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Star Quality by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $242.00

Price: Price: $205.70

Star Quality by Raquel Welch: Color R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon (Medium Reddish Brown with Ginger hightlights)
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  1. So Natural
    I have been wearing wigs 24 years and was so happy upon this wig. I hate thick wigs that are too thick and bulky and don't look natural. This one is not like that at all. It is plenty of hair but not to thick, looks so natural. Any wig that you wear that is down your next ends of getting tangled but I wear this in a loose poney and the sides frame my face well.
    By Cat on 1/19/15
  2. Very pleased with my first ever!
    I spent a year deciding whether or not to jump from my own thinning hair to a wig. After a lot of comparing, I chose this one as it didn't look to be too much hair. When it arrived I was excited to see that the colour (glazed hazelnut) came so close to my own and a few greys sneaking in the highlights make it look perfect. It's comfortable, but I do wish it had velcro tabs as it's just a wee bit big for my head size (that's why the 4 stars). It's very real looking, and most people think I've had extensions and/or highlights, or that I've lost weight, which is fine with me! I wear it and don't feel self-conscious any more. It also looks just great pulled into a low, loose ponytail.
    By Debbie on 1/12/15
  3. The Best
    This one lasted a lot longer than any wig I have ever owned!
    By Sasha on 9/2/14
  4. over all a nice wig but
    I see ones saying issues with tangling I also did until a wig expert local here told me what to do Using the revlon dual conditioner and soaking it for about 15 minutes and combing a few times as it drys and using a good detangler my issue is DO NOT hang it on a wig stand to dry or the cap becomes stretched out where it will no longer fit and then you have to take it to a wig shop to have them re-size it. There is no adjustment on it
    By gerry on 5/22/14
  5. Beautiful
    I love this style. The very helpful customer service person told me that long wigs in synthetic hair will tangle it is just the nature of the hair. She recommended Jon Renau Detangler so I'll be trying that sprayed on once or twice a day.
    This is my first wig and I was so upset at first because I put it on wrong. I got color R28S+ which is a very bright red. It took a while for the shock to wear off and now I love the color as does my husband.
    My stylist trimmed the bangs and showed my how to mess up the style a bit so it didn't look so perfect. Now I'm not afraid to mess it up and with the lace front I can push the bangs back and it looks natural.
    By Tracey on 11/7/13
  6. Tangles
    Didn't last as long as I wish. If you can get a 30% OFF coupon it might be worth it but full price not worth it.
    By KH on 10/25/13
    I have had 3 of this exact style. The look is beautiful but it tangles so easily! I have to replace this wig frequently. Don't buy if it isn't on sale. It could also be thicker in my opinion.
    By Heidi on 7/11/13
  8. My signature style
    Star quality has become my signature style. Everyone loves the cut of my hair. This is my 14th or 15th one I have purchased.
    It is so comfy to wear and only those who are very close to me know its a wig. It has made life so easy for me.
    By Jacquelyn on 5/22/12

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