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Stream by Ellen Wille

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Crown

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Stream by Ellen Wille | Color: Chocolate Mix
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  1. A little bit of wild
    I saw this wig thought what the heck I needed a dramatic change, I was anxiously Waiting for it's arrival. When it came I was kinda freaked cuz it was wild in color and shape. I got it in Flame lighted. The highlights were almost orange. Waited for the husband to to come home to see it too. I almost felt like carrot top! Lol not the look I was after. Anyway I really wanted to like it. He said why don't you wait till you see the hairdresser next time. So I did. Everyone in the shop loved it said we just needed to trim out some of the highlights and some of the hair. Which she did. Presto it looks fabulous! People stop me in the street to complement me. I feel like a new woman. Have always had thin hair Bain of my existence. Menopause just made it worse. Never felt good about myself. My cousin convinced me to try wigs. So glad I did. I have gotten several wigs from here and some have worked better then others. This one fits great. I have a small head. Anyway love this wigs!
    By Elizabeth on 6/8/16
  2. Such a fun trendy style
    I truly adore this Wig!! I never would have even given it much thought till I saw a review of it on youtube and the more I watched it (many times) I loved how it looked and moved so I decided to take the plunge. I ordered it in Light Champagne Rooted and it is remarkable just how natural it looks and the fit (I'm a petite to average) is perfect. The first time wearing it I had two other women tell me how much they loved my hair and wondered who did the style, one of the women asked me this in the ladies room and when I told her it was a Wig she did not believe me till I took it off to show her, I think you'll be hearing from her soon lol.
    Thank you so much for the fast service, This was my first Wig from you but not my last.
    By Christina Lynn on 4/15/16
  3. Stream Ellen wille sand rooted
    Another bad wig once agin it was brought to my attention this looks like a wig!you claim this is real looking it's not very wiggy looking getting tired of wasting money on these wigs . No matter what wigs are going to look like wigs. I think the pictures are retouched on models even though the models look very pretty these just look weird on a plain Jane.
    By Theresa hildreth on 3/16/16
  4. Stream
    Needs trimmed and shaped. To much hair on sides. Won't buy another one of these.
    By Linda on 1/9/16
  5. What a Surprise!
    I bought this wig with some hesitation, half expecting to hate it on myself, but I kept looking at it and just had to try it. I LOVE IT! Such a surprise!

    I have never worn my hair anything like this style, and it's so fun and pretty, and just a little edgy. I bought it in the Caramel Lighted and the color and highlights are perfect for this style. The wig looks better in person (like most Ellen Wille wigs I've found) then
    in the pictures. It just takes a little finger styling (so don't be put off by
    how it looks when you first take it out of the box). This wig is very pretty, but still different and a little edgy (which I like).

    The hair is soft and natural, and the wig is very comfortable to wear.
    The only reason I gave it four stars was because I wish it had a lace front, but in all honesty, it looks realistic without it due to the style.

    By Jennifer on 12/3/15
  6. Love, Love, LOVE!!!!
    This is such a different wig. The colors are wonderful, and it is so natural. I have not met anyone who thought it was a wig at first glance. It is really a wonderful find.
    By barbara on 8/23/15
  7. One Seriously FUN wig! had a super special St Patrick's Day 2015 promotion....It was soooo good I didn't care that I really didn't need a wig..Any excuse right? I wandered into Ellen Wille and picked out a couple I thought I like might to try when I came across Stream.Are you kidding me? I at that moment achieved Nirvana...I had to have one especially when I read the reviews by older women like me.You always have that minute of hesitation asking yourself if it is age appropriate So Thank You to Joyce and Grace V for sporting it proud. Needless to say I love it. I bought it in the Coffee Lighted a hair color that isn't even close to mine...I love the color,and the style,It's sooo ridiculously natural looking.The hair is not shiny at all.The cap fits snug enough not to have to sew combs in it..It does what it wants it has a life all its own and I love that about it.So if you're on the fence get down from there and try it.She's a keeper and the next sale I'm getting it in the Bernstein Mix.Yes I love the style that much.Also Thank You to received it 3 days after I ordered it.That has to be a record in the history of shipping. Buy it.You know you want to....

    By Stretchpants on 3/21/15
  8. Great Young Look for All ages
    I pondered a long time about spending so much for a wig. I have many wigs but none that expensive. First I am 79 very close to 80 and thought the style would be a little eccentric like me. My boy friend said it made me look me look younger. The cap is smaller than most but my head is small it fits extremely well.
    I love it and am so glad I stopped pondering.

