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Upstage by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: 100% Hand-Tied, Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $450.00

Price: Price: $382.50

Upstage by Raquel Welch: Color RL29/25 - Golden Russet (Strawberry Blonde with Golden Blonde highlights)
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  1. Horrible quality!
    If you can afford to buy a wig for $400, wear it for a month looking great, and then throw it away - this is the wig for you. After a couple of washes - the back is completely tangled, frizzed up and impossible to comb through!! Waste of money. Shame on you Raquel Welch.
    By Irina on 9/24/16
  2. Upstage and othe RW wigs
    I wear a wig everyday and have for the last 7 or 8 years, I mostly wear RW wigs, Upstage is my very favorite, I used to wear it in brown with highlights and then I decided to try the color they have in the picture, it is just beautiful, needless to say I love being a strawberry blonde and it makes me look 10 years younger. Playing it straight is also one of my favorites and I also wear it in blonde and I get so many compliments on both. I have several of the RW wigs, I have tried many but these two are my favorite. My hair started thinning and my thyroid had to be taken out. My very first wig was Lighten Up, I don't think its available anymore but I got a lot of compliments on it and after the first one I was hooked. Ladies don't be ashamed or embarrassed to wear wigs, its no different than weaves, add on's and the rest of the products they have available today. I say if it makes you feel good about yourself do it. If you have never tried one pick a style and color you have always wanted and I promise you, you will love it and keep coming back for more. I cant' to begin to tell you how many I have ordered over the years. I use Revlon synthetic products and combs to cleanse them, wash it like the video tells you. When I am through with them I wait until I have a bunch of them and I donate them to a place for women called New Direction. I have also tried other brands and have been very pleased. Upstage would be perfect if they would make one out of human hair. Maybe one day they will do that but please don't discontinue it, I love it.
    By Debra on 8/29/16
  3. My first....
    Recently diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatments , I finally made the choice to try a wig and I'm glad I chose the upstage by Raquel Welch RL 19/23SS. It looks amazing and it's so close to my natural hairstyle and color.
    This is just a quick picture without combing just running my fingers through it .

    By Sandi on 8/23/16
  4. Love the Wig BUT there is a problem with the wig cap size
    I totally agree with Paula’s review of 5/15/16. The wig cap on my recent purchase was VERY, VERY Big! Over the years I ordered 11 Raquel Welch Upstage AVERAGE size RL6/28 (Bronzed Sable) wigs. I know how this wig should fit my head.I knew immediately when I put this one on that the cap was to large. I suffer with alopecia universalis and have a small to average size head. This is the first time I had to return Raquel Welch Upstage AVERAGE size RL6/28 (Bronzed Sable) wig because the cap was to large. The velcro adjustable straps in the back of the wig overlapped each other more than 1 1/2 inches. I never had the velcro adjustable straps overlap one another with any of the other 11 Raquel Welch Upstage AVERAGE size RL6/28 (Bronzed Sable) wigs. I returned the wig and hoped that the new one would be the right size but in fact it is the same. I may have to start purchasing the wigs locally since I never had this problem before. I also requested a refund for the shipping charges because of this manufactures defect, but this was denied because Wigs.Com said that they measured the inside of the cap and it met the Average size standard measurements. However, I am the customer wearing this product since 2010 and I know how this wig should fit my head. I ALSO HOPE THAT QUALITY CONTROL READS THESE REVIEWS AND ADDRESSES THIS SITUATION.
    By Elizabeth on 8/18/16
  5. Second try on this wig
    I ordered this wig several months ago from It was my first wig. It looked beautiful but the cap was very very big. I returned it thinking that average size wig just wasn't for me. I went into a wig store last week and upstage was recommended . I tried it and it fit ! I bought it from that store even though it was much more expensive than the inter net purchase. I love it ! So I would rate it a 5 for now since I've only had it a few days . It can be frustrating when the quality is inconsistent and so much time is wasted returning online purchases and then waiting for an exchange. Others have also had a similar experience. I hope quality control sees this review because it needs to be addressed.
    By Paula on 5/15/16
  6. Love My New Look!
    Although there was a lot of hair that came with this wig, I took it to my hairdresser who customized it to fit just right. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received and nobody knows it's a wig ... even my coworkers think I'm just styling my hair differently. Love it!!!!

