on 12/26/13
  33. Tough to rate...
    I have to absolutely agree with another reviewer...the first Sky I ordered I loved loved loved. I later ordered another in a slightly different shade and the quality is terrible! It has always taken me a little while to get used to a new wig even when I order the same one over again so I didn't attempt to return the second one thinking I would just get accustomed to it. Well here it is much later and I still hate it everyday when I put it on (and I have to wear a wig everyday due to total hair loss). It feels heavy and much too thick although I will say the color (red pepper) is pretty lol. I am totally on the fence about ordering another knowing it has the potential to be the dream hairstyle for me but also is capable of making me look like a total mophead!
    By Sami on 10/23/13
  34. Sky
    The first wig I purchased was Sky in maple sugar-r. I get so many compliments on the color and style. Friends and family think it looks better then my old hair. (I had also ordered a Rene of Paris bob which was hideous it will be donated to the local cancer society).
    After the bob disaster I decided to re-order the maple sugar-r Sky. Well it's very very different then the first one. The bangs are straggly and look like split ends it is poufy in the back part will not flatten. Too short and puffy on the sides also way too much hair. I have tried to smooth it out but a few hours later it is puffed out again even with product on it. The color is not as rich as the first one and overall my grandkids says it looks like a mullet type cut!
    So I would give the first Sky wig I ordered 5 stars the second Sky gets two stars.
    By Joyce on 10/21/13
  35. Sky
    This wig is well made beautiful color and great style.
    By Lourdas on 10/16/13
  36. Love It
    I liked this wig one because it had so much hair and I loved the way it frames the face and two the color Moccachino is so natural looking. I've had the wig for about 6 weeks now and just ordered it again but in a different color.
    By Fabulous on 10/8/13
  37. the best ever
    I have been ordering wigs for a while sky is very natural and the color mochchinno r is the most natural color I have found. it is a light brown with natural blonde highlights. you can not go wrong with this.
    By roberta marcin on 9/29/13
  38. Unimpressed
    Though I was very pleased with the beautiful color (Marble Brown has very nice subtle highlites) the wig itself left a lot to be desired. The bangs & hair on top have no body & are too wispy & much straighter than what you see in the picture. Even after my stylist trimmed the length a bit there is no body whatsoever. In fact the bangs are so wispy that the 1st day I wore this to work one of my co-workers asked if I was wearing a wig!! There isn't enough coverage from the spindly bangs to hide the front edge of the wig! I was mortified.
    I'm stuck with it for now but will continue searching for another short layered style with a full bang.
    By Patricia on 9/26/13
  39. Disappointed
    I didn't think this style looked as nice in person as in the picture. Much less layered and straighter especially on the top and sides. Will probably exchange it for another longer style like Claire and then have my stylist cut it.
    HOWEVER---loved loved loved the color Marble Brown. Really
    beautiful & natural with lovely subtle highlites. Looked great in both natural and artificial lights. Didn't look like synthetic hair.
    Will definitely order this color again.
    By Patricia on 9/16/13
  40. Fabulous
    I love Sky! I have had so many compliments. One lady when I was out shopping insisted I give her my hairdressers name. I finally told her it was a wig and she didn't believe me! Finally convinced her. I wear the midnite pearl. It looks great . Want to get a few more hate to think I would be without it. Easy care comfortable and reasonably priced. Easily my favorite wig ever. has been good to work with too!
    By Rita on 9/11/13
  41. Stylish and natural!
    This is a beautiful wig and it looks so real !
    By Patricia on 7/11/13
  42. Very Stylish
    I enjoy wearing this style. I can pin it up and make it look so different. The hair feels real.
    By Anita on 6/18/13
  43. So natural which is the goal!
    The Sky worked out perfectly for me!!! I am a frequent wig wearer. Not because I have lost my hair but mostly cuz I'm a lazy mom of 5 and want to look like I'm handling my hectic life better than I am:-)
    Sky is easy to wear and has never moved or fallen off. I do wear the sure grip so it doesn't pinch in to my skin because I cinch that cap in as tight as my spanxs girdle! This feels so comfortable. I love it.
    I get lots of complements and not everyone knows I wear wigs. Great testament to the sky!
    By Mary Catherine on 5/9/11
  44. Going back for another!
    I've been wearing Sky for about 6 weeks and it looked great right out of the box and still does. The ends seem to get a little frizzy in texture and feel after wearing it for awhile but it's easily fixed with a shampoo and some leave in spray conditioner and returns easily to the smooth beautiful flow that it had at the beginning of the week! I love it so much and it looks so natural and not like a Wig at all that I am here to order a second one!
    By Kim on 12/2/-1
  45. Stylish and Youthful
    I have been wearing wigs for medical reasons for many many years.
    This wig is stylish youthful and the colors are very flattering.
    Like the prior reviews I receive many compliments when I wear this wig
    It is a great buy for the money. Although it will show its age in a few months and will need to br replaced I certainly would pay a lot more for styling and coloring than the low price of this wig.
    So buy more than one so when it needs to be replaced you can just reach for a replacement
    By CP on 12/2/-1
  46. More compliments
    It was embarrassing all the attention I got. Never thought I'd say that! You will recieve more compliments than you can handle with this hairpiece. It's not easy to venture into a new hairstyle not to mention wearing a wig. It was one of the hardest things I've done but I did it and then was floored by how many people complimented me. Almost no one realized it wasn't my hair either. If this is the first time for you to wear a wig and you don't want to be the center of attention you may want to try another one that is less flattering. At least for starters :)
    By Sold on 12/2/-1

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