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Sky Gradient by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP1649G

Availability: In stock

List Price: $187.14

Price: Price: $131.00

Sky by Noriko | Color: Sugar-Cane-R [Non-Gradient Color]
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  1. Wonderful Sky
    i have 2 Sky wigs that are my favorites of the 5 wigs I own. I love the style and the way you can flip it in the back, but is not that long on the sides. As I got older I found that longer hair on the sides don't look good on me.

    By Ellen on 9/7/15
  2. Gradient is great!
    Gradient colors give the hair depth and catches the lighter shade in the sunlight. Very natural only better looking...! I only wear gradient colors.
    By Lisa on 7/11/14
  3. Sky Radient by Noriko
    I've been wearing this wig for over 4 years! I too get new ones about every 3 months. I must get stopped at least twice a day from people asking me where do I get my hair done--they love the color and the style!!!! I've never had so many compliments--in fact because my real hair is so fine I never got compliments on my real hair; therefore I wear it all the time!
    They do get tired or "wiggy" as I call it--so to look like real hair you have to wash it then replace it after 3 months to look its best! I wish I could find another style I loved as much as Skye!! If anyone knows of one please let me know! I like the height hat the crown and the lightness of this wig--it looks so real and is not too thick like a lot of wigs!
    By ANNA on 7/6/14
  4. Sky Champayne with dark roots
    Have been wearing Sky champayne for sev years and most people don't know it is a wig. I usually order a new one every 6 weeks so that it always looks like I just stepped out of a hair salon. I've had people stop to ask where and who does my hair and I sometimes tell them it is a wig and they are flabergasted to learn it is a wig and want to know where to buy them sometimes I just say thank you and leave it to that. They also like the style and cut.
    Thank you....I will continue to wear this style and color-
    By Carole on 8/20/13
  5. Cute bob for summer
    My favorite wig is Reese but it is longer at the neck and can be hot in the summer. This wig is slightly shorter and doesn't come down as far on my neck so it works well for warmer weather. I have it in Dark Rust and Bronzed Brown (BB is now discontinued which is too bad it's a beautiful color). I always get compliments. I style it to flip out at the bottom and it looks very cute - love it.
    By Marge on 7/18/13

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