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Twirl It by Forever Young

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Skin Top/Part (Poly)

Availability: In stock

List Price: $44.50

Price: Price: $37.95

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  1. Love, Love, Love This Wig
    Recently did the big chop to restart my natural hair growth process and wanted something similar to my natural hair to wear until my own hair grew out again. This wig is it! The curls are beautiful and voluminous which is perfect because I love big hair but I thought the curls to be too silky for a natural look. I used my fingers and a wide tooth comb to separate the curls and add more texture and voila... the results are amazing. It's starting to get tangled in certain areas but for the price and quality I will definitely be ordering more of this wig in the future.

    By Christiana on 6/13/15
  2. I love the look but how do you keep it from getting frizzy?
    I just ordered this as I am losing my hair (I have LPP). I like it a lot but how do you keep it from getting tangled and frizzy? Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you!
    By Lea on 3/31/15
  3. lovely
    I love this style a little tip before wearing sit it on your wig head for a few days and separate curls so they drop it gives hair a more natural look. I will be buying more greatly priced however I wish there were more color choices
    By ms j on 1/23/15
  4. Sassy & Sexy
    I love this curly hair. It's sassy and sexy. At first I thought it was too much but I got used to it. I got soo many comlipments on it. Everybody loved it on me. My go to protective style wig. I only wear this hair now.
    By keycee on 1/3/15
  5. More bounce to the ounce.
    This style will stay with me for a long time. I LOVE IT !!!!!
    By Angela on 12/17/14
  6. Haven't Purchased it YET!!
    LOL but love it because of the reviews, now I have traction alopecia, from wearing weaves glue and just overall pulling from the scalp, what is the best thing to wear under my wigs, I REALLY want to go natural in 2015 at one point..... but i need a wig, i've been curly for at least over 10 years..
    By Ms. Tee on 12/16/14
  7. Very impressed
    Really impressed with this wig. It is true to color, it's really really bouncy, and it is not sleezy. I was worried about the size average, because I wanted a size large, but it is comfortable. I took the leap of faith, and wala. Quite pleased with it. Just rec'd it about 2 hrs. ago and have had two compliments already. My review is genuine! I am happy , and the price is great too.
    By Lady M in Rio Rancho on 11/28/14
  8. Cute wig...
    I bought this wig based on the reviews, I don't wear wigs often or need them I just like to have fun with different looks without damaging my own hair. With that said, this is a fun extremely cute wig with great movement. However, it looks like a wig in person, in pictures it looks great. I got it in color 8/12/24BHL it's cute. I will have fun with it.

    This is the second wig I purchased from and I'm pleased thanks for the great service and great quality wigs.

    By Angela on 11/25/14
  9. Happy Curls to Me
    I'd been searching for a long long time for this style. Now my dream has come true. I get so many compliments that I have decided I cannot live without this wig. Ordered five of color 24/613. Ordering more today!
    By Teena on 9/15/14
  10. simply fabulous
    Love it gonna try more colors great texture very full most of all great price best I've seen I'd like to see more colors .
    By ms j on 9/10/14
  11. Very sexy style
    This is the ONLY wig I will ever wear again! I also have it in three different colors which all look fabulous! Men and women compliment the hair so I'm a TRUE FAN.
    By Lar on 8/29/14
  12. Best wig ever made!
    I'm allowing my hair to rest so I'm wearing wigs now. I've bought several that were OK. However this style has garnered compliments from EVERYONE men and women and it looks so natural! I have it in three colors and am completely satisfied. Very sexy style...
    By Allie on 8/9/14
  13. Love it...the Twirl it!!!
    Can't say enough about this beauty! It make me feel beautiful and my fianc̩ loves it. He thinks it's the best wig yet! Sexy and natural looking. I purchased the T2/30. Love it!
    By Gwen on 10/21/13
  14. So natural looking and fun!!!
    Just purchased 2 TWIRL IT wigs and I'm so pleased with the comfort
    price and color. The BEST color to order is 8/12/24BHL because it has
    some beautiful blond highlights mixed with medium brown curlsGORGEOUS! When my husband saw me in THIS wig he said I look 10 years younger!!!! ORDER IT TODAY!!!!
    By on 9/5/13
  15. Been wearing this style for a long time!
    I have worn this particular style for about 2 years as I my natural hair have thinned out so much due to medication. I have received so many compliments about this one. Most people thinks it's my real hair. Love the ease and fit of it also.
    By Mary on 8/16/13
  16. Makes me feel confident
    i like this hairpiece so much. i have the same complexion as the model and want the same color hair as her except with natural looking highlights. so i ordered HL2/30.
    By Jessica on 6/19/13

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