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Tori by Rene of Paris

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP2356

Availability: In stock

List Price: $141.00

Price: Price: $98.95

Tori by Rene of Paris: Color Chestnut
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  1. Adorable
    Technically this is my 2nd wig purchase. I bought a cheap Forever Young to see if I'd like wigs. But I got this to actually wear in public and love it. Photos on real people helped me choose this wig. So thank you all for sharing. I got it in Ginger H and it looks so natural. I'm extremely happy!

    By Heather on 4/22/16
  2. My favorite bob ever
    Tori is my most favorite bob! Even without the bells n whistles I just love this one. The density is perfect for those who like less hair. It looks very realistic. I have tori in many colors but I am trying to post mine in Creamy Toffee Rooted because it's my favorite at the moment. Tori is light and easy to wear.

    By Kayree on 4/3/16
  3. tori
    I have a Tori in iced Mocha. Beautiful colour. Great style. Very natural. Just love this wig!!
    By elsa on 1/29/16
  4. I love your hair!
    Very natural looking in Ginger Brown. Had to get the bangs trimmed a bit. Lovely color and not too shiny. The texture and shine are similar to my real hair. Stylish and fashionable style that makes me look youthful but not like I'm trying to hard. I got compliments the first day I wore it. I just say "yes, isn't my alternative hair great!" The only complaint is that the cap is a little small (even without my velvet wig grip) and showed a tiny amount of hair below the tabs. It didn't become uncomfortable until after about 5 hours of steady wear. I'm hoping it will adjust over time the more I wear it. But, I think a little discomfort and movement after hours of wear seems to be normal for wigs especially since I wear a cap and velvet wig grip to wrap my own long hair and reduce riding up in the back. Feeling beautiful is worth a little minor discomfort to me. I will definitely order more Rene of Paris wigs in the future.

    By Stacey on 3/26/15
  5. Tori
    Best and most natural wig I have ever had. The price you cannot beat for the quality. Other wig makers should take notice.
    By Shannon on 10/29/14
  6. Best wig I've ever had
    I am delighted to recommend the Tori wig to anyone who wants a realistic wig that truly flatters any face shape. This is my go-to wig, and I wear it in Creamy Toffee-R. I own two. I’ve had it since July and have never left the house without receiving compliments from friends and strangers alike. This wig has movement and looks very real due to the shading at the roots. I’ve been asked: “Who is your hairdresser?” “Where can I get that cut?” and “I love your color!” Most recently, I got a compliment on my bangs. I don’t think of it as a wig anymore – it’s just my hair – but much easier. I’m 67 and find that a lot of my compliments come not only from people my age, but also from college students at the local campus. It’s so easy to style – I just shake it and put it on, then use my fingers to straighten any stray hairs. Five stars just aren’t enough. It’s made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself. I will attach a photo so you can see it on a real person – not a model by any means!

    By Carla on 10/14/14
  7. Great expectations dashed!
    I LOVE the cut and style of this wig and the colors are great. Perfect length....stylish! I wanted this wig to work so badly but my hopes were dashed when I saw the top of the wig. The wig strands throughout the top were a hot mess of damaged looking plastic mush. I would be embarrassed if the top of the wig was seen by someone taller than me anybody standing over me if I were sitting down or if I bent my head down. Maybe it was just the one wig and they are not all like this but I can't take that kind of chance every time I order so I exchanged it for my old standby. At this price I know it won't be perfect but I need to know that I can order a wig I will be able to at least wear in public and not feel self conscious.
    By Trace on 9/19/14
  8. Lovely!
    I LOVE this style especially since my own coarse wavy hair would never look like this no matter what the cut! I purchased the Creamy Blonde and it has subtle highlights that look so natural. I've gotten so many compliments! Great quality at a great price! Thank you Rene of Paris!
    By Luanne on 9/2/14
  9. Gorgeous
    This is a beautiful stylish wig that suits just about everyone. The style is classic and looks like you stepped out of an expensive salon. I order Tori in the color Ginger Brown and couldn't be more pleased with the blend. It's a lovely shade of medium brown with a warm auburn mix. It's gorgeous when you see the color outside. I find Rene of Paris Noriko and Amore wigs to be the best styles and color mixes when it comes to wigs. You can't go wrong with Tori for a chic bob that never goes out of style. I will definitely be buying this one again and with all the color options available I just might go lighter.
    By Lisa on 8/5/14
  10. Favorite!
    This is my favorite of all my wigs! I have it in Iced Mocha which is a beautiful medium brown with medium to light blonde highlights. It doesn't look as stripy as the picture looks --just looks like highlights on medium brown-not as stark as photo. Underneath it is medium brown. I've received so many compliments on this wig and color--don't know why I hadn't given it a shot earlier!! I'm going to order another in Toasted Brown. Try the Iced Mocha--you'll like it for Tori!
    By MaryAnn on 6/28/14
  11. rene of paris
    I go to zumba and work with kindergarten kids my grandchildren jump on me I sweat and above all I wash it in the shower. I have used 100s of wigs in my lifetime that did cost me 1000's and had to send them to clean it was always a terrible bother this I simple wash it daily shake up side down it on on it goes
    I've alopecia Universalis and never felt so chic and secure with great compliments and secure that is stays there.
    By Juana on 6/19/14
  12. Beautiful and Comfortable
    I got Tori in Creamy Blonde and I love the color. It's a soft light blonde with highlights. The style is very modern and reminds me of Anna Wintour's hair style. It's surprisingly comfortable. The bangs are just the right length. My neighbor says that I look much younger in this style. I had my own hair butchered by a stylist so it's great to have a beautiful wig to wear wile my own hair is growing out. Very happy with the style and price.
    By Sandra on 4/24/14
  13. Get the sure grip too
    I have ordered several of the RP-Tori in creamy blonde. I love the cut an style and how naturally it lays. I find that it sometimes moves around but found that the sure grip helps keep my wig in place.
    By Donna L on 6/18/13
  14. Compliments galore!
    I get tons of compliments. I can't leave the house without someone asking me about it. I don't know what to say because it's a wig!
    By JE on 6/18/13
  15. All around amazing
    Great style and company the quality is really nice
    By Kathy on 6/18/13
  16. way too shiny
    I looked everywhere for a bob like this. I usually get Raquel Welch but thought I'd try this to get the style. The color and cut are great but the cap is much tighter than Raquel Welch and the hair is Barbie shiny. I purchased it in creamy toffee. I wish Raquel Welch would make this style with her cap and hair fiber.
    By Carla on 12/2/-1

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