    By Lorraine on 4/13/16
  7. Natural
    Love, love, love this style. Receive compliments every time I wear it. There are so many styling options with the lace front and mono top. I now have four of this style wig. Did I say I love this wig? Color I ordered is 14/22SS. Other reviews which mention frizz is correct. However, I have found that if I use coconut oil, it helps to minimize frizzing and extends the life of the wig. After washing, I apply the oil while wig is wet. When dry, will apply another thin layer. The attached photos are of the wig right out of the box. I did not need to have it cut or thinned. I am 50+ yo, and five feet tall, so this will give you an idea where it will fall on your neck line.

    By Kathy on 11/4/15
  8. Grest look
    This is my very first wig and I did have some sticker shock ay the price but when I received the wig I fell in love with the color!

    Biscuit shadow shade and have gotten many compliments on the wig BUT and so disappointed in the quality of the fiber and how it wears and frizzes at the neck line.

    This single fact has kept me from ordering any of the more expensive wigs too. I did read where the "wig pro" suggested using a product and iron on the ends to fix this problem and I must say for the price this should be pre-done before sending out the wigs to clients.
    By Carol on 10/17/15
  9. tops thins out quickly
    Someone asked for an honest review - I wore this wig for over a year until I could transition to something else. The mono top loses hair very quickly. Max wear is 3 months because of the hair loss on top, its simply too thin to wear longer and the last month can be challenging. Doing the math this wig costs approx. $125 per month to wear. I am a long time wig wearer and I know all the products and tricks, but I cannot vent hair into the top of a wig. There are better wigs for the money. I agree we need honest reviews as I rely on you girls to help me select something that I can be proud to wear in public and I can afford. This wig is not for someone who has to wear a wig every day unless they can afford the replacement cost.
    By Marie on 9/14/15
  10. Very disheartening!
    I couldn't wait to receive my Raquel Welch wig, in fact I ordered two based off the reviews about beauty and fit. My box arrived today, I excitedly put not the safety cap to try on the wig and I felt like my head was off or the wig was off and not centered properly. There was one long strand/section of hair on the right side that looked great but was about an inch longer than the left side. No matter how I tried to position the wig thinking I had it on wrong and this mysterious piece of hair needed to be in the back, it didn't work. Then i realized it was the other side that was cut too short based off what the wig was supposed to be. I figured I would just return it and tried on the second wig and was thinking I am glad I bought two but I had the same issue. Now I have to return both and I am wondering how often this happens when you pay this price for wigs? So much for my first time being pleasant and then to top it off, the pre-style it came in was not flattering for anyone under 70. Gun-shy about ever ordering online again for such a big emotional buy. Rachel Welch wigs look great online but the quality is less to be desired.
    By Carol on 9/11/15
    I was about to get this instead, as my RA's crowd pleaser wig has gone frizzy.
    Thank god I read the reviews. Looks like RW style is great BUT quality is disappointing. - do our feedback go to RW???? For them to listen learn and respond to her consumers' feed backs. After all, her wigs are not cheap.

    By Dawn HL on 6/23/15
  12. Upstage is my favorite!
    For over 20 years I've dealt with progressively thinning hair. Last year, before my son's wedding, I decided to research wigs and hairpieces. The Upstage was my choice for the special event and after a year of wearing wigs (I own quite a few now), it is still my favorite and most beautiful wig. The hand tied cap, mono top and lace front make it completely natural looking and extremely comfortable. The hair feels and moves like human hair. The color I wear (RL16/88) is simply gorgeous. The *only* reason I cannot give it 5 stars is because the hair at the nape of the neck does frizz rather quickly. I've had my first Upstage trimmed twice professionally and once it hit a shorter length, the frizzing has all but ceased. Using HD smoother and a wide tooth comb frequently does help some with the issue. I can only hope the manufacturers will someday (soon) come up with a fiber that feels and looks this great, but lasts for several months or longer without the frizzing. But despite this one drawback, Upstage is still my favorite wig of all.

