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Tress by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $180.00

Price: Price: $153.00

Tress by Raquel Welch: Color SS25 - Ginger Blonde (Golden Blonde with subtle highlights, Medium Brown roots)
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  1. I have 5 of the Tress I think that says it all.
    When I learned I would lose my hair to chemo 2 years ago I ran to the only wig shop in town and bought 2 wigs at $400.00 a pop. They are beautiful but not the right color or style. I wore one once, A friend told me about the Raquel line.. I went straight to the Tress in the golden wheat as it was almost exactly like my real hair.
    I was I like my hair big so I do a lot of teasing which does cause damage. and lots of hairspray... Hence the 5 wigs I have.. I like them new and for the price when they get a bit ratty I buy a new one.
    My real hair is coming back and I am trying to get it long... it is at a very frustrating point. SO I will still wear my Tress when going out... I'm looking today and may just try one of the other affordable priced ones and go for a little different style and color... After all we must live a little!!!
    By Jacquie on 8/7/16
  2. I love Tress!
    I purchased Tress to wear for my step-daughter's wedding next week. Couldn't be more pleased with it. The color is fantastic and the length and style is close to my own. The color here is S88/29. I wore it to an art event and it was really comfortable and made for some fun pictures in anticipation of the wedding... Thanks, too, Allie (in customer service and/or styling) - you outdid yourself with helping me choose and following through for me to get this in time.

    By Sue on 6/18/16
  3. Tress R28S Glazed Fire
    I must say this wig is true to the picture on the website. I have never had such a low maintenance wig it's amazing. A little trim of the bangs and it's ready to go I can be out the door in minutes and R28S Glazed Fire is my favorite. Not every wig is the same for everybody but once you find your style for your face shape and color for your skin tone its awesome. Great quality Great price Thank you Raquel!

    By Julie 03/13/16 on 3/13/16
  4. Tress is Best!!
    Have bought other wigs and each one was a lot more money than Tress. Was nervous about buying online and also because it's not a mono, but this has been my favorite wig ever. I get stopped all the time with compliments - even freaked my ENT out when I took it off for a hearing test. He says he sees wigs all the time and it's one of the best and suits me well. :) I have to agree with others above it doesn't look like it will last really long but as it has gotten 'older' - each stage has been a great 'evolution,' versus looking good one day and ragged the next. It's still cheaper than a color and a cut, and after 20 years of wearing hair extensions, this is easy, affordable and great looking. Reducing my cell plan and a couple less dinners out a month would accommodate this welcome addition to my beauty regime.
    By Cee Cee on 2/27/16
    Breeze is the SHORTER version of Tress. I started with Breeze and then went longer with Tress. The back on Tress is a bit like a mullet, but I always chop about 3" off the back and it looks very natural.

    I have naturally curly hair that I blow out Farrah Fawcett style, and this does the trick for me. Whenever I go out shopping, I always have someone asking me who does my hair. I always say It's a Wig. I'm glad people think it looks like my natural/real hair and it suits me perfectly.

    I've never had a problem with frizzing. The top part line does "fuzz" a little after a few brushings, but that's the way it is so you have "lift." I only use a WIG BRUSH and never any product on it. I am surprised to read some of the reviews. The only problem I've had, is I've had shorter bangs on some, flatter sides on others, and it's not consistent. Color wise - YES. Style wise - NO.

    If this style is ever discontinued, I will die. But, I have 10 now and alternate. If you don't like "big Texas hair" then this is NOT THE WIG for you. But, if you do, I think you'll be happy. The stock photo makes it look much shaggier and straighter. It is not that way.

    By Susan on 11/30/14
  6. Poor Quality Too! Like "S" review of 9/12/13
    I was sad but glad that I saw this review. It hit the nail on the head EXACTLY for me. I did the exact same things with the same results. It makes me so scared to buy another Welch wig, and I see it is happening to other styles more frequently. I loved the Tress style and got loads of compliments but after 2 weeks of babying it, it was a frizzy, tangled mess, every day at the end of the day. I spent a whole year trying to work with Cust Service and even the Welch rep for and they were very slow to respond.....they finally offered me a free Tress wig--which did NOT solve my issue.