    By Joyce on 3/16/15
  9. Follow up on my Review
    Just so you all know. This wig washes beautifully. Used some synthetic hair shampoo in room temp to cool water in sink, dipped it up and down inside out. left it in sink to soak for about 15 minutes. rinsed with clear water and blotted it inside a towel. Held onto the back center edge, and shook it hard, right side out now, about three times and hung it upside down to air dry. Came out lovely! (This is how I always wash my wigs). Sometimes I use 1 teaspoon of clear ammonia in a sink of rinse water and let it soak for a few min., then rinse with water to get rid of smell and that restores any dullness, if it had gotten dull. (This one had not.)
    By V Grace on 1/17/15
  10. Funky Fun Edge
    I ordered this hoping it would not look merely silly on my 65 yr old face. I own many wigs, mainly Noriko but have been wanting an open cap for a long time. I also wanted something that did not look 'perfect' but like a real person would have as hair. I am an artist and used to wear spiked hair and once had curly hair. I was so unsure on color: ordered the Coffee lighted..turns out it is my natural color with the pale blond without reds in it that I was after. Yes, it is not for everyone...yes, it is a bit wild and indeed a kinky curl. My husband told me to keep it as it is truly me and he likes the 'kinky' look it gives me! LOL! This is not hair that most MEN will love, but it is edgy, different and unique..the hair fibers feel like real hair..very soft and non itchy. When the wind blows it, it still looks about the that about it! I need to order another one...the color is perfect and hair texture wonderful. I pull out my own hair on back in bottom and on my own hair is getting a bit kinky curly as I age & I need it longer for my face. My 11 yr old granddaughter who is used to seeing me blond one day and brunette the next in many styles, thought it was my real hair..she is not easily fooled!

    By V Grace on 12/4/14
  11. I So LOVE This Wig!
    It looked great on the model in the picture, but I was unsure of how it would look on my short less delicate frame. I LOVE IT!!! It's bohemian enough to make me look a little edgy but soft and natural enough to be oh so comfortable and real looking. No one has guessed it's not my own hair. I bought FOUR!!! Ellen -- You go girl! xoxo
    By Kim on 12/3/14
  12. The Best
    Fooled my best friend for weeks, finally told. He said don't lie to me. I said Ok. I've never owned a wig that looks as good as the Stream on me.
    By Nancy on 11/22/14
  13. Great
    I really like the stream. I do wish the curls were a little more defined. It is great now but I am afraid that in awhile it might get stringy looking. Jamila Hi has toooo much hair for me but I like the curl definition better. I am going to order the stream in champagne rooted when it is in stock.
    By S Sim on 11/6/14
  14. Just like my own curls, but thicker!
    My hair is much like this, but not as thick, so to me this wig is very natural looking. I am growing my hair out from a very short pixie cut and this wig has been very useful during the awkward phases. It is my "every day" wig because it is on the more casual side. Natural looking curls and waves. My only complaint is the nape, which is very straight strands and also cut very straight. It doesn't appear natural.
    By Marny on 10/30/14
  15. Looks cute on model, but terrible on me
    I hate wasting money.
    By Barb on 10/24/14
  16. Terrible
    Oh my heavens this is the worst looking wig ever. Looked really cute on model but it looks like pitiful stringy hair. Sending it back.
    By S. J. Combs on 10/1/14
  17. So different and natural
    I wanted different and this fits the bill. Ellen Wille wigs are very well made and so natural . The wig is comfortable. I bought Bernstein rooted. Very nice feels like nothing on. Also my compliment to for videos that helped me to know the wig by their presentation. Very professional ladies to deal with.

    By Mary T on 9/30/14
  18. Really nice
    Very light weight and perfect amount of hair. The Coffee Lighted color is just as pictured. I'll get a lot of use out of this one.
    By Lydia on 9/29/14
  19. Looks like a bad perm
    This is a very cute wig very natural looking for someone with fine hair texture. But....... it looks like someone fried your hair with a bad perm! Frizzy and pieces in the back look like the curl didn't "take". I did order another color in hopes that it wouldn't be as bad as I do like the style. Miss Wille might want to reconsider the type of fiber to use in making this wig or possibly a more quality controlled manufacturer. Will let you know how the other one turns out.
    By Renee on 9/23/14
  20. So Fun!!
    This wig is so fun right out of the box!! I think I'll use a little styling product to "scrunch" it. I can't wait to wear it out!

    By Cassandra on 9/17/14
  21. Fantastic!
    The very best. most natural looking. and lightest wig I have ever worn! I am going to order one more maybe two more wigs in different colors. Thank you Ellen Wille.
    By Sandra on 9/13/14
  22. So different
    I wear a wig every day and this wig gets me compliments and it's always noticed. I wear this wig in the Mango lighted and it's fun and lively and I love it. I love the style because I like being different with my hair and standing out. I'm 60 years old and I love being different and this is it!
    By Kathleen on 9/6/14
  23. One cool wig!
    Wow this wig is unlike any other I've worn before. It's so unique and different. I love the cool kind of curl it has and the way it moves like real hair. Great wig overall.
    By Lydia on 8/28/14
  24. At Last
    I have been looking for a wig with this curl pattern for years!!! I ordered it and got in 3 days so that was great. I will order another one in differant color to be sure I always have one on hand. It makes me feel so trendy and so in vogue. I have had many ask me how I get my hair to look so cool and I just smile and say I am lucky I guess!
    By Susan on 12/2/-1
  25. Love it
    This is the only wig I have found with this curl pattern. I love it and makes me feel so cool! Always get a ton of compliments when I wear it. Highly recommended to anyone considering it!
    By Vanessa on 12/2/-1

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