    By Amy on 2/23/15
  13. Great style, poor quality
    I love how Raquel Welch wigs look. Alas, the quality is just appalling.

    I got my first RW wig years ago when I was new to wigs. It quickly became frizzy - with less than a month of part-time use! I assumed my inexperience has caused that - poor washing technique? bad products? So, I decided to give this wig a try - it's been a few years and I've had more than a few wigs "under my belt" so to speak.

    Well, the same thing happened with this RW wig as it did with my first RW one. The wig became frizzy within a month with ONLY part-time use (2-4 hours per day, 2-4 days per week). I used NO heating elements and ONLY cold water to wash; despite the fact that the fiber is supposed to be heat-resistant it was only my body heat that frizzed up the fibers. This has eventually happened with all other wigs I've ever purchased - but only after a few months of daily wear.

    I have learned my lesson - no more Raquel Welch wigs for me, no matter how pretty they look.


    Unfortunately, the frizz you are describing is common with heat-friendly fiber. That being said, there is a way to maintain and prevent that from happening.

    1. Take thin, small sections and spray the HD Smooth by Jon Renau
    2. Flat iron the thin section until it's smooth (we recommend using a temperature between 250-275)
    3. Repeat in areas where there is frizz
    By Miriam on 2/20/15
  14. Frizz at the nape of the neck
    I love this gorgeous wig but the back of the wig near my neck has become knotted at first and then became frizzy and course after about three weeks.
    By srbbr on 12/30/14
  15. Frizz at the nape of the neck
    I've had several of these wigs and they've all worn poorly at the nape of the neck. I buy them because they are gorgeous otherwise. I have one that's only two weeks old and has deviled frizz in the back already. I'm thinking about trying to find someone to replace the hair on the back bottom of the wig -- basically repair it.
    By Karen on 12/6/14
  16. Upstage
    I bought Upstage because the previous wig I bought was out of stock in the color I wanted. I have received a lot of compliments, especially on the front hairline, which has a very slight widows peak and looks very natural. I am trying to be really careful to avoid frizzing, but have only worn this wig for about a week. So far, I can't see any frizzing, but the tangles in the back are beginning to creep up. The previous wig I bought was Crowd Pleaser. I absolutely LOVED the style, but the back did frizz up fairly quickly. I'm hoping this one lasts more than a few months.


    Hi Mimi!

    We're so sorry to hear about the frizz you experienced! We recommend the following tips to prevent and correct this issue.

    Option A:

    1. Take thin small sections and spray the HD Smooth by Jon Renau
    2. Use a wide tooth comb to smooth and detangle We recommend the Hair Trix comb by Beauti Mark

    Option B:

    1. Use Step 1 from Option A
    2. Flat iron the thin section until it's smooth (we recommend using a temperature between 250-275)
    By Mimi on 11/12/14
  17. Real Hollywood Glamour!
    I am a redhead, but have always toyed with the idea of being a blonde, so this has fulfilled my fantasy! The fact that it has such a great lace front and is completely hand-tied makes it look so realistic!

