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Tribeca Spring by Louis Ferre

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: LF7035LF

Availability: In stock

List Price: $415.00

Price: Price: $332.00

Tribeca Spring by Louis Ferre: Color 33/27C/130F - Raspberry-Ice
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Tribeca Spring by Louis Ferre: Color 33/27C/130F - Raspberry-Ice

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  1. Very nice
    I bought color 140/22 and although it is lighter than I was thinking it would be, it is a very pretty color. I LOVE the cap construction the lace is very generous, the fit is snug and not itchy. I have complete hair loss and even with the length I don't feel like I need any adhesive. I like that I can wear it up, half up and have down, or down. The hair fibers feel natural and are soft and smooth. This wig has all the bells and whistles and is a great s value.
    By Christy on 5/28/16
  2. Delicious
    Purchased Tribeca in Oct 2015 and I have worn daily for 5 months now doing every activity imaginable (alopecia) and looks beautiful as the day it arrived. This wig is top drawer and you know it the minute you pull from the packaging. Hair fibers are like butter, so soft and luxurious against the skin. The cap construction is light weight, delicate feeling and quality and time taken in the manufacturing shows at the material transition areas of the cap. More importantly that craftsmanship is felt when you try on the wig because you feel...well nothing. It is almost as cool and soothing as your own hair. Out of 23 years of wearing wigs Tribeca was the most impressive save a $2,000 custom hand-tie lace wig. For me that is an amazing statement considering the affordability that Louis Ferre has set the price point. I purchased this in the Raspberry Ice. I thought the photos were beautiful but they don't even come close to doing the color justice. The high and low tones are incredible and so realistic. At 53, I worried that it would look like I was trying to appear like a 20 something. The #130 color frosts appear as single hairs and that creates a highlighting effect for 20-40s and interprets as occasional grey strands for the 50+. The over all color is a shifting medium auburn that looks like it has been kissed by the sun. Of all the wigs I have owned, Tribeca has received more compliments than all my other wigs totaled together. If buying wigs resulted in this kind of quality then wig buying would indeed be a relaxing pleasure.
    By Lynne on 3/31/16
    i have purchased Jon Renau Adriana , Zara which have the most natural looks. I thought I should try Tribeca... The first second I put the wig on Ilooked 10 years older, the top of the wig was very thick. fiber and colors did not look realistic at all. I sent it back right away to get my money for the HALMET...
    By I.K. on 12/6/14
  4. wow!
    This is quite possibly the most beautiful wig I've ever seen. It deserves far more reviews as the hair is of significantly highter quality than that of Jon Renau or other brands I've had.
    I purchased this is T6/130 which is a GORGEOUS shade of deep auburn with a slight root. The color is clearly depicted in the 'Soho Chic' video review. I find it to be utterly charming and rich but might be too intense for the typical light ( 27 ) red head. The color is somewhat similar to Jon Renau's 130/31 but with about a quarter inch of believable rooting. The rooting is not exaggerated in any way and looks very real.
    The curl pattern is quite a bit tighter looking than on the model but I believe that could easily be brushed out. Sadly I had to exchange my wig so I never got around to doing this. provide a plastic liner for trying out the wig in case of returns which proved very handy! I ended up doing an exchange for another product entirely since that is far more economical than doing a return. were very easy to work with and I DO appreciate their customer service.
    My ONLY objection to this stunning wig is that the ear tabs were Non Functional for my personal needs. It does not in any way decrease my love of this wig just it's practicality for me. If you do still have som bio hair and object to wearing tape strips I do not recommend this line from Louis Ferre. Their ear tabs are slick and slide back - refusing to stay in place without tape. Anyone who has very little hair or is bald will greatly appreciate this feature since the eartabs should stay perfectly in place WITH tape. I almost cried having to retun it!
    By R from the land of OZ on 5/29/14
  5. prefect......almost
    I love this wig. Well worth the money. Very realalistic and the hair seem stronger but a very wide tooth comb is a must. My only suggestion is to put a glueing strip where the front mess is so it feels much more secured thats why I gave it 4 stars insead of 5. But all in all I would still say this wig is the best I bought so far.
    By regina on 4/19/14
  6. Do not buy!!!!
    Mono filament is visually noticeable. Mine came with a slight ripple sideways in the filliment so it will not lay flat. Hair is unruly at best and had to pull up pictures to make sure I wasn't sent the wrong design. Ear tabs are an issue but not worth talking about at this point to disappointed by the design even more buy the cost/loss.
    By C on 4/5/14
  7. Gorgeous
    This is a beautiful wig. The fiber is silky and very natural looking and doesn't tangle easily. The curl doesn't frizz even when brushed out and has a very believable pattern. Considering how long this wig is it's surprisingly light.
    I got this in a rooted raisin glaze which is a very neutral medium brown. The rooting is very subtle and I'm not even sure how visible it is. Very nice natural looking mono top and hairline EXCEPT that the material at the temple tabs shows a very slight white edge where the lace front stops. It was easily fixed with a Sharpie.
    One star off for the temple tab issue and the overly subtle rooting but other than those minor things this wig may be perfect.
    By Siobhan on 10/14/13

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