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Top Billing by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • New Arrival
  • Best Seller
  • Hairpiece
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front, Monofilament

Availability: In stock

List Price: $244.00

Price: Price: $207.40

Top Billing by Raquel Welch: Color RL30/27 Rusty Auburn (Pale Red with Warm Blonde highlights)
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  1. Perfect
    I had my hair colored to match the Honey Ginger and it looks 100% natural. I can't tell where it begins or ends. My hair is curly and flat ironed so I'm wanting this piece to frizz a bit like my own hair. I was told by numerous people that I looked 20 years younger and some said sexy. I have two and I'm going to try to make one curly.
    By Jennifer on 1/4/15
  2. Won't Go Without It !
    I fell in love with Top Billing the second I clipped it in! Three months later I purchased a duplicate piece to have a spare, while the other I conditioned and visa versa. Hot humid weather causes it to friz a bit but my flat iron restores it beautifully. I have been afraid to wash them fully, thinking the hand tied knots will loosen and I will lose the hair. Please, someone, calm my fears. I want my Top Billing pieces to last a long time! Is there a dry shampoo that will do the trick?


    Val, we are so happy to hear you are love your top piece! With any monofilament or hand-tied area, we recommend keeping the conditioner away from the root (or knot). When you wash and condition your hair, shampoo from root to tips but only apply conditioner to the ends. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. Thank you for your review and for choosing!
    By Val on 1/1/15
  3. Just received
    This is my first top piece. I just received a week ago. I agree with a previous review about hiding the transition line and the bangs are oddly cut...but I plan to trim those anyway. Neither issue was cause for me to return. Overall I am pleased. I can not really comment on durability.
    By Beth on 8/30/14
  4. I've had for almost a year!
    I love this piece. It does blend well and I trimmed the bangs to my liking. I'm ready to replace and have been wearing it almost a year. It frays a bit on the ends and needs trimmed up but I like trimming shorter in the Summer anyway. My other pieces have always needed trimmed up as well. I do wish that there was not such a distinct scalp line behind the bangs that shows through a bit on the lighter color I have. I have to camouflage it a bit with the part.
    By Marie on 8/22/14
  5. Happy customer
    Love it....just what I was looking for light and easy...
    By Julie on 7/23/14
    I have my hairpiece for 2 months same Raquel Welch I never used heat but the piece tangles frizz very easy at the end; I am trimming the end because is pinching my neck it feels like summer dry grass now is 3 inches shorter with some many trimming. Please stop selling this hair piece one star is to much.
    By Susan Gramer on 5/25/14
  7. Love the lace front
    I am in total love with the lace front. I have been using 'top pieces' for years to try to cover a receding hair line and while those did the job this unit gives me back my confidence! (and my forehead :D) Yes guys the fiber does get all "kinky" and full after a while on the ends. I have had Raquel Welch's Tru 2 Life fiber pieces before and while that IS disappointing it is expected for heat friendly fiber. I have used all types synthetic (super yuck) heat friendly synthetic and human hair. While I looove human hair pieces for the sheer fact that they last and last and last this piece is a very good piece and this fiber usually lasts me six months or so and I straight iron or curl it on a daily basis sleep in it and wash it once a week. I other words I am tough on these units. This piece is super easy to apply soooo much easier than a lace front closure I just tape the front snap the clips on the back and I am done! The once grueling chore of applying a weave closure is a thing of the past. Yay! And that for me is really grueling because I am Caucasian and I have no hair to weave at least not on the front. Got a nice head of hair in the back though lol who knows. The only complaint I have is that there is not a curly unit just like this one. Or one maybe in curly human hair?? hint hint! Thanks guys!
    By Michelle on 4/22/14
  8. Nasty scratchy mono top
    Just got my piece today. Didn't take more than one minute to figure out this is very inferior mono
    This would practically razor off any hair you have left on the top of your head.
    Returning tomorrow!
    By Wig lover on 4/7/14
  9. Love this top piece but the bangs are too short!
    I love this piece. Works wonderfully. I wear it over a halo that I made of human hair and then I add a few tracks to the bottom of the top piece so that it will cover the back of the halo. My hair is very thin! However I wish they made the same thing with longer bangs (way to short for my taste) and longer in the back and sides. That would be perfect!
    By Katie on 3/20/14
  10. worth waiting for
    I had to wait several months for this piece but it was well worth waiting for. So easy to put on and it blended with my natural hair perfectly. No one knew I had a hairpiece on and I felt very confident wearing it. I highly recommend this piece if your hair is thinning on top - it was just what I needed to give me the look of a full head of hair. Much better than a full wig - love it !
    By Karina E on 1/12/14
  11. Love it
    I waited for 3 months for this piece to get back in stock and am so happy I did. It is so easy to use and blends beautifully with my hair style and color even though it is a little lighter than my hair color. My hair has thinned considerably on top and I have tried several different bangs with varied success. This is so full and long it is almost like a wig but it looks and feels so natural on. I'm going to get another so I'll always be prepared.
    By Joanie on 11/8/13
  12. Disappointed
    This concept of the piece is great. However the fiber isn't. I expected more from the Raquel line. Especially the heat friendly fiber. It tangels seperates easily and the ends frizz. I have taken exceptional care of it Used the right products and combs. I can't not imagine if heat was used what the out come would be. The piece is not cheap. I know once a wig is worned it's not returnable. So I am letting other know what I have experience and what they can expect. I have worned wigs for over 20 yrs. I am not new to wig wearing
    By Ronnie Taylor on 9/5/13
  13. Absolutely Amazing top piece!
    The volume this piece gives me on top is so amazing. i am thinning just a bit on top. My scalp is showing through more than i would like these days!
    My friend had this on and i could not tell she had a hair piece in but i definitely could tell her hair looked so full and healthy. i could not believe this was a hairpiece! i bought my own and after working with it for just a few minutes it looked like it was just part of my own hair!!!
    I cannot express how easy this has made it for improving my look and confidence. love love love!!!
    By Shonda French on 7/3/13

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