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Sure Grip by BeautiMark

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  • Best Seller
  • Accessory
  • SKU: BM407

Availability: In stock

List Price: $39.95

Price: Price: $24.95

Sure Grip by BeautiMark [Currently Backordered]
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Sure Grip by BeautiMark [Currently Backordered]

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  1. Useless
    Don't waste your money. I agree with the poor rating for this item. I would have given it No Stars if that was a option. Take it down and stop trying to sell this junk.
    By betty on 8/27/16
  2. Fantastic
    The sure grip made a huge difference for me. No more sliding which stopped the itching around the front that I was experiencing from the sliding. I love it
    By Marty on 11/24/15
  3. Sure Grip Isn't!!
    Product is utterly useless. It is slippery on both sides - won't even stay in place WITHOUT a wig. Tried to call and ask about it twice. Put on hold for 20+ minutes both times. Sure Grip comes without any instructions at all and is non-returnable.DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!


    We would love to take care of this for you. Please contact us at 1-800-581-2001 ext 101. We look forward to hearing back!
    By Robyn on 1/13/15
  4. Useless
    This thing is huge and does not stay on securely. All it did was slide around under my wig.
    By Stephanie on 11/21/14
  5. Check Out The Hair Grip
    This product is painful. I found this product called The Hair Grip and it is fantastic!!!!! My confidence is back!!!!!! I never loose my wig and never have to adjust it!!!!, please find out where to buy The Hair Grip!!!!!


    Thank you for your feedback! We are currently looking into adding this item to our selection. You will be able to purchase it with us early 2015.
    By Maria on 11/3/14
  6. Trying to like it
    I wear a petite size wig and was hoping this would work to keep my wig from sliding, but it slides too. Also it is way too long. I'm wish there was a way to shorten it but I don't see how. I think I would like it if it were more my size.
    By Kerri on 10/25/14
  7. worked for me
    it helped my wig stay on and was pretty comfortable.
    By Leslie on 7/29/14
  8. Disappointed
    After using and liking the sure grip for several months it ripped right next to the Velcro. Until then it worked great. However for the price it should last longer than it did.
    By christine on 5/5/14
  9. disappointed
    I bought the sure grip hoping it would make the wig fit secure and stop did nothing except slide too....waste of money.
    By vikki on 1/17/14
  10. Helpful but hot
    This is a fairly thick headband. It does a great job holding the wig in place. FYI if you wear a petite wig this headband may allow you to move into a average. size wig. My petite wig is now pretty snug (almost too much so) with this headband underneath.
    By Sandra on 10/16/13
  11. does its job
    I have no hair and have been wearing the panty hose cap on my head which is hot and tight. The gel was given to me by a breast cancer foundation. I love it.! If I have to wear a wig I will wear the gel grip too. It is comfortable and cool and I control how tight or lose I want it.My wig never feels like it would fall off. Thanks
    By Lynda on 10/16/13
  12. Disappointed
    I have had this item for just over a week and today I noticed it is tearing where the velcro attaches to the band. I did not mistreat it as I am very careful with my belongings. I did like the extra hold it gave my wig but is useless now. A waste of $25.
    By Shannon on 9/27/13
  13. Useless
    Hated it
    By Pat on 9/26/13
  14. Sure Does Not Grip
    I bought this months ago thinking it would be nice for the summer time and I would sweat less using it. NOPE it did absolutely nothing for me and slides right off along with my wig coming out of place. I haven't worn it for more than a few minutes as it's just useless. Save your money and just stick to the nylon wig caps.
    By Ree on 9/12/13
  15. all the difference in the world!
    I used to get headaches and indentations in my head when I wore most wigs. you know those little marks that almost hurt after you take your wig or hats off??? well I just thought it was always part of wearing wigs...nope! I read about this and tried it. at first it felt weird like it ws going to make the wig tighter. it was a little gel buffer between me and my wig. it is like a gel seat on your bike. I LOVE it! I don't get the indentations and I never feel like I have to move or adjust my wig.
    seriously a must have!
    By Casey on 8/26/13
  16. Sure Grip
    This product was the biggest waste of money. It was completely useless. My wig slid right off while wearing it. Save your money and sew some clips if you're having problems.
    By Carmen on 8/26/13
  17. Makes wearing a wig so much more comfy and secure!
    Wasn't sure whether to get this or not. I was sure it would just add more bulk. I was so wrong. Now i can't imagine wearing a wig without this grip. My wig stays on so much better and doesn't rub around the neck and forehead area anymore. Love it!
    By Laura on 8/8/13
  18. A must have!
    The stylist who helped me choose my wig insisted I get this. I hesitantly followed her suggestion. I am so glad I did! This made the wig feel so comfortable and secure. I will not go without one again!
    By Carol A on 4/11/13

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