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Voltage by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $154.00

Price: Price: $130.90

Voltage by Raquel Welch: Color R28S+ Glazed Fire (Fiery Red with Bright Red highlights)
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  1. So Happy!
    Just received the Voltage in R23S color. took it out the box, put it on, trimmed the bangs a little and good to go! Hair is just right amount, fit is great (I have a big head) and the style/color is great! haven't been this satisfied with a wig in a long time. I have worn them off and on for nearly 45 years. Very natural looking. Amen!
    By jamme on 1/29/15
  2. Looks like my own hair "used to look."
    I am in love with the "Voltage" style and intend to purchase another one in a different only problem is that it tends to ride up and does not feel secure on my head...I am concerned that if someone accidentally brushes up again my head or if I it is too windy outside the entire wig will come off...the tabs at either side of the head do not hold the wig securely and the adjustment straps at the nape of the neck tend to bunch up if you try to make it tighter...I wonder if others have had this problem and if using bobby pins would help secure it or would if that would damage the wig.


    Maria, thank you for your feedback! To secure a wig that may be too big, you can safely use clips or bobby pins. We recommend you measure your head to see if Average is the correct size. Wigs can be sewn or tailored to fit your head shape. Please contact us if you need further assistance. Thank you for choosing!
    By Maria D. on 1/2/15
  3. My Beauty Secret
    People are constantly asking me what color I use on my hair and where do I get it cut? Since I color and cut my own hair I do not fess up to strangers as it's so much fun to go through life feeling good about yourself and not having to tell. It's my beauty secret! I have had more compliments in these past few years than I have in my entire life and I do have to thank Raquel Welch for that.

    By Marilyn on 12/3/14
    I LOVE my Voltage. I've gotten compliments on the color even from colorists. They wanted to know who did my color!! When I said Raquel Welch, you should have seen their faces!!! It was great!!! I have only one concern that needs addressing. This is my 5th one. The nape of neck seems thin. Because the headrest in most cars seem to connect and mess, rub, wear, etc. Is there any way you can increase the amount of hair on the 2nd & 3rd center nape? I have resorted to stitching these rows together as the hair wore away. There must be a better way.