    By Dotti K on 10/20/14
  18. Best One Yet!
    This wig is very comfortable and looks so natural because of the lace front. I love the way it looks straight out of the box. I have gotten so many compliments on this one and will buy another but in a different color. One of my favorites.
    By Michelle on 10/10/14
  19. Beautiful Wig
    I have had several of the upstage wig for several years. I can't tell you how many compliments I would get from it not only for style but color. My only complaint is that Raquel doesn't make it in a more blonde color either streaked or solid but more blonde than so many dark shades. Tell her to get on it and give us blondes some variety!
    By Beth on 8/18/14
  20. Frizz
    I to love the wig but frizz is really a big problem. I used conditioner and it helped for a while extended the life of the wig to four months. I truly hope something can be done.
    Hi Marie!
    We're so sorry to hear about the frizz you experienced! We recommend the following tips to prevent and correct this issue.
    Option A:
    1. Take thin small sections and spray the HD Smooth by Jon Renau
    2. Use a wide tooth comb to smooth and detangle We recommend the Hair Trix comb by Beauti Mark
    Option B:
    1. Use Step 1 from Option A
    2. Flat iron the thin section until it's smooth we recommend using a temperature between 250-275
    By Marie on 8/10/14
  21. LOVE this wig but it frizzes in the back.
    I love love LOVE this wig. However after 2 wears the back is frizzing. Perhaps from rubbing on the back of my neck. I am debating taking it to my hair stylist and having her cut it like an inverted bob seeing if the shorter length will prevent the frizzing. A bit afraid to get it cut though since it is a pricy wig.
    By Kathy on 8/2/14
  22. Frizzing
    I love the color and the style so much I bought 4 of them. I've alopecia so am a lifetime client. I am on my second one as I have that frizzing problem very badly on-the first.. I believe that a spray solution can be used to ease the problem and should be provided by the manufacturer at no cost to the consumer.
    One of the shops that I deal with will not carry these wigs anymore due to the frizzing problem.
    Customer satisfaction is key in this day and age. I think that this wig company should step it up and step up to the plate and attempt to make us happy as the wigs are not cheap.
    By Karen Mercer on 7/24/14
  23. Somewhat disappointed
    I've had this wig since January 2014. My hairdresser styled the wig and I love the style on me. However the wig has developed a few problems. I have noticed that the back of the wig near my neck has become course and is starting to frizz. I have not used any heat whatsoever on the wig and have only used products made for the wig. Another problem is in the bangs. They seem to be getting thinner and I've noticed that the hair is falling out. It's such a shame because I really like the wig and the style is perfect for me. Too bad that there is not a guarantee.
    By Jen on 7/22/14
  24. Bad Frizzing and Poor Construction
    Looks good at first. Wears poorly. Uncomfortable. Hot. Manufacture is poor; very just slapped together. NO RESPECT FOR CONSUMER.
    By Diana on 7/18/14
  25. frizz issues as well
    I bought a different style of RW wig. I too have an incredibly bad frizz issue with the hair on the nape of my neck. The hair on the rest of the wig is soft and flows like real hair. The hair at the back of my neck has become course and frizzy doesn't lay well and looks awful. For $480 I'm quite disappointed. I brought the wig back to the shop I bought it from and they cut out some of the frizz from underneath but more frizz is back after less than a week of wear and the cut doesn't curl as nicely.
    By Barbara B on 6/23/14
  26. Beautiful Wig
    I adore this wig! I have received so many compliments on the color and style (31/29). The style is so natural and easy to wear. The ends do fray after a few months which is very disappointing. I am new to wigs and did not realize their lifespan is rather brief. I hope Raquel will keep making this style. Thanks for giving me my confidence back!!
    By Lois Hoffman on 6/22/14
  27. Frizz baby
    This wig is beautiful! I love it! I have two and get compliments all the time. However the wig does frizz in the back after only a few wearings. I thought it was perhaps because the heat rollers were too hot I'd I had washed it too much. I used the recommended products. Anyway I ought another one and it started frizzing sooner than theist one. I did t use any best nor had the wig been washed yet. I don't wear this wig every day so it reay should not be doing this. Really disappointing because otherwise it is a gorgeous wig
    By Windy on 6/22/14
  28. Honest Reviews would be appreciated for us
    Honest Reviews would be appreciated for us. I find it hard to believe that this wig rendered 3 bad reviews in one day. This must be coming from the same person who is thirsty for a response from somebody. I am deciding on one of 3 wigs as my first and this is one of them.
    By Joel on 6/17/14
  29. What's the point?
    What is the point of submitting reviews if they do not generate a response back from the manufacturers? As stated a beautiful wig but has terrible frizz problems what are they doing to correct this problem? I can't afford to replace a wig (like one woman mentioned) every few weeks $100 per week is way out of my budget!!
    Please help us out!!!! We're trying to look beautiful but can't break the bank!!!
    By Kathleen on 6/2/14
  30. Great Style but the ends frizz horribly.
    I loved the style but the ends frizz horribly especially in the back regardless of how well you take care of it. I bought all the recommended products and followed the routine - but it made no difference. For this price I expected to wear a wig for longer then a couple of months.
    I have alopecia for over 20 years and am quite experienced with wigs. Some of my wigs lasted for several years. This one turned out to be waste of money.
    By irina on 6/2/14
  31. upstage
    like the style but frizzed after a few wearings. Before the frizz I got many compliments on how nice "my" hair looked. Didn't help control the frizz using products recommended by company for shampooing conditioning hairspray combing curling and flat ironing. (I bought them all from Can't get rid of frizz.
    Also shampoo does not take out the hairspray. I am disappointed as this is not a "cheap"wig.
    By Jane on 5/25/14
  32. I LOVE this wig
    With the lace front it looks so real. I got the RL16/88 and love the fact of no roots. I almost got the rooted but before I started chemo I was picky about my roots and didn't want to have them show. So I opted for the non rooted look. I now have hair regrowth but it is incredibly thin in the temples. So I will keep on wearing this wig
    Yes the netting itches but only on the left side. I see the difference in the two sides where the mesh meets the wig and that's where I have the irritation. I have put vaseline at the hair line to put a coating between the wig and my skin.
    Other than that I still love this wig!
    I'm eyeing The crowd pleaser using the same color....It looks as if it is the same quality but cheaper and shorter.
    By Suesue on 5/20/14
  33. Upstage
    I love the way this wig looks on me. I get compliments on my hair. Even some relatives cannot tell it is a wig. it looks very natural. I am now wearing my second Upstage. It gets a five for looks. But because of the frizzing I give it a four. I agree with the reviewers that complain about the frizzing on the ends. I was very disappointed by how quickly the wig started to look frizzy after about a month. I must admit I wear my wigs daily but I am used to less expensive wigs that last 3-4 months under daily wear. I explained my problem to customer service and we were able to work out a satisfactory solution to my problem. They feel the heat resistant quality of the hair fibers may wear different for some buyers.
    This wig is definitely for those wearers that like to flat iron and fuss with their wig weekly. I use a flat iron to press out the frizzy ends every week. I prefer wigs that simply require occasional shampooing.
    This is my first Raquel wig. I will try some of the other wigs and hope to find one that last longer without the frizzing. Hopefully the wig makers will improve on the heat resistant hair fibers of the Upstage soon.
    By Stephanie on 12/27/13
  34. Improvements . . .
    I have bought two of these wigs. The first one was great the second has very little hair covering the forehead (the lace front area and a little beyond). The lace is scratchy and breaks out my forehead. Would absolutely buy it again if there was no lace front and a little more hair on the forehead area.
    By lb on 11/11/13
  35. UpStage lives up to its name
    This style upstages or out does the competition. Hundreds of short hair styles out there for your own hair or wig.
    This will UpStage or outshine them all.
    I wear this all over town from the mall the theater
    Complimentes compliments men and women both have something great to say about the style and color (I choose 12/16)
    Holiday greeting cards I once again wore this of course.
    Awesome and flawless is drapes around the face beautifully it's layers are perfectly done.
    I have had mine now for just about year still perfection
    It is center stage
    it is
    By Veronica on 11/8/13
  36. Upstage
    Am disappointed would only recommend it as an occassional wig. I have alopecia and have worn wigs for many years so I have a lot of experience in wearing them. I usually like Raquel wigs. The back frizzed up horribly on me right from the very first week.
    By Linda on 11/2/13
  37. Upstage
    Love this wig. What I don't like is the back tangles & frizzes after not many wears.
    By My Favorite on 10/27/13
  38. Upstage by Raquel Welch
    Like so many others I have the same problem with the back hair becoming frizzy. A second problem is that the average size cap (which is what I have worn in other wigs for years) is way too small. It does not come down far enough in the back. The large is HUGE. The Raquel Welch Company needs to fix these two problems especially since so many other reviews voice the same problem. I hope these reviews are shared with HairUWear. It's a shame to have these problems since the wig is beautiful otherwise.
    By SVS on 10/24/13
  39. Nice but itchy and shifty
    This is a pretty cut but I am very disappointed with how itchy this wig is. I've worn cheaper wigs that were less itchy. Also I find that the wig shifts a lot. I actually feel self conscious wearing this because I'm afraid the lace front has shifted to reveal my hairline. I was also disappointed to find that some of the hair on the underside right at the cap was kinky as though it had been tightly braided. Out of the box this style is way to puffy for me. I had to use a flat iron to get it to look right. For the price I definitely expected a better wig.
    By Karen on 10/22/13
    I've worn wigs for 40 years....human hair synthetic name it I've worn it....The UPSTAGE by far has been the best of them all....It fits my head perfectly from the back to the side tabs and I love the way the cap is made....I never feel like it's riding up as some wigs do.....It has been such a pleasure to wear and I'm now going back for my second one....The color is so well blended and the lace front is amazing....please let me know the solution for the frizz as I had frizz at the neckline also. Other then that I can't say enough about this wig.
    By SYLVIA on 10/16/13
  41. Upstage Large
    I am thrilled that Upstage is available in a large cap size. Although I can wear a regular size cap in some brands--Jon Renau and Louis Ferre-I have found Raquel Welch wigs too small in the past. However I will say that the Upstage Large is very large! While the regular is much too small for me the Large is a too big. However I have cinched it in and it does work. Too big is definitely better than too small. It stays on my head and I don't have headaches.
    I regret that the Raquel Welch colors are so reddish. I have the RL 10/12. My favorite color is the Jon Renau 8rh14 and Raquel Welch isn't able to get as close to that color as I would like. I am one of those people who wants to match my own hair color as closely as possible. I am fair skinned and I need blondish highlights for my brown hair not red. That said people do come up to me and compliment me on the color. It is an attractive color it is just not a good match for me!
    I like the style of Upstage. I feel pretty. I clip up the bangs so that they stay out of my eyes; I really don't like the hair in the eyes feeling. I have worn many wigs of about the same length as Upstage; none of them have tangled the way Upstage does. This is disappointing. I have worn mine for a month and haven't noticed the frizzing that other's have mentioned yet but the tangling is a real problem.
    Upstage has plenty of hair. I can't imagine thinking it is too sparse! If anything it may be a bit too much hair to seem natural. On the other hand the people complimenting me seem to be assuming it is my own hair so that's a good thing.
    By 3rd generation wig wearer on 10/2/13
  42. friz problem
    love this wig but the friz at the neckline after a couple of months drives me crazy. I just read a review that someone wrote that seems to have found a solution to this problem. I will try it and hopefully some of the friz will be gone
    By noneyee on 9/29/13
  43. Upstage
    This is the wig of all wigs. I have probably bought 25 of these over the years. I get so many compliments on my hair just about anytime I am out.. It looks so real and people do not even realize it's a wig. I gave it a four star because it no time the ends in the back start to frizz and fray. What I do is cut it and make it a short bob. I get a lot of wear out of one. If you get to the point that you have to many and you would like to donate them I donated about 8 or 9 of my gently used ones that were still in good condition to New Outlook Women's Cancer Recovery Program 2 Street Vincent Circle Little Rock AR 72205. Anyway Raquel's wigs are fabulous and I will keep buying them.
    By Debra on 9/24/13
  44. My Favorite
    The Upstage is a great off the face bob that is timeless. I have the same problem as other customers with the frizzing in the back but will try how they handle it. The only other problem with it is that the cap size runs small. I am a size average and have bought alot of wigs over the years but this cap does run small so it doesn't give you as much comfort as the other average size wigs. All in all this wig with the off the face styling is one of the very best I have purchased over the last 10 years. Hats off to RR.
    By Diane on 9/19/13
  45. Love It !
    Years wearing Raquel Welch's wigs. Are very nice and comfortable with very modern cut and colours! Upstage is my favourite
    By Yazmin on 9/18/13
  46. Upstage - The best ever