    We're so sorry to hear this! Please send your item in to be inspected by the Raquel Welch company. This will help us see what is causing the problem, and also fix it! Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to hearing from you!
    By Sue on 11/9/14
  7. Nice wig but...
    The cap runs very small. Not sure it will stay. Too bad it does not come in a larger size. I'm returning it.
    By Kay on 10/9/14
  8. Always a great hair day!
    I have suffered with alopecia in my front and crown area for several years now. I was devastated with the loss of my hair because it was such a huge part of my identity. I have purchased the Raquel Welch Tress wig several times and I absolutely love this wig! I am brunette and I have tried several shades. They are all beautiful. I actually cut several inches off my wig for a shorter style but lots of fullness on top. I never go anywhere that someone does not compliment my hair. It does not look like a wig because of the great cut. My most recent color choice was R11S Glazed Mocha. I hope this review gives someone the confidence to take s chance and reclaim your life. Life is too short to go around with bad hair my loves!

    By Kelly on 9/25/14
  9. Feminine and Sexy
    Love it! Great style makes me feel super feminine and sexy. Very pleased with hair color R2 as I am a dark brunette and this color is a perfect match and looks so natural. What a time saver to has great looking hair every time I put it on. I
    This is staying on my list to reorder.
    By Laurie on 4/2/14
  10. Poor Quality!!
    I love(d)!! Tress! It was soft and cut perfect. However over the many months I kept buying this wig I could only wear it 3-4 times before the ends in the back and sides started to fuzz and tangle. The first few times I thought maybe it was me but I've worn wigs for years and I kept giving Tress a try. I work in a high profile position and my hair has to be great every I was averaging about 1 wig every 6-8 weeks. It got very expensive and disappointing. I agree with another user that it is not quite the same as it is pictured. I've had so many of these where one is not like the one I purchased before it. Some are longer some have shorter hairs on the top and on it goes. I had so many compliments on this hair style that I kept buying it. I even emailed customer service and between their slowness to fix the issue with the manufacture and to communicate with me I finally quit buying it. NO joke!! I had purchased 11 times this wig and it never stopped fuzzing. The manufacture sent me one for no charge but it did the same thing....Very disappointed in AND Welch.....
    By S on 9/12/13
  11. Tress in Glazed Cinnamon
    the wig arrived yesterday and we are delighted with it. When you suffer from hair loss for whatever the reason this is a godsend. Thank you.
    By Jeanette on 9/11/13
  12. Wig not the same as pic
    This wig is not like the one pictured. The layering is not like the one shown here and it's not just the model's head angle. It tends to be quite pointed at the top too.
    By CJ on 9/9/13
  13. Great wigs at a great price.
    I have 2 of these in 2 different colors. I love them. They are very stylish and very comfortable. Racquel's wigs are great.
    By Diane on 8/11/13
  14. Just About Perfect
    I need the fullness that Tress gives me. I can't wear those straight flat styles. Would be great to have this with either a lace front or mono top. Other than that perfect.
    By MelodyM on 8/7/13
  15. Too much hair.
    The problem I find with almost all of Racquel wigs is that there is always way way way too much hair.
    The styles are great ......wish she could listen and take action re the above.
    Thanks for this opportunity.
    By Colleayn on 7/11/13
  16. Have been wearing it for years
    I have been wearing RW for years and the Tress is my favorite! Its i very whispy and fun
    By Patricia on 6/18/13
  17. too much
    The style was cute but way too much hair for my petite face.
    By B.Heart on 6/18/13
  18. love it!
    I just received my wig Tress today. I love it!!!!
    By WB on 4/6/12
  19. tress
    color. little long. will have it trimmed by stylist.
    By joann pace on 2/10/11

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