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Style & Hold Hairspray by BeautiMark

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Style and Hold Hairspray by Beautimark
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Style and Hold Hairspray by Beautimark

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  1. Style & Hold Hair Spray
    I agree whole heartily with MJ. I have also noticed gunky buildup as well as hard to comb it out with out ruining my wig. I used this product sparingly and not often either. I am also diligent about my wigs and must count on them due to my hair loss. When I use this product , I wash right away and notice build up that no longer looks good. Please advise if you have another product that will work to hold my synthetic wig. I love the Beauty Mark Shaping creme, which holds to a minimum.
    By Carla on 3/30/16
  2. Excellent hold
    I love this product. It gives excellent hold without any residue. It also smells amazing. I just purchased the 5 try me size pack. Can't wait to try it.
    By Stacy on 12/3/15
  3. Works well
    I did have to make sure the hair was wet and allow it to dry (pretty fast) but the hair much stayed put without feeling stiff. The scent can be a bit overpowering if you spray too much and too often. I did feel the need to reapply after a few hours on a windy day. I also had to soak and wash the wig twice after I noticed little spots of residue on the strands as the wig dried. I prefer the shaping creme but that doesn't work as well on long, straight hair.
    By Stacey on 4/16/15
  4. Great Hair Spray
    Love it! It works on my own hair too!
    By Mimi on 2/7/15
  5. Good
    I like the strong hold and it smells wonderful, but I've noticed that after a while it tends to build up on the hair strands and become gunky. Also, over time, it becomes very hard to wash out despite using a proper amount of shampoo and keeping the wig clean diligently. I have been wearing wigs for about ten years now and started using this product for about two. I started noticing this issue after a year of using it on my wigs.
    By MJ on 11/4/14
  6. holds great
    here's a picture!!!

    By grace on 5/6/14
    By grace on 5/6/14
  8. Hair Spray
    Excellent product. Been using for over a year on my wigs. Holds great on Synthetic hair. Don't need a lot to hold!
    By grace on 5/4/14

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