    I had my hair dresser trim the sides an back about an inch this helps the cut look cleaner. I used to have the problem of frizzyy ends but started with washing then when completely dry I used in Instyler rounded iron on low this straighted the hair and removed the frizz. Then I used my hot rollers and just rolled under the ends. Note only leave on for a minute. This actually keeps the ends looking great. Every other day I spray the HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Reneau and brush through the hair. I have actually cut down the washing to every other month. I have 2 wigs of the same color 13-88 Pecan. I can't tell you how many compliments I get every day. I don't advertise that I wear a wig because it looks so natural. I did have to have the wig sized. My only request is that this style come in a petit size. I love this style. I have tried about seven other styles but return to this one because it is so natural.
    By Judy on 9/16/13
  47. have found a solution to the frizzy back
    I love the colour and the style it is very natural looking. didn't find it too thick it has volume but it also has movement. I agree that the fibers frizz at the back but have found that if I use a styling tool that has both heat and brush bristles I can heat the fibers and the brush bristles straighten the fibers so the frizz is gone. Have to do this every few days but it works. I do it with the fibers damp and with some spray on leave in wig conditioner. The tool that I am using I got at the drug store and it has a spinning barrel on one side and a brush on the other so the wig fibers are pressed between the two.
    By Lorna R on 9/11/13
  48. Heat-friendly Mono lace-front hand-tied RW colors = NATURAL
    Take it from me -- due to thinning that started in my 20's I've had 30 years of trying to find solutions (extensions toppers wigs shave my head?). Time effort and ~$25K later about 7 years ago I discovered RW wigs to be the best solution. The most natural (and beautiful) solution are RW wigs that use the heat-friendly fiber (this is the most natural looking -- all other fibers are too shiny) mono top lace-front and hand-tied! Upstage combines all these factors and a very flattering style in one piece. People (mostly women) stop me in the grocery store on the street and shout out their car windows with compliments on the style and color (I wear 29/25). The complaint about the fiber getting frizzy (especially at the nape of the neck) is true. The other reviewer's comment about the wig looking it's best for 2-3 weeks is also true. The fiber will start to dry out and more & more of the ends will get frayed & frizzy. This is the reason I can't give it 5 stars. I'm guessing if you get a piece that doesn't have as much length than it will look better longer (the longer the length the more the fiber will have friction against your skin and it will fray/frizz). I'm hoping they're working on a fiber that isn't shiny and stays nice looking for at least 3 months --- this would be a God-send.
    By Betty on 8/30/13
  49. Love it1
    I love the cap I love the look. A bit too much hair but very very pretty. Wish it had less blonde I prefer red. Also I find the hair tangles at the base of my neck but I brush it out each day so no big deal. It is very natural looking. Wish I had that much hair!
    By Beth on 8/25/13
  50. Great but.....
    I own 2 Upstage wigs in 6-30 and 4-6. They are absolutely beautiful however I find the lace front too sparse and the heat friendly fiber frizzes at the ends within a few days much more quickly than the regular Vibralite fiber. Other than that Upstage is very well made and natural looking.
    By Anne on 8/13/13
  51. too thick
    this has a beautiful feel when you first get it but it is too thick. I am tall but slender especially in the face. I have an oval face and this wig looks like a 50's bouffant on me. If you are a medium build or larger I think this would be a great wig. I am disappointed I thought I had found the one I appreciate the work the consultants offer to try to help I will be wearing wigs for another 30 years as I have female pattern baldness. It is discouraging enough to have this emotionally painful problem much less spending so much money and having so many struggles.
    By sharon on 8/9/13
  52. Upstage
    I have to say that Upstage is my favorite of Raquel Welch. I started out with the voltage and wore the Lighten Up for a couple of years but when I tried the Upstage I keep coming back to it no what I try. I have several different wigs but I also have the Soft Focus which is lace front human hair and it is so beautiful. I go back and forth. I think if they would make the Upstage in human hair it would be perfect. I love waiting to see what her new line is going to look like. If you have never wore a wig or are thinking of trying one try the Upstage it is really beautiful. I always get compliments on my hair and no one even suspects it a wig. Love the wigs Raquel keep them coming.
    By Debi on 7/14/13
  53. Dissapointed
    I really love the look of this wig but it became frizzy in the back very very quickly. I only wore this wig maybe a dozen times and it became extreamly frizzy right away.
    By Jacquie on 7/11/13
  54. Quick and impressive service
    exchanged for this wig its much better
    exchanged it for: Upstage RL14/22
    I love the exchange i received. The expedited exchange was smooth as I was refunded automatically! Thanks!
    By Anna on 6/19/13
  55. Not enough hair - Very dissaopointing
    The wig did not have enough hair for me. It was very un-natural looking. very dissapointed.
    By E Girard on 6/19/13
  56. Raquel Welch wigs are my favorite!
    I have worn Upstage and Voltage. I love the Raquel Welch line of wigs!!!
    By SM on 6/19/13
  57. Love!
    I really love the upstage!
    By AT on 6/19/13
  58. Learning how to style heat friendly wigs...not as hard as i thought
    The Upstage was very good. I am now learning how to straighten it. I love it!
    By Sheila on 6/19/13
  59. so comforatble.
    Upstage is so natural and the cap is very comfortable!
    By Leonard on 6/19/13
  60. Keeps me coming back!
    I love the lace front and hand tied cap. The wig is beautiful and i feel great in it! i try other wigs and even have some i really like but I keep going back to this style :)
    By TDH on 6/19/13
  61. Keep coming back
    I have tried different styles and I keep coming back to the RW-Upstage. I enjoy wearing this style it is so natural and easy to wear. I place it in a ponytail pin it up and go. Love it.
    By Camille on 6/19/13
  62. Hopeful
    I had originally contacted to inquire on the color of the strawberry blond model within your brief online video clip. Although I thought it was Butterscotch from what I had viewed/matched at the local wig salon the representative indicated it was RL29/25. That was my original order but it was far too dark. I am happy with the Butterscotch and think that it is the color of the model in the video clip and definitely a much closer match to my original haircolor. In trying on the wig based on the cap construction it feels much lighter and more comfortable that the other wig I currently own. I hope it wears and styles well.
    By Linda Groves on 6/19/13
  63. This is awesome
    I love this product
    By Alex on 4/27/13
  64. color match successful!
    I had originally contacted to inquire on the color of the strawberry blond model within your brief online video clip. Although I thought it was Butterscotch from what I had viewed/matched at the local wig salon the representative indicated it was RL29/2
    By Linda on 6/22/12
  65. pleasure to wear!
    I really enjoy weraing this style. I really like this style better than the handtiedhuman hair wigs that were so expensive. This one works GREAT and everyone love it on me.
    By Jennifer on 3/29/12
  66. Excellent!
    With proper care this wig will last between two and three week with daily use. I reorder on the average two times per month because I want a fresh look. Women like me want to look good every time they walk out of their door. I have been told that this wig is very good looking on me and it is of good quality. I get questions such as: who is your stylist do you wrap your head at night and how often do you get your hair done? When I say it is a wig to stylist I get a look of shock. I have also gone into the wig salon where I previously spent as much as $2000 per wig. They are amazed at how good my hair looks. The expensive wigs last about 6 months but don't look nearly as good. Looking good is not looking as if you have a wig on your head. Looking good means feeling good about the way you looks.
    My only wish is that you would increase the amount of lace to cover the crown of the wig.
    By Aurietha on 1/22/12
  67. Raquel Welch makes great wigs
    I have worn Upstage and Voltage. I love the Raquel Welch line of wigs!!!
    By SM on 12/16/11
  68. Still going strong and loving this wig
    Loving this wig so far. I've had it for over three months now and I wear it lots!!!
    Has held up beautifully. Still looks brand new. So soft!
    By SHelley on 12/16/11
  69. This wig rocks.
    I've been wearing wigs for 5years. This one is a new favorite. Thanks for making this easy. Love your videos!
    By Sarah Sanders on 12/16/11
  70. Great Look
    This is my first time ordering a wig. Im so happy with this. it is absolutely beautiful. i dont think all wigs look and feel this natural but this one is just perfect! the length is a little longer than i am used to and i find myself flicking my hair around and it makes me feel so sassy and beauful!
    By Val on 10/8/11
  71. Tried and true!
    I have tried different styles and I keep coming back to the Upstage. I enjoy wearing this style it is so natural and easy to wear. I place it in a ponytail pin it up and go. Love it.
    By Camille on 6/8/11
  72. upstage
    has two Upstages. absolutely loves them. gets compliments all the time on how beautiful her hair is!
    By Kathy Shelton on 1/21/11
  73. Upstage
    I love the hand tied back mono top and lace front. I hope her new collection uses more of these caps
    By R Crum on 12/27/10

What do you think about Upstage?

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