    By MaryAnn Massucci on 12/2/14
  5. So Disappointing
    Have been buying Voltage for many years with great satisfaction. My newest purchase came in with the color darker and the styling so bad there is nothing I can do with it. The sides and back are long and straight as sticks rather than short and curled up. It looks nothing like the picture. I mean nothing like the picture. Rather than pay a re-stocking fee I am doing an exchange. If the next wig comes in looking as bad as the first I will sadly not continue to buy from any longer.
    By Barbara Newman on 11/13/14
  6. Thinner Wigs
    After wearing Gala by Gabor for years I was disappointed when they kept getting thinner & shorter & I had to find a replacement Was so happy with my new Voltage only to find that with each reorder it got thinner. This last wig I am returning as it is so short and thin and choppy it can't even be styled my husband didn't believe it was the same wig! What is going on?! I'm reading a lot of reviews on different styles with the same complaint.
    By Susie on 9/9/14
  7. Love it
    I have been wearing this wig for at least five years. Since I have to wear it every day they only last a couple of months where they look really natural. But I must say I work in a smoking environment and it makes a difference. I get soo many compliments It looks so natural. I keep trying other styles and other brands but always come back to this one. I feel that replacing my wig every couple months is equivalent to color/haircut expenses. Thank god for wigs to make me look and feel good.
    By Sandra on 8/26/14
    I purchased the RW Voltage wig and couldn't be happier. I am going thru chemo and have lost all my hair. owning this fantastic wig has made it so simple to look my best at all times without the worry of looking like I have on a un-natural wig. The Voltage in the glazed strawberry is very natural looking and I get numerous comments to its great look every time I wear it. Love it so much I ordered a second one. If you are wanting a great natural looking wig I highly recommend the RW Voltage! Also very comfortable and easy to wear.....hardly know you have it on.
    By Vciki on 7/16/14
  9. Too small
    I'm still wearing a Raquel Welch wig I bought 5 years ago that I love however my gray hair has become silver since then so I thought I'd buy the same one in a lighter color. It's been discontinued so I bought the Voltage. I was surprised to see there was no size option but I figured I would return it if it didn't fit. I have a small head and was happy to see it was a medium. Well it's too small. I have to use 9 bobby pins to keep it in place which is a problem since my hair is so thin.
    It's beautiful and comfortable but I'd be happier if it were larger. Also the netting is lumpy. I have to use bobby pins in the net just behind each ear to push the lumps down. I trained as a hairdresser in my youth and worked with wigs so I know how to cut them...that wasn't a problem. But I did have to trim quite a bit of hair so it wouldn't poke out. I'm very disappointed that the quality isn't as good as it was years ago.
    By Cath on 4/28/14
  10. Nice wig but has changed
    I've worn the Voltage wig for well over a year just due to thinning as I've aged. It's been easy comfortable and people compliment me all the time. However I am disappointed to find that the company is skimping on hair (or something..) which makes it quite a bit thinner. The picture shown on your website is not possible with this style any longer. What's going on?
    By Georgia on 3/30/14
  11. Beautiful
    Beautiful right out of the box...Looks like my own hair. Started wearing wigs everyday due to hair loss on left temple and back of head. Just switched to Voltage and people do not even know it is not my own hair!! I am unable to get the same look in the pic on website even using the hair product that they advised to use. That is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
    By Linda on 3/13/14
  12. Love the Style
    I have worn this wig for a very long time. I have over 12 of them in the same style and color. I don't know what I'll do if you discontinue this style. Everywhere I go people tell me how they love my hair and the color and always ask who my hair stylist is. I can never get my own hair to look as good as my wig so i'll continue wearing them and buying new ones. They're cheaper than going to have my hair cut and colored all the time. Please don't quit making Voltage in color R829S
    By Ristine Jones on 1/10/14
  13. Didn't look like my previous Voltage
    I really liked the first two Voltage I ordered but the third I ordered didn't look like the same style at all I thought I could get used to it but I still don't like it so I wish I had returned it. I may try one more and see if it is like the first two I ordered. I have read this same complaint on some other style wigs too.
    By Barbara on 12/28/13
  14. luv it !
    I have alopecia for over 40 years now and have always chosen Rachel Welch wigs. Voltage is my choice luv it!. And I get many compliments. Will continue to choose her wigs they are perfect Light excellent color and length. I love the 2.25 nape I take to a hair dresser to trim off the top as it is too ling on top for me. Even the hairdressers cannot believe how nice they look... ! Please do not discontinue this one.
    By C on 11/5/13
  15. Great wig
    I have been wearing it 5 years. Wish it were a little longer in back with a flip so I don't have to shave my neck. Other than that it' s great! Just lengthen the wig a little but not to much.
    By Bev on 10/25/13
  16. Voltage Rave!!
    I first ordered this wig following hand surgery when I knew that I could not do my hair. I now have rather severe arthritis in my hands which makes hairstyling very difficult.
    I can't tell you how many times I have heard What a great hairstyle! Who does your hair??? Raquel Welch!!!!
    I have found a hair color combination which allows me to blend my own hair into the sides of the wig which makes the look all the more natural.
    I can now walk and exercise knowing that I can be good to go in 45 minutes from shower to door. A lifestyle changer!!! Thanks Raquel!
    By Ruthie Holland on 9/4/13
  17. Wonderful Wig!
    I've been wearing this model for three years now and still get rave reviews. In fact people who originally knew I had purchased a wig have since forgotten. Yes it looks that authentic.
    When your hair looks great you feel great! I will never be without a Raquel Welch wig!
    By Satisfied in Stillwater on 9/1/13
  18. Its perfect
    I have worn voltgage for about 2 years now. I have had so many compliments. It is perfect I just wish it came is a small size.
    By Elaine on 8/26/13
  19. Voltage
    I have worn Voltage for 3 years. I have alopecia. After one year wearing it I ordered a 2nd back-up wig. Am wearing R23S+ platinum to go with my white hair where a bit of my own hair sneaks out & blends in by the ears. Now I'm going to order the 3rd. I love this style.. when I first wore it women I didn't know in my yoga class asked where I got my hair cut and I had to confess it was a wig. They were going right to the wig shop and buy one like it the next day. After my first Voltage I discovered and very happy dealing with you. I would love it if R Welch would make the Voltage in the monofilament cap. I have Center Stage and it's soo wonderful to wear. Please make the Voltage with that style cap. Please!!
    By Suzann on 8/8/13
    Strangers even stop me to say they love my hair!
    By Bonnie on 8/7/13
  21. Even better in person
    The voltage is wonderful. The picture online does not do this wig justice.
    By Pat on 6/19/13
  22. Nothing I don't like
    I love the Volatge wig by RW. I do not have one thing bad to say about it!
    By Sabrina on 6/19/13
  23. My favorite style
    My favorite style have tried others and the Voltage works best for me.
    By Nancy on 6/19/13
  24. Love
    I love the Voltage. So many people tell me they love my hair and I tell them you can buy it. they can't believe it is a wig. I have even asked hair stylist ask about the color (R3329S+) it is a beautiful color and the highlights look so natural.
    By Linda on 6/19/13
  25. Shake and go
    I have been wearing the Voltage for over 2 years I love it! I just shake it out and wear it. Looks lovely on me. Absolutely perfect!
    By Lauriie on 6/19/13
  26. Voltage
    I wear voltage every day! Multiple times I have been stopped by people comment on how gorgeous my hair is. People can't believe it's a wig!
    By Sybil Smith on 6/19/13
  27. Great wig great site!
    Everyone thinks it's my hair! I absolutely love it and your site. You guys are great.
    By SD on 6/19/13
  28. My favorite wig on
    I have loved every wig I have bought from Once of my favorites is the Voltage by Raquel Welch. It has the fun little ends that flip. Everyone always asks where I get my hair done and I tell them that wearing wigs is so much more fun.
    By Sherry on 6/19/13
  29. Lasts a long time
    The Voltage is my favorite style I enjoy the compliments and the wig last a long time if i take good care of it.
    i love the Beautimark hair care stuff!
    By Judy on 6/19/13
  30. Too much hair on top
    Beautiful style just too mush hair on top.
    By Sandra on 6/19/13
  31. Gorgeous
    The wig is gorgeous. I thought it would help my looks but it is me not the wig.
    By Cindy V on 6/19/13
  32. The only wig I wear
    The Voltage is the only wig I wear. I love it!
    By JD on 6/19/13
  33. too long
    A little too long. Want a shorter style and will try Entice
    By June on 6/19/13
  34. Great job Raquel!
    I've been ordering this for a while I get stopped by strangers to let me know my hair cut is great. little do they know..... Raquel does a great job with her wigs!
    By Roberta on 6/19/13
  35. Wonderful
    I really Love the Style Voltage it frames the face nicely and it is look beautiful on me it is a Wonderful look.
    By Lynn on 6/19/13
  36. too short
    It is too short and needs too much styling;-(
    By Alberta on 6/19/13
  37. Fabulous
    It's an absolutely fabulous wig! It's a beautiful cut and it looks so real. It's so pretty. I get tons of compliments on it. The color is so natural. (I have color SS829S). I want to get another one already! The WigsTV video is such a great educational tool for customers.
    By Ellen on 6/19/13
  38. Great
    the voltage is a great wig and so versatile.
    By Mel B on 6/19/13
  39. Too Thick
    I enjoyed the Voltage style until it seem to become heavy like it was too much hair for me. I am trying the Eva Gabor wigs for less hair. They seem thinner.
    By Connie on 6/19/13
  40. It's a 10
    On a scale of 1 to 5 I give this item a 10. It is wonderful. this is my first wig order. It is difficult to see the colors online but with help I was able to select a wonderful color it is amazing! The hair looks so real it is ridiculous! My head is so large it is embarrassing but this wig gives me confidence I needed.
    By Tonyia on 6/19/13
  41. Easy to Wear
    I love all raquel welch wigs as they are beautiful. The Voltage is one of my favorite and easy to wear.
    By Julie on 6/19/13
  42. Very Pleased
    I am very pleased with my Voltage!
    By Sandra on 6/19/13
  43. Fun and flirty
    Its adventuresome! You can add shaping cr̬me for a good time or style it down for a sleek look.
    By Laurene on 6/19/13
  44. Great wig
    Great Wig. I have been wearing this for years. There are so many great new styles I see on this site I have been thinking about looking for an upgrade. But this is a good dependable style
    By Georgiana on 6/21/12
  45. getting many compliments!
    I have been buying wigs from your company for many years now and have been satisfied. I had only one bad experience and that made me change back to a style of wig I had worn years before.
    I had been wearing Aries for a long time and then one day I ordered 2 of them. When I received the wigs I didn't try them on right away since I had always been happy with them. However when I did get to put them on I found that neither wig combed out right the hairs would not go into the style they were suppose to be in. I wasn't happy and haven't been able to wear them out of the house. After that experience I started ordering Voltage again and have been enjoying these wigs once again.
    I hope my review is helpful. It is always a treat to get a new wig and find that it combs out the way it looks in the picture. I have had many compliments on my wigs in the past and hope to continue to look good in them.
    I would rate Voltage a 5 and Aries -2. I live in Studio City CA.
    Thanks Judith
    By Judith on 3/27/12
  46. Great wig for daily use.
    i really like this wig and the price and style make it easy for me to use daily. i have to wear wigs every day! this one is a go to wig for me!
    By Brandy on 3/27/12
  47. nice but not for me!
    I did not know how to style this wig. The style was just not for me but overall it is a great wig if you prefer the flipped out look.
    By Kay Cole on 3/16/12
  48. Only one for me
    The Voltage is the only wig I wear. I love it!
    Wish it came in human hair.
    By Janice D on 5/9/11
  49. Voltage
    I always get compliments when I wear Voltage. Raquel Welch wigs are the best!
    By SM on 5/2/11
  50. I wear voltage every day!
    Multiple times I have been stopped by people commented on how gorgeous my hair looks. Even my Hairstylist was amazed how natural and believable this wig is.
    By Sybil Smith on 12/27/10
  51. Versatile
    Its adventuresome! You can add shaping creme for a perky style or style it down for a sleek look.
    By Laurene on 11/15/10
  52. Absolutely perfect!
    I have been wearing the Voltage for over 2 years I love it! I just shake it out and wear it. Looks lovely on me. Absolutely perfect!
    By Laurie on 10/18